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Jun 21 15 tweets 6 min read
Why are @zomato ads so viral ?

You might’ve always seen them right ?

Here are 7 ways in which #ZOMATO cracks the marketing mantra in India. 1. They talk about you
In Zomato ads you will sometimes see that there is no celebrity entity.

Why: because the team Deal is you.

They know that you and your attention is the real deal.
Jun 19 5 tweets 4 min read
We ask people before they join the service to chose what trader you want to be this then helps them immensely in taking only the trades of that particular instrument and not get overwhelmed by the other trades shared. This also helps in capital allocation. Hence less confusion, less anxiety and more clarity.

No channel does this!

Join here -
Jun 19 4 tweets 3 min read
🥶 Market View for 20TH JUNE, 2022 :

Support : 32500-32480
Resistance : 33130-33150
Chart :

Support : 15200-15180
Resistance : 15500-15520
Chart : OUR VIEW 🌟
DOJI on daily TF, Selling "can" take a pause not "will". Expecting a range bound movement for the next few days.

Expecting yet another sideways day, understand this although we are expecting a sideways to bullish day, the volatility can be high.
Jun 19 12 tweets 9 min read
Some of the F2F Interviews done by @Abhishekkar_ and @elearnmarkets @vivbajaj have helped us to sharpen our skill in #trading and #investing.

These 10 F2F videos could make you one step closer to be a better trader !

5th one is our favourite !

A thread 🧵 @Abhishekkar_ has shared about his trading journey in his video. How he started trading with his savings from pocket money and right now he is one of the best trader who has helped us and many others in their trading journey.

Jun 18 20 tweets 7 min read
Here is what YOU should know about BREAKOUTS before you lose money on them !

A free FAILED BREAKOUT analysis for you - 🧵 A technical analysis term, used to show a rise in a stock’s price above its resistance level (such as its previous high price) or drop below its support level (commonly the last lowest price.)
Jun 17 5 tweets 3 min read
🥶 Market View for 17TH JUNE, 2022 :

Support : 32100-32080
Resistance : 33130-33150
Chart :

Support : 15300-15280
Resistance : 15500-15520
Chart : OUR VIEW 🌟
It's very very very painful day for us, whenever we miss a Trending day like yesterday. We kept ranting about 15400 coming by June end but it came quickly.

None the less, we move on many more trending days will come we will capture them like we have in the past. 💪🏻
Jun 15 4 tweets 3 min read
🥶 Market View for 16TH JUNE, 2022 :

Support : 33130-33100
Resistance : 33530-33550
Chart :

Support : 15660-15650
Resistance : 15780-15800
Chart :

Will any view work today ? 😝 Jokes aside. Keep your plan of action simple. If price Starts trading below the Supports mentioned expect breakdown. If price Starts trading above the supports and consolidates and breaks the resistances mentioned expect short covering.
Jun 12 12 tweets 6 min read
Here are 10 chrome extensions that you wish you knew about earlier !

These are used extensively by me to make my life easier as a TRADER ⏰📈

10th one is life savior ! Total Adblock is a Chrome extension that enables you to block pop-ups and annoying ads. It helps you to browse the internet faster. This plugin can prevent third-party trackers from tracking your activities.…
Jun 11 20 tweets 3 min read
99% of traders do not make more than FD returns.

These are 17 points that might bring YOU in the TOP 1% !

Don’t miss the 4th one ☝️ Market cycles
Market Always moves in a cyclical way, supply and demand is basic principle for any cycle that involves money. Crack it you’ll be way ahead of the curve.
Jun 10 6 tweets 6 min read

Annual inflation rate in the US unexpectedly accelerated to 8.6% in May 2022, the highest since December 1981 and compared to market forecasts of 8.3%.

We have been writing #Threads 🧵on #INFLATION.

Compiling all the threads for our friends. #Inflation, #Deflation, #Stagflation.
We have heard all these terms on #Twitter in the last few months.

Initially, we were also confused, like most of our friends.

This #Thread🧵will give a brief description of these.

Jun 9 5 tweets 3 min read
🦘 Market View for 10TH JUNE, 2022 :

Support : 34720-34700
Resistance : 35140-35160
Chart :

Support : 16220-16200
Resistance : 16480-16500
Chart : OUR VIEW 🌟
Another good day for us, we expected short covering in the second half and we got the same. Today's gap-down again makes things tricky now.... We have positional longs that we are holding with an SL of 16240.
Jun 4 8 tweets 4 min read
These 5 websites will solve 72% of your FNO research problems !

Last one is our favourite 🤩 1 .Opstra
One of the best websites for FnO traders
Provides OI data , Straddle and Strangle Premium Charts .
You can design combo strategies and check out their payout charts
It has Options Algorithms , OI dashboards , Put Call Oi dynamics
Jun 3 8 tweets 3 min read
We have been writing about #Inflation and how it is impacting common people like us.

In this #Thread 🧵we did a detailed study on "How Government is Attempting to Control Inflation, which is here to stay."

Like ❤️ and Retweet 🔄 for more such Informational Threads. Retail Inflation reached 7.79% in April, which is the highest level in 8 years. Since then, the Government has come under fire.

The Government needed to act quickly to help all the poor and middle-class who have been suffering from poverty since the pandemic.
Jun 2 5 tweets 3 min read
🥶 Market View for 1ST JUNE, 2022 :

Support : 35120-35100
Resistance : 35750-35770
Chart :

Support : 16370-16350
Resistance : 16530-16550
Chart : OUR VIEW 🌟
Another Volatile Sideways Day yesterday , for today we are expecting a dip in the 1st half and then some shortcovering " if the supports mentioned are held".

16650 to 16400 price can retrace remember we told "retracement" level ? 🤪
May 29 15 tweets 4 min read
10+ things to remember if you have entered markets in 2021-2022 ⚡️

These tips could solve 72% of your trading problems 💪

Don’t miss the last one ! Trading or investing?

First be clear with the fact that you are here for trading or investing.

Buying on Price - Holding on fundamentals.…
May 28 6 tweets 3 min read
Where is #Inflation?

Let's understand this from the #Indian #Customer Perspective.

Like and Retweet this Thread 🧵for wider reach. ⚡️You ordered a #Pizza, but there were previously a handful of Ketchup Packets in the box, but now there are none.
May 26 6 tweets 3 min read
🟢Market View for 27TH MAY, 2022 :

Support : 34800-34770
Resistance : 35640-35670
Chart :

Support : 16020-16000
Resistance : 16400-16420
Chart : OUR VIEW 🌟
We had one of the most memorable days of our Trading Careers today! We had a BUY ON DIPS view and had asked everyone to not short.
May 26 6 tweets 3 min read
🟢Market View for 26TH MAY, 2022 :

Support : 34140-34110
Resistance :35100-35130
Chart :

Support : 16000-15980
Resistance : 16220-16240
Chart :

GAME DAY TODAY! MONTHLY EXPIRY. We told you we have been expecting a good short term rally in #Nifty till 16600 atleast.
FED Rate hiked, the move has already been priced in as we saw a slow sloping downmove since last Friday.
May 15 12 tweets 5 min read
50 Million YT Channels 📹📀

But here are 10 best that could make you a sharp Trader/Investor ! SOIC - One of the prime knowledge houses
and YT channels for youtube. Data oriented
and the wonderful speaker @ishmohit1 at
May 13 7 tweets 4 min read

In this #Thread 🧵we will answer this question.

Like ❤️and Retweet 🔄for Wider Reach and if you find the thread informative and useful. Image Our Indian Rupee has hit an all-time low against US Dollar plummeting to ₹77.42 per US $.

The fall of Rupee can be associated with two major reasons-
🔴 US Fed Interest Rate Hike.
🔴 Foreign Investors Dumping Indian Stocks.
May 7 9 tweets 2 min read
Took me 5 years to get the best Chartink scanners for Stock Market, but you’ll get it in 5 mminutes here ⏰ Do Share the above tweet 👆

These are going to be very simple yet effective pure price action based scanners, no fancy indicators nothing - hope you liked it.