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13 Jan
You’re not old enough to remember when AT&T was the phone company. So ask around to somebody who is old enough and ask them what the reaction would have been if AT&T had declared that GTE could no longer have access to the long distance phone network....
Followed by GTE’s bank announcing that they would no longer handle GTE accounts. Followed bye landlords of GTE rented property “coincidentally“ all announcing that they would no longer renew the leases and in fact were demanding GTE vacate in 48 hours. ...
While top executives of AT&T, the bank, and the real estate holding firm all except high-level positions in government.

Now tell me about free enterprise
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9 Jan
That's the problem. If it were ONLY twitter, then this might be a valid argument. But what we've seen in the last 24 hours has been an apparent coordinated effort to remove opposition accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Shopify, ...
.., and a similarly coincidentally-timed effort by both Apple and Google to remove the main likely competition to Twitter in Parler. We have discovered that the "public square" has gates guarded by Democrats and their allies.
And as I said before, people who worried about Trump being a fascist aren't realizing that the real fascists operated with big corporation's cooperation and support.

The people who claim to worry about a cyberpunk world of corporate fascism are bringing it about./e
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11 Jun 20
@janemiami @AncientMirror @GodonFrank @RonColeman @tracybeanz @GovMurphy @pnjaban Yeah, but check who said what. Fauci said that HCQ was unproven and reports of success were anecdotal — BUT that if he had a family member with the virus, he'd prescribe it and he would enter a clinical trial if he caught it. This was turned into "Fauci said it's worthless."
@janemiami @AncientMirror @GodonFrank @RonColeman @tracybeanz @GovMurphy @pnjaban What he said was completely true. The part about using it himself went unreported. But it gave an opportunity for the megalithic media to run a story "Trump's own advisor says it's no good." ...
@janemiami @AncientMirror @GodonFrank @RonColeman @tracybeanz @GovMurphy @pnjaban Pretty quickly that turned into conspiracy theory: Fauci was saying it didn't work because he was friends with Bill Gates and Soros and they wanted to (a) make money (b) make everyone take a vaccine (c) use the vaccine for mind control.
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30 Mar 20
@secupp The media in this whole crisis has been horrible. When Trump wanted to reduce traffic from China the media said he was a racist. When he said hydroxychloroquine had the potential to be in a treatment and trials were being contemplated, the media attacked him for that./1
@secupp As a result several several democrat governor‘s and other officials have been trying to block trials. And Nguyen to Darwin award candidates overdosed on aquarium additive the press blamed Trump using pictures of the human drug. /2
@secupp At least the last I looked the pictures of the drug not the aquarium additive are still up on the stories. So until you admit the press has a problem you can sit the fuck down./e
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28 Mar 20
@outta_so @Sjanderson86 @Neoavatara didn't mean to be short, I was on my phone. Basically this idea has been around for a while. IF there are lots of old cases that simply weren't identified as COVID-19, THEN it would drive the case fatality ratio down. Fauci talks about that here. nejm.org/doi/full/10.10…
@outta_so @Sjanderson86 @Neoavatara Numbers for influenza-like-illness were high this year; that wouldn't be inconsistent with lots of occult COVID-19. nejm.org/doi/full/10.10…
But people may also just be going to the doctor for respiratory bugs more often
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18 Mar 20
You know, I've been sharp about people's xenophobic and even racist reactions to the origin of the 武汉病毒 and I've also objected to calling COVID-19 a "flu" because coronaviruses and flu are unrelated. /1
But the facts are that it originated in So I'd just like to clarify that this virus started in 中华人民共和国湖北省武汉市, and given the situation, it is my official position that the motherfucker started in 中国 China, and "Kung Flu" is hilarious./2
I further offer 功流感 (gong1 liu2 gan3) and a proposed internationalization./end
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12 Mar 20
@SalsaPrice @NolteNC Fauci's written estimates are "a case fatality rate between 0.1 and 1 percent." 480,000 *deaths* by the end of the year is mathematically **very** suspect, although he's at least backed down from 480,000 deaths in the next two months, which is what it was a week ago.
@SalsaPrice @NolteNC 480,000 deaths from 38 today means lg(480,000-38) ~ 19 doublings, unconstrained by the end of the year. Nowhere, not even Hubei, has sustained doublings of deaths at that rate.
@SalsaPrice @NolteNC 150 million cases — or roughly one of every two Americans — means lg(150,000,000-1323) 27 doublings. Two points: that's a continued doubling every 13 days. In other words the assumption is that is will continue exponentially and unchecked for 290 days.
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9 Mar 20
Okay, look around: who is freaking out the most, including posting wildly wrong "mathematics" about COVID-19? It seems to be three groups: Qanon, pushing the notion that the patent for a vaccine for a coronavirus that causes pig diarrhea is really a patent on a biosuperweapon/1
Second group is stock traders and skeevy finance sites, posting things predicting 500,000 deaths by, like, May, which simply can't be justified, and far left people insisting that the Administration should DO SOMETHING — and lying about what the CDC and NIH are actually doing./2
And now ask yourself the famous Latin question: cui bono?
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8 Dec 19
@oliverdarcy Oh and if you guys were more careful about which anonymous sources you believe, you wouldn't appear 42 times on Sharyl Atkinson's list of 102 major press reporting failures on Trump.

@oliverdarcy Number 48 is particularly interesting: "CNN’s Oliver Darcy and others excerpted a Trump comment as if he had referred to immigrants or illegal immigrants generally as “animals.” Most outlets corrected their reports later ... Trump was referring to MS-14
@oliverdarcy Num 20 is good: CNN reported that Comey would testify he had never told Trump he wasn't being investigated. Comey in fact testified that he had. (Maybe a time you shouldn't trust an anonymous source?)
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7 Dec 19
@StephanieHazen The definition of what is pornography is easily capable of political manipulation. The banning of any form of speech is pernicious. The assertion of state power over private behavior is always something to be very closely watched./1
@StephanieHazen It wasn’t very long ago that ANY overt reference to homosexuality was considered pornographic, and photos of Michelangelo’s David had to be figleafed in textbooks. And publication of the word “fuck” was literally illegal.
@StephanieHazen Yeah that was number two I keep forgetting about numbering threads. Anyway, frankly the notion that seeing pornography is particularly harmful is been lied by the number of other places that seem to survive it./3
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28 Oct 19
Brian, the funny thing about this is that this is pretty much the same whiny excuse you give every time. Atkinson is getting close to 100 major news screw ups about Trump.
The Washington post excuse rings pretty hollow when they literally changed the headline after the fact to “austere scholar”. That wasn’t a hasty hed screwup, that was an after publication change, which they then revised again after the outrage.
It’s not a matter of blaming the whole industry – hell I’m in that industry. This was a considered action by some small number of people who thought it was a great idea at the time and got caught. You’re diminishing your own subatomic reputation and CNN’s by not recognizing it
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25 Sep 19
Okay, so to recap: A whistleblower who didn't actually hear the conversation said Trump made promises to Ukraine, the democrats opened an impeachment press conference saying they were going to think about impeaching Trump, really and truly this time,/1
not like the impeachment inquiry they opened a couple weeks ago, and challenged Trump to release the unredacted transcripts. So Trump did. Then they said it was the whistleblower's complaint that was really significant (although we know said wb hadn't actually heard the call)/2
So Trump announced the wb complaint would be released as well. And now we find out the ICIG questioned the complaint because the wb had a clear political bias, and we find out that said wb is represented by a law firm unethically trolling for clients/3
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18 Aug 19
Well Joe, I don’t think you’re passing the test. In the last election, the other candidate had proven that she thought she was above the law and may have been right. You at least have to look at the probable hundreds or thousands of violations of 18 USC793./1
In the current election on the Democrat side we’ve got two Democrats telling blatant lies that encourage racial discord and display malicious ignorance of gun laws, one who bragged about using political influence to get rid of a prosecutor/2
And several that have been pushing the green new deal, which if implemented, would reduce everyone not in the Acela Corridor to effective serfdom.And you’re willing to put up with that to get rid of Trump.

You don’t actually care about the US at all. You’re just pissed off./end
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14 Jul 19
@ToddMikeSchultz In your fevered imagination. But the point is that we call the place where people are detained who are believed to have committed a crime and who are unlikely to appear for court “a jail.”/1
@ToddMikeSchultz A subsidiary point is that the conditions and policies involved date from well before the Trump administration and only became significant to the “woke” for political convenience in the last couple of months. This is shown in part by the fact many of the images date from 2014./2
@ToddMikeSchultz And in part by the fact that the Goddess of Woke and her squad voted against additional funding to relieve the conditions. And, of course, by the well synchronized “first there is a crisis then there is no crisis then there is” statements./3
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2 Jul 19
Let's all remember that no one has ever ever had tanks in a parade before. Except, for example, Eisenhower's Inauguration parade in 1953, New York's WWII Victory Parade in 1946... cnn.com/2018/02/07/us/…
Kennedy's Inauguration Parade in 1961...
The Gulf War Victory Parade in 1991...
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7 Jun 19
@DavidAFrench David, let's say I submitted something to NRO saying that, oh, someone random is a pedophile? Would you have to publish it? Of course not.

If NRO *did* publish it, would you be exposed to a libel suit? Yes/1
@DavidAFrench If someone says on the telephone that the same person is a pedophile, would the phone company be exposed to a libel suit? No, because they're a common carrier./2
@DavidAFrench If, say, Richard Spencer has a phone line, would it be legally appropriate for the phone company to refuse to continue because of his views, would that be appropriate? /3
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23 Mar 19
@gabrielmalor No there weren’t. The only actual events that we know of were that Trump was pursuing a hotel deal in Moscow; trumps operation took a 15 minute meeting that produce nothing;And after the election his transition team took a meeting with the Russians.
@gabrielmalor Oh and millions of dollars of Democrat funded opposition research Produced a pile of such obviously ludicrous nonsense that only BuzzFeed could bear to publish it.
@gabrielmalor But it was used to permit the Obama administration and openly partisan members of the FBI to use the intelligence community to spy on the opposing campaign. One of whom has been referred for prosecution and others who have openly confessed to crimes.
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