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28 Jul
I'm not an expert, but wouldn't talking to ABK's lawyer be a conflict in talking to DFEH/EEOC/one's own lawyer?…
I find it deeply insidious that Kotick doesn't mention that Stephanie Avakian is a lawyer, specifically, a white collar criminal defense lawyer.
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27 Jul
As a former Blizzard software engineer, I endured and witnessed sexual harassment, abuse, and discrimination in a toxic work environment. HR was not safe for victims.

That was 5 years ago. It's still Blizzard culture.

I demand for change alongside my peers. #ActiBlizzWalkout
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27 Jul
I cannot believe I’ve blocked the same person on this cursed app 200 some odd times in the last 5 months

Like @TwitterSafety I just… 😵‍💫 List of blocked accounts that are all one person
I think new accounts should have to wait to tweet. His accounts get suspended by automation, and then he creates a new one. If he couldn’t tweet during this incubation period, this would not be happening.
Another thing I would love would be the ability to limit replies, not just notifications, from new/low quality/suspicious accounts. They can shout into the void from their twitter feed, sure, but not in my threads.
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27 Jul
Ah yes, the old "dismiss ignored and fostered sexism and sexual harassment and abuse with more sexism and gaslighting", brilliant plan, Blizzard, that will definitely work
The problem with the current leadership at Blizzard is that they are just too old to understand the complexities of social media and the power of the GRASS ROOTS ADVOCACY.
Fran Townsend, reading these tweets:
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26 Jul
Over the weekend I received a lot of DM's from men in the community telling me they cancelled their WoW subs and asking what they could do to help.

Don't quit the games. Keep watching streams.

This culture is not just at the studios. It's in the community.

Stop accepting it.
Every single woman I know in the gaming community has been sexually harassed or assaulted. Every single one.

We had to invest a significant amount of time trying to figure out which men were "rapey" to decide whether or not we could hang out with them at esports events.
And this isn't just random men - I'm talking about esports athletes and streamers, too.

Does he just 'want to hang out' and 'give me a place to stay' or does he expect me to come back to the room and have sex with him? What if I say no? Will he force me to?
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24 Jul
As hard as this is, and knowing I'll never work in games again:

Mike was directly responsible for the chain reaction of events that got me nearly fired for cc'ing him about Tia Zimmerman threatening me with violence for contacting emergency dispatch when she threatened suicide.
While he didn't tell anyone to do it, he was the leader of the company and made comments about how was causing problems for the company and that "things need to be taken care of immediately" which was interpreted as "fire Cher".

My immediate supervisor put his job on the line -
for me, and as a result, the compromise was to label me as a low performer and cut my bonus and my pay.

Don't tell me you wanted us to come to you. I came to you. And you destroyed my self worth.
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24 Jul
Before I go to bed, I want to say that Mike and I spoke about many of the things that happened to me. I appreciate his taking responsibility and being empathetic to what I endured, and to what I witnessed and heard.

I honestly believe that he was kept in the dark about plenty.
I hope that the leadership that is in place now, and his former colleagues, can take that as an example of how to handle this, and do better.
I retract this shit
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24 Jul
@mikemorhaime Taking responsibility and apologizing for your role in this is paramount, Mike, and I really appreciate it.

When things got really bad in bnet - many of us felt abandoned by you, and what's worse, when I was threatened with physical harm and panic cc'd you about it -
@mikemorhaime I was later reprimanded for doing that, completely ignoring how terrified I was that my trying to save someone's life had somehow put my job in jeopardy, and that I was going to be assaulted at a work event because of it.

It felt like I was never given any grace, despite so -
@mikemorhaime many men in leadership being repeatedly excused for their behavior, and often being made to feel that the sexual harassment was totally normal and "not that bad", and even a compliment because of how normalized it was in bnet and wow.
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23 Jul
Being a sex worker, past or present, does not make you any less entitled to consensual sexual experiences.
This goes for pirating paywalled or viewing otherwise leaked pornography, lewds, and nudes, too.
People suggesting that this is a "duh" thing forget that our culture regularly devalues promiscuity and sex work in rape/harassment culture as an invitation for non-consensual interactions. 3/7 of google searches for me using an additional keyword are looking for my leaked nudes. cher scarlett blizzard	 	cher scarlett linkedin	 	cher scarl
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22 Jul
In 2018, I wrote this article about revenge porn. I loved & still wanted to work for Blizzard at the time, so I told @Kotaku that Blizzard learned of his conduct from the media in March, as they asked.

It was a lie. I reported it to them on February 9th.…
@Kotaku Blizzard commented to Kotaku that Uncleswagg was removed from his moderation position because they removed all of the moderators in favor of an in-house team, unrelated to these events. That was also a lie. He had been removed in February and re-instated after he complained.
@Kotaku His being re-instated, and his complaining, because they do so without telling him why he had been removed, was the reason I wrote it, and the reason why I was subsequently doxxed by 4chan. Blizzard never reached out to see if I was okay. I was near suicidal from the stress.
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22 Jul
This is certainly LONG overdue.

I would be hard-pressed to find someone that wasn't witness to sex in the game lounges, coke in the bathrooms during a cube crawl, or a woman who wasn't sexually harassed at least once.

I am so proud of these women.…
Blizzard has claimed that the DFEH report is false/misleading/irresponsible.

I can tell you that I knew what was going to be in this report before I read it because during my time there - for only a YEAR - I witnessed ALL OF THESE THINGS.

On the phone with old coworkers crying in validation
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20 Jul
21 year old Cher trying to take her own headshots 😂 Cher is taking selfies in a bathroom
Rarely seen cleavage in that one 😂
and yes, I took this in the bathroom 😭😭😭😭😭
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15 Jul
I am absolutely irate that this remote policy is now affecting people with disabilities who have already disclosed their disability and previously been given accommodation to work remotely.

What kind of a message does that send to your disabled workforce?
This is why I loudly advocate about these things on Twitter, and why I've spoken to the press on the two occasions I have.

People don't know who to tell about these things, and in the past, they've just quietly gone on suffering, or found another job that accommodates them.
It is so important to have the space to talk about workplace issues, especially ones of this magnitude.

This is egregious, & I absolutely will not back down.

Disclosure of a disability is about protecting YOU, not your employer. It's all need-to-know.…
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14 Jul
Twitter claimed they verified 6 bot accounts by mistake on the same day.

The problem is clearly much bigger than that. Accounts with fake IMDB profiles, fictional characters, fan accounts test accounts, and more are among what you'll find if you look through all of them. Test account that is verifiedrandom user that is verifiedHarley Quinn fan account that is verifiedtesting account that is verified
People with a couple of soundcloud tracks, follow-for-follow accounts with large audiences, people with purchased followers/subscribers, and more
There seems to be something particularly odd about how some gaming accounts are being verified. They don't have liquipedia profiles with proof they are actively competing in esports, and they don't have large audiences as content creators, either.
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13 Jul
Some days I can't believe where I am.

10 years ago I was walking down the side of the road with nothing but pocket change; toddler on my hip, gas can in my hand, barely awake from the night shift at Krispy Kreme, about to be evicted...

Today I'm merging my own PRs at Apple.
Just for posterity for people looking at my LinkedIn profile: Yes, I started at @USATODAY in November of 2011. I was hired on November 15th. That year I was freelancing, and because of the economic malaise, many businesses didn't pay and went out of business themselves.
@USATODAY I was also working 3 minimum wage jobs - one at a food pantry, and the other two in fast food. My rent was $1200 a month and I was not making it. Every month was a scrape... and I was even on food stamps at the time. Struggle is definitely the right word.
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7 Jun
Disability advocacy is very important to me. I hid my bipolar disorder for 10 years because I didn't know I was protected by the ADA. When I was deep in depressive episodes, I lied.

I will absolutely not stand for call-outs by people calling this advocacy "pandering".
Tech has always had a loud, apparent struggle with accepting that accessibility is a requirement, not a nice-to-have; that if an application doesn't work for a disabled person, it doesn't work.

This has made the culture around disability disclosure more and more intimidating.
Educate your organization's leadership about the ADA. They should know what information they are allowed to collect, and how their communication can be marginalizing and callous, creating an unwelcome and even toxic environment for disabled employees.
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5 Jun
The side conversations I've been shown specifically about Angie and Keziyah, instead of the topic, are harmful, toxic, and several of them are racist.

The fact that this has been reduced to two opposing Black women, instead of two opposing ideas, is racist.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone's opinion.

Keziyah did not instigate anything by sharing her opposing viewpoint about a tweet, and agreeing her viewpoint in opposition should not be labeled as some kind of attention-seeking aggression.
It's not okay to co-opt that narrative about her, any more than it is okay to co-opt a narrative about Angie as an aggressor.

The aggressors here were the people who saw a heated argument and took it upon themselves to harass and degrade two Black women.
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21 May
I got talked into buying a vehicle I didn't want in 2017. I was in a beater vehicle that had a 30% interest rate and treading water. It was worth $4k; I owed $12k. I went to a dealership to trade DOWN and get better interest. I ended up leaving in a new Rogue and out my savings.
I tried to tell the sales guys that I really was trying to pay down my debt and just wanted something more affordable that I didn't feel like I was throwing money away into. Believe it or not, I've not always been as assertive as I have been online. 😭
I told them the down payment they got me to was literally all of the extra money I had at the time, and everything else was tied up in paying down debt and current obligations. They stopped hounding me and I took possession of the car. My payments didn't change, so I was 🤷‍♀️.
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