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8 Apr
Italy recorded 627 covid deaths yesterday, a stunning number for a country 3+ months into its vaccination campaign. Then, another 487 today. Part of the reason? It has been giving too many doses to the wrong people, leaving the elderly still vulnerable.
Italy’s death rate is no different than it was on “V-Day,” Dec 27. There are many different factors. At this point, it’s a race between variant and vaccine. Lockdowns are also part of the equation. But let’s just take a closer look at vaccine factor...
Incredibly, Italy has given nearly as many doses to people in their 30s as people in their 70s. (Even though 26,000 people in their 70s have died of covid in Italy, compared with 205 in their 30s.)
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27 Mar 20
Incredible scene right now: Pope Francis praying in the middle of an empty St. Peter’s Square.
“Thick darkness has gathered over our squares, our streets and our cities. It has taken over our lives, filling everything with a deafening silence.”
A crucifix that had been used in the time of the Plague has been moved to St. Peter’s (from a church in Rome’s city center) for this prayer.
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15 Mar 20
Data on the first 803 coronavirus deaths in Italy:

* two of those people were younger than 50
* zero younger than 30
* virus is proving deadlier for men than women
* for people in their 80s, the fatality rate is 16.6 percent.

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My coronavirus rule of thumb is that at any point, if you look back on life three days earlier, it is unrecognizable. That has been true in Italy for about three weeks. It’s terrifying to project it forward.
When I see people posting these ironic ‘social distancing’ photos on Instagram, it tells me that Americans still don’t understand how bad it will get.
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