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Still covering Seattle’s homeless crisis/riots. BOS/CHI kid in Emerald City. DM 📧 tips. #Blockchain #StopAsianHate
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#BREAKING: Leary Triangle homeless encampment sweep underway. Activists on site but so far no confrontations. This camp has been a thorn in the side of businesses in area, especially for @fremontbrewing, owned by @CMSaraNelson’s family. Crews more than halfway done. #Seattle SAME CREW: Activists and mutual aid on site. This sweep was actually delayed a week, giving city outreach workers more time to help campers transition. #Seattle Image
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More disturbing graffiti found this evening at Cal Anderson Park in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Calls for violence against @SeattlePD @MrAndyNgo @MayorJenny @realmikesolan.
Signs indicate far left/Antifa sympathizers could be responsible. OTHER INSULTS AND THREATS: @MayorofSeattle also mentioned again in this latest round of vandalism at Cal Anderson Park. #Seattle
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Parts of 3rd Ave. in downtown Seattle remain problematic. But volunteers with @reachministrywa have been setting up food and prayer stations Wednesday nights to help those in need, including the drug addicts. #Seattle IMPACT: Been covering 3rd Ave. and the explosion of illegal activity for months. Including the @SeattlePD sweeps and the on going presence of officers. All that has helped. But I have never witnessed a faith group come in and bring order and calm through this type of outreach.
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@SeattlePD sent me a statement confirming @SeattleParks HQ on 100 Dexter Way N. was indeed trashed Saturday night. But right now, investigators say they’re still looking into the motive and person or persons responsible. #Seattle Image @SeattleParks spokesperson also says it’s HQ was vandalized.

But my parks sources are asking why there’s no mention of the msg left behind saying, “You sweep, we attack. You sweep we strike.”
Sources believe radical homeless activists are behind this brazen vandalism.#Seattle Image
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NOW WE KNOW: For weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out when the @SeattleCouncil would start meeting again in person, so media and constituents could face them and ask questions. For now only Councilmember Alex Pedersen and @CMSaraNelson are working in the office. 🤷🏽‍♂️👇🏽#Seattle Even though the vast majority of city workers are back in the office, most of Seattle’s City Council refuses to return. So what are you going to do as a constituent(or media member)if you need an issue addressed or answered right away? #Accountability
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Capitol Hill in #Seattle is full of mini parks like Tashkent, nestled between apts and condos. But it’s also where several problematic homeless encampments are thriving. After multiple neighbor complaints, the city could be taking action. Stay tuned. 🧹 🧹 WALK IN THE PARK: Tashkent is relatively quiet during the day. But neighbors say at night, that’s when many problems emerge. Not to mention all the trash building up near the tents. Otherwise, it is a magnificent green space in the city. #Seattle
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SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP: @MayorofSeattle on a roll. Taking down another massive homeless encampment with RV’s in Ballard today near Safeway/15th Ave NE. Been on city priority list. Many neighbors blamed it for crime, illegal drug use, and a theft ring. Activists calmer today.#Seattle GOOD STRATEGY: No one allowed to cross tape. Fewer confrontations. City crews sweeping each block. @SeattlePD has it under control. Glad other #Seattle media here today. Many neighbors and biz owners thrilled. I’m moving to next camp that needs to be highlighted.
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For the past 2 years, Seattle Councilmember @Lisa_Herbold avoided all my requests for an on camera interview. She chairs Public Safety and Human Services.
So I was pleasantly surprised to see her in person. Of course I had to ask about crime in #Seattle. Listen. 👇🏽 REASON FOR QUESTION:

Danny Westneat with the Seattle Times recently published a piece quoting @CMAndrewJLewis

Here’s an excerpt:

“What Lewis found is that more than 18% of all shots-fired incidents in Seattle last year were associated with homelessness…
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On Monday, @thehoffather asked me @BrandiKruse and @MrAndyNgo about the scariest moments we have faced in our journalism careers, especially during protests and riots. Listen to what I had to say.

Little foreshadowing don’t you think? #Seattle
👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 THEN ALL THIS BREAKS OUT:
This morning during the Crown Hill encampment sweep, I was the only journalist there. For weeks now, I have been covering the crime, fires, and on going complaints associated with this camp. It’s news worthy. On cue, the activists target me. #Seattle
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ALL CLEAR: Crown Hill tent encampment gone. RV owner given little time longer to leave since vehicle won’t start. I could not stick around for entire sweep, but once I returned, some of the activists were there to greet me. They’re like, “why does he keep coming back?”😂 #Seattle PURE RELIEF: Taki’s Mad Greek is just a few yards from what was the Crown Hill homeless encampment. Owners have been complaining about all kinds of problems at camp like fires, trash, and loud noise. For now, they’re thanking @MayorofSeattle
Listen to what they’ve been through.
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CRIMINALS BEWARE: After rampant theft, the @QFCGrocery stores in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood are taking extreme security measures, including locks on several ice cream fridges! Been this way now for weeks. This happened today during my visit to Broadway and Pike. 🍦🍨🤷🏽‍♂️ WHY ICE CREAM AND NOT OTHER ITEMS? This associate says certain drug addicts have been targeting the ice cream not to resell, but to consume. She says apparently the cold and sugar combo helps them cope with cravings? I’m not a doctor, but ice cream is the new currency out here.
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Looks like the @KC_RHA is budgeting $1.9 mil to create a lot with support services for people who live in RV’s. Process is still in early stages. Bidding/application process underway and due this month. Skeptics already chirping. Listen. 👇🏽 LOOK AT HOW IT’S BEING FUNDED: 💵💵💵 #Seattle
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BLOWOUT UNDERWAY: Earlier this month Factoria Mall @Walmart in Bellevue announced it’s closing. 25% off sales happening now. FYI, many @lego, electronics, detergent, alcohol long gone. All sales final. April 22 final day. Until then store closes at 7pm each day. It’s a zoo. 😂 WHAT’S COMING IN: Unclear on the timeline, but Kimco Reality owns the property and it’s been zoned for mixed use commercial development. Apartments, offices, and ground floor retail. So until then, Factoria Mall @walmart shoppers, expect long lines.
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ASIAN MEN BEWARE: It’s a good thing the Asian American Journalists Association Convention @aaja won’t be in New Orleans this year. @thor_benson and some of his followers are going after Asian guys who look like @MrAndyNgo
But they got the wrong Asian. 😂 #StopAsianHate #AAJA INCREDIBLY TROUBLING: Extremists continue to target @MrAndyNgo for his reporting. But if you’re gonna racially profile someone, please get it right. @thor_benson got the wrong Asian. 😂👇🏽 #StopAsianHate #WrongAsian
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INTERNET WE NEED YOUR HELP: On Feb. 27, I posted this video of 3rd Ave. in downtown Seattle. This young man is 23 year old Caleb Wallace. His mother noticed him in our video and reached out. She says Caleb ran away from his Vancouver, WA home 6 years ago. 23 YEAR OLD CALEB WALLACE: His mom and dad say they still love him very much and are now hoping he comes back home. They are hoping someone recognizes him.
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HAPPENING NOW IN LAKE CITY: Neighbor begged me to come down and spotlight this mess in @D5Juarez district. She remains MIA on this and has not returned any of my calls in 2 years!
@seattledot has no guidance for frustrated neighbors who are stuck with this RV situation. #Seattle LOOKS LIKE THIS GUY ISN’T PLANNING ON GOING ANYWHERE: This is a residential street with houses just a few feet away.
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STILL NO CLARITY ON ECO BLOCKS: Some Seattle biz owners are dropping concrete blocks in street to keep RV’s and homeless away even though it’s a code violation. But SDOT has not fined anyone.
I asked @SDOTtraffic Interim Director Kristen Simpson how she’s addressing controversy. REMEMBER LAKE CITY? Last year, biz owners and neighbors were tired of homeless folks pitching tents on this street. Eco blocks seem to be working. Today, it’s all clear. The question is, how long will the move be allowed by Seattle leaders? This is @D5Juarez district.
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#BREAKING: Officer involved shooting near 2nd Ave. and Marion St. in downtown #Seattle. Call came in around 8:15pm. Witness says man fired gun, @SeattlePD returned fire. Details still coming in. Active scene. Stay with @komonews 11pm for the latest. ANOTHER VANTAGE POINT:
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STRONG CONVICTION: @realmikesolan held Fri. press conf. supporting @SeattlePD officers. He also discussed being targeted by “fringe activists.” Remember, they marched to his home and tried to burn down @SPOG1952 headquarters. He sees they’re also going after journalists like me. DIFFERENT WORLDVIEW: Interaction with an activist during height of Seattle’s riots.

ACTIVIST: You’re right wing media(KOMO) and putting these protestors in harms way by showing their faces.

ME: Huh? You’re on public property damaging buildings. Im just recording your actions.
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ENOUGH: I'm talking to many journalists who are tired of being threatened, doxxed, intimidated, and in some cases, violently assaulted by aggressive activists or dare I say it, "Antifa." But journos like me and @MrAndyNgo should not have to walk alone.… It’s time for journalists and other news outlets to make a decision. Either we sit passively on the sidelines, or we publicly condemn the threats and violence. I am calling on industry friends like @rcfp @aaja @spj_tweets @pressfreedom @uspresstracker @FTVLive to do the same.
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#BREAKING: Witnesses say car just plowed into the crowd on 11th Ave Capitol Hill near East Precinct. Driver got out and shot a man. Police have a suspect in custody. Victim expected to recover. @komonews

Video Courtesy: Zoe Elizabeth
#seattleprotest #seattle #Seattleprotests Eye witness account.