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Dec 5 7 tweets 4 min read
GOVERNOR CANCELS: I've obtained an email showing Gov. Jay Inslee(@GovInslee) and his wife were planning to visit Riverton Park United Methodist Church last week. It would have been Inslee's first time seeing the migrant crisis up close and personal in Tukwila. But his office says due to scheduling conflicts, they were unable to attend. It's unclear when they will try to visit again.
As freezing temperatures and rain move in, the conditions are rapidly deteriorating on church property for the hundreds of migrants living outdoors in tents. Several cases of tuberculosis and chicken pox have been reported to King County Public Health. There are also reports of a rat infestation on site.
After nearly a year, some migrants have been put into temporary hotels as they wait for their asylum cases to be heard. Others remain on a wait list until housing opens up in the region. But there is still no timeline on when the rest will be moved.
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Image GOV'S POSITION: The state appears to be working in conjunction with other partners on the ground.

The last sentence: " Border enforcement-and decisions about who to grant asylym or parole to after they cross the border-is a federal issues."
Nov 16 11 tweets 5 min read
DIGGING FOR DIRT: After getting crushed in her bid for a Burien City Council seat, FAR-LEFT activist Krystal Marx appears to be going down the road of citizen journalist.
I've obtained an email showing Marx is now reaching out to former employers of Burien City Manager Adolfo Bailon. She's asking for, "emails, text messages, and other written correspondence from elected officials and town staff."
It's unclear why, but it appears Marx is digging for dirt and trying to discredit the first Latino and person of color in this role. Prior to his arrival in Burien last year, Bailon served as Town Manager for the Town of Randolph, VT.
Speaking of jobs, Marx has a checkered history. Just in the past couple years, she's been fired from gigs with the Seattle Seawolves and Seattle Pride. She's now trying to bring in a tiny house village to the Boulevard Park neighborhood of Burien. Wouldn't it be nice to get that King County homeless industrial complex money to fuel the project? Start watching this closely. #Burien #KingCounty @kcexec @KCCouncil @KingCoRHA @Burien @BurienPD

VIRTUE SIGNALING WOKES: I had my first run in with Marx earlier this year in Burien. She tried to interfere with my news gathering process. I think it's fair to say our relationship just hasn't been the same. 🤡#Burien
Nov 15 6 tweets 3 min read
#EXCLUSIVE: Bellevue landlord Jaskaran Singh says he's fed up with King County Court's massive eviction backlog. He's calling it a "broken system" that's failing to protect mom and pop landlords from renters who refuse to pay. He's also going after King County Bar Association's Justice Housing Project(@hjpkingcounty.) He says these pro-bono lawyers do not properly vette their clients and are allowing unqualified people to mooch off benefits like his tenant Sang Kim.
We've also learned Kim is an alleged repeat offender in Bellevue's rental market. One real estate agent says he's run similar hustles costing landlords thousands of dollars in back rent.
KVI Radio's Ari Hoffman(@thehoffather) and I are taking a closer look at all the dynamics in this joint investigation. Here's our first drop. More to come.
#Bellevue #KingCounty
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CONFRONTATION IN FULL: Singh says he can no longer rely on King County for help. So he's forced to demand back rent in person, leading to unwanted confrontations. This is the most recent face to face showdown. #Bellevue
Nov 12 11 tweets 8 min read
HAPPENING NOW: Saturday evening pop-up protest in downtown Burien!
FAR-LEFT activists led by Burien Councilmember Cydney Moore have occupied part of the sidewalk outside City Hall. Organizers have set up five empty tents and are handing out propaganda pamphlets calling this event: "The Burien Overnight Solidarity Project." It's expected to go into early Sunday morning.
None of the organizers wanted to comment when I showed up. But it appears they have serious issues with the city's new public camping ban that went into play on November 1. They want this law repealed.

Favorite line in the pamphlet:
"We pledge to put our bodies on the line the night of November 11, and spend the night in solidarity with the people targeted by this law." 🙃

They're also calling out homeless outreach group "The More We Love." Unclear why these activists hate them so much.
This non-profit led by Kristine Moreland(@kmmoreland) just landed a contract from the city to remove the Ambaum Blvd encampment. Moreland has been wildly successful with clearing camps and getting people housed. She's a genuine threat to the "homeless industrial complex" because she's solving the crisis. Ineffective non-profits are starting to realize if Moreland continues to do well, they will likely be out of jobs.
Btw, read the rest of this thread. I have included what's inside this propaganda pamphlet. 🧵👇
#Burien @Burien @BurienPD @DiscoverBurien
LOVE THE ART WORK: They're also publicly calling out Burien Councilmembers by name. #Burien


Nov 2 7 tweets 5 min read
FAR-LEFT INTIMIDATION: Wednesday evening, an officer came to my house and handed me a "temporary protection order" filed by Gabriel Jones. He's the kid who harassed me with a sign, accosted me, then assaulted me from behind at a pro-Palestine rally in Westlake Park last month. I defended myself and immediately left the scene. In fact this all happened in front of several officers.
If I committed a crime, I think I would have been arrested immediately. We parted ways and moved on.
Today, he's now accusing me of assaulting him and is clearly lying in his narrative. He literally says in the police report, "With his consent I followed him."
Why the heck would I give someone consent to follow me and harass me? Do you think Jones actually asked for my permission? He was trying to disrupt my coverage all day!
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the FAR-LEFT playbook on full display. They incite and instigate, and when you defend yourself, they claim to be the victim. They're trying to trap me.
This is exactly what law enforcement officers face during protests as they deal with ANTIFA and other militant activists. When cops respond to the abuse and violence thrown their way, they end up facing multimillion dollar lawsuits because groups like the National Lawyer's Guild and ACLU are on scene watching and pushing a one sided narrative.

On October 14, you can clearly see Jones identifies me in the crowd and starts to yell my name like some giddy kid. I didn't want to have anything to do with him. Jones is the one following me as I walk away. He never asks for my "consent" and continues to harass me in Westlake Park. With my back turned, he forcefully pushes me to the point where my shoe comes off. This is all on him. And now he claims to be the victim?

In closing, many of you know I take risks to spotlight the truth and hold public officials accountable. I've been assaulted several times on the job and remain a target. I know these people want to shut me down because my work continues to expose their bad behavior and hypocrisy. I want to stay and fight. But I am realizing more than ever, I can't do this alone. If you want to support my work, please subscribe here on X or consider joining our team.

I'm going to look at all my legal options and will be ferociously defending myself. I am also considering more security options in the field. At the end of the day, I know the truth is on my side. And thank you to all of you who continue to believe in me and support my work. #Seattle
TEMPORARY PROTECTION ORDER: Jones accuses me of harassment. Really?
Btwi, I'm actually 190 lbs. That's how I outrun everyone. 🙃 Image
Oct 28 9 tweets 3 min read
POLITICAL HIT JOB? We Heart Seattle's (@weheartseattle) HQ was ransacked Thursday night. Surveillance video shows up to eight people going in and out of the 3rd Ave location in downtown Seattle.
Here's where the story gets weird. Authorities say the first fella gets through the door and a female follows him in. After a few minutes, they exit together.
Then the next wave of people enter and leave at different times throughout the evening. Unclear if they were working together.

Making matters more bizarre, the homeless outreach group says nothing of significant value was taken. Multiple laptops, expensive equipment, and a bicycle were left behind. But it appears lots of t-shirts and swag related to their "Voting Is Your Superpower" campaign were stolen.

We Heart Founder and Executive Director Andrea Suarez(@weheartfounder) believes this is a form of political intimidation since her initiative to get out the vote could alter numerous city council races and interests of certain influential groups in the city. But this has not been confirmed.
Suarez says her org is a non-partisan 501(c)3 organization and will not endorse any candidate. #Seattle #KingCounty
@kcexec @GovInslee
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@CMTMosqueda @CMSaraNelson
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SUSPECT #1: Police say he started all this by somehow busting the door open. #Seattle Image
Oct 24 4 tweets 2 min read
FAR LEFT EXPOSED: The Internet wins again! Incredible job by @sarahgerke over the weekend. She recorded this numb nut plastering anti-Semitic propaganda across downtown Seattle.
The poster going up in this video shows the Star of David with ANTIFA arrows. Similar posters I have seen have phrases like, "The Nazis supported the creation the the Israeli state."
The fella with the cardboard sign is a well know FAR-LEFT activist associated with the controversial Stop The Sweeps Seattle group, constantly undercutting Mayor Bruce Harrell's encampment removal plans across the city. He also blocked me from recording the pro-Palestine rally on Saturday. The kid with the nervous energy running interference is Aidan Carroll, another quack associated with this movement. 🧵👇
#Seattle #Antifa #Israel #Palestine #Hamas #Protests @StopAntisemites
STICKER CREW: Look at some of their work. It's all over downtown Seattle. #Seattle

Oct 23 4 tweets 3 min read
PROTEST AFTERMATH: After two weekends of pro-Palestine/anti-Israel demonstrations at Westlake Park, the protest route is now littered with all kinds of propaganda stickers. These are typically seen around Cal Anderson Park and put up by FAR-LEFT activists/ANTIFA sympathizers. These folks have clearly latched on to the Palestinian cause.
Some of the most common stickers say thing like “Abolish the police” and “Black and Trans Lives Matter.”
The "Jonathan Choe is a Wet Bitch" stickers have also made a comeback. I think they're now up to version 6.0.
They hate me as much as they hate Israel and the police! 🙃 #Seattle #Israel #Palestine #Hamas #War #Terrorism

THESE ARE EVERYWHERE: I feel sorry for the fella who actually spends money and time on these things. At least be more creative man. 🤡 #Seattle
Oct 16 7 tweets 3 min read
HERE WE GO AGAIN: On Sunday, this Asian American couple in Kent, WA had a super close call. Watch this armed street thug try to follow them into their home. But the quick thinking woman recognizes what's happening and somehow slams the door shut. The black male suspect holding a pistol is locked out and then tries to destroy the surveillance camera.
I'm still waiting on Kent Police(@kentpd) to return my calls for more details. The suspect remains on the loose.
In nearby South Seattle, Asian immigrants were recently being targeted in home invasions. SPD made several arrests, but some of the black male suspects in those cases are still on the run as well. It's unclear if the fella in this most recent Kent incident is connected in any way to the Seattle crews.
Bottom line, Asians are being targeted and remain vulnerable. Watch your backs at all times. Get armed. Get surveillance cameras. Get the word out that this keeps on happening to our community. #StopAsianHate

@cityofkent @dana_ralph @activeasian @AsianDawn4 @nextshark @govinslee @kcexec @kccouncil
#AsianAmerican #Crime
#WeAreKent #KentWA #CityOfKent
THIS IS THE SUSPECT: Last seen wearing a black puffer jacket, mask, and orange gloves. #Kent #StopAsianHate
Oct 9 4 tweets 2 min read
SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Monday night, a massive pro-Israel rally is expected to take place in Bellevue. No doubt pro-Palestine counter protesters will be there. This on-going feud could turn into violence and spill into the streets. At the very least, both sides will curse each other out and the Jews VS. Muslims narrative will likely be perpetuated.
That's why Christian street preacher Matthew Meinecke is putting out a call to the "American church."
Meinecke wants every local ministry in the Seattle area to show up to testify and be a witness against HATE.
He says the church at large is too consumed with the comforts of Sunday service and has turned into an irrelevant social club.
Meinecke hopes anyone who calls themselves a Christian would come out to pray, confidently proclaim the gospel, and be a bridge to peace. We shall see.
Btw, Bellevue PD(@BvuePD) says officers will be ready.

#Bellevue #Protest #Israel #Palestine #War #Hamas #Christian #Jesus #Seattle #Church #Ministry

RAGE AND FURY: If Sunday's melee in Kirkland is any indication, Bellevue PD and city leaders better be taking serious security measures. #Bellevue

Sep 14 4 tweets 2 min read
COMMUNITY ALERT: The controversial Northwest Community Bail Fund(@NWCBailFund) will indeed be back in business starting September 15.
The group known for bailing out violent criminals and repeat offenders sent out an email reminder.
This is the part that got my attention: "Therefore, we will be prioritizing bail assistance for self-identified non-white and non-cisgender people."


#Seattle #KingCounty

Image REST OF THE EMAIL REMINDER: If you start seeing more violent offenders and repeat offenders making bail, now you know why. #Seattle #KingCounty
Sep 11 4 tweets 4 min read
LONG JOURNEY HOME: The last time we saw 32 year old Kaylee Gordon, she was high on drugs, covered in dirt, and being put on a stretcher in downtown Seattle.
Today she is safely back home in Wyoming and is on the road to recovery. Gordon met her niece and nephew for the first time. She also knows her entire family loves her and there is no more reason to run.
They just sent me these photos and wanted me to thank everyone involved in this incredible search and intervention that saved her life. Especially, Seattle Police(@SeattlePD,) street preacher Matthew Meneicke, and homeless outreach workers Kristine Mooreland(@kmmoreland) and Andrea Suarez(@weheartseattle.)
Gordon also had a chance to review the videos that showed this low point in her life. Her family says seeing this raw reality is one of the primary reasons why she's getting ready to go into detox and is planning to stay away from Seattle for a very long time. The rampant open air drug use and lawlessness in the city is just too much for anyone trying to get better.
The pathway to the streets is far and wide. There is no one size fits all. But in Gordon's case, it was broken relationships and drug addiction, not an affordable housing crisis.
Since my coverage, multiple families have reached out to me saying they recognized their loved ones getting high or slumped over in my videos. But for various reasons, they just weren't ready to go through this arduous process of bringing them back home. I told them I would be available to always help and get the word out. At the very least, connect them with the right people making a difference. Point is, there are hundreds of other Kaylee Gordon's on the streets of Seattle. Never give up on them or lose hope. It's obviously not easy and there are no guarantees. But there is a way out. The proof of concept is right here. The family has invited me to Wyoming later this year, to finish telling this story.
#Seattle #KingCounty

FATHER'S JOURNEY: Kaylee's dad is a proud man but extremely private. It took a lot for him to share this social media post. He describes the desperate measures he was willing to take in order to save his daughter. Instead, Kaylee had enough of the streets and chose to leave Seattle on her own. Seeing her dad and brother simply waiting with open arms, was enough for her to jump in the car and never look back. For other families facing a similar journey, there is so much red tape and bureaucracy. The state system that's supposed to save people on the streets is broken. #Seattle #KingCounty #WA

Sep 11 7 tweets 3 min read
#EXCLUSIVE: One-on-one with Mayor Bruce Harrell(@MayorofSeattle) Sunday afternoon. He took some time out to talk after participating in the Seattle Slam Showdown basketball tournament for youth.

It's been a rough week on so many levels in the city. More shootings, robberies targeting Asians/non-English speaking immigrants, along with OPEN AIR DRUG USE AND DRUG MARKETS spiraling out of control in the city.
But with limited time, I focused primarily on what's in store for the troubled crime hot spot at 12th Ave & Jackson St in Chinatown-ID. Also, the intense criticism Councilmember Tammy Morales(@TammyMoralesSEA, @CMTammyMorales) is facing from her constituents and Councilmember Sara Nelson(@cmsaranelson.) In case you missed it last week, Nelson torched Morales' failed FAR-LEFT policies and her soft on crime approach.
Watch until the end to see what the Mayor says about his eventual endorsement for D2 council. The Mayor also has a decent jumper...I promise. 😀
#Seattle #KingCounty
IT'S POSSIBLE: Blast from the past. Back in February 2022, Mayor Harrell followed through on a campaign promise and cleared this notorious intersection. Adding more officers and painting over the graffiti.

Sep 10 6 tweets 3 min read
THIS IS DEPRESSING: After a press conference this week calling out Councilmember Tammy Morales(@CMTammyMorales,@TammyMoralesSEA) for failing her district on public safety, you would think she would be out here on a Saturday afternoon trying to re-assure her constituents. But she remains MIA.
Once again, most of the insanity is at the corner of 12th Ave & Jackson St. I recorded several fentanyl deals happening in broad daylight, people passed out on the streets, and a woman who kept flashing people with her breasts. Then a fight broke out in front of Asian senior citizens going to the grocery store.
Btw, the former Viet-Wah location is now being used as a homeless encampment and drug den. No police in sight. Where are the rest of the city officials including Mayor Bruce Harrell(@MayorofSeattle?)
Where's the King County Regional Homelessness Authority(@KingCoRHA?)
It's worse than ever! The inmates are running the asylum. This district is begging for change.
#TammyTown #Seattle #KingCounty
@kcexec @downtownseattle
@VisitSeattle @SeattleCouncil
@CMTMosqueda @KCCouncil
FRIDAY NIGHT DISASTER: At what point does the city call in the National Guard? This is literally the fall of Little Saigon. I thought the Vietnam war was over?

Sep 4 15 tweets 9 min read
MASSIVE CLAP BACK: This evening, I was notified of some defamatory comments and false statements made against me by notorious Seattle basement blogger Erica C. Barnett(@ericacbarnett.) She also unfairly went after homeless outreach worker Kristine Moreland(@kmmoreland) and Seattle Police(@SeattlePD) for clickbait and clout. Even though Barnett wasn't at the scene, she decided to opine and lie about the incredible effort to save missing homeless woman Kaylee Gordon in downtown Seattle this weekend. I have no idea what motivates her, but this is a new low even for Barnett.
Bottom line, Gordon's family was on FaceTime with me throughout the process and witnessed the incredible effort to get her into treatment she deserves.
Gordon's sister-in-law Gabi Quick has been masterfully orchestrating all the efforts behind the scenes to rescue Kaylee. Quick continues to thank Moreland, SPD, and all the volunteers who came out to help during the past few weeks. In this vlog, Quick also correctly points out that Barnett NEVER EVER reached out to their family when it mattered the most. Instead, Barnett continues to shine as an opportunist.

I rarely respond to Barnett's nutty hot takes since she also blocked me on X(formerly twitter.) But I'm realizing now more than ever, Seattle is caught in an INFORMATION WAR and I have to set the record straight. Facts are being misrepresented and the truth is also being suppressed.
For so long, the homeless industrial complex made up of the "housing first," "decriminalize drugs "and "harm reduction" lobbies have been able to get away with these false narratives.
But now their minions in the media along with the FAR-LEFT activists peddling these falsehoods are finally being called out.
I'm just doing my part to show what's really happening on the front lines. Please follow this thread as I systematically shatter Barnett's already tarnished credibility with the TRUTH. #Seattle #KingCounty
🧵👇 LIE #1:  "Call the police! Call the police!" Discovery Institute Center on Wealth and Poverty staffer Jonathan Choe and Kirkland mortgage broker Kristine Moreland chased and held down a homeless woman in downtown Seattle to get police to arrest her. Unreal."

TRUTH: Barnett wasn't even at the scene, yet she describes it like she was on the front lines. In reality, Moreland and her amazing volunteers found Kaylee in downtown Seattle and cared for her until police arrived. Kaylee was not hurt at all during this encounter. I also never touched Kaylee.  In fact she assaulted me as I tried to hold the iPhone so she could talk to her family. #Seattle
Aug 23 6 tweets 3 min read
SWEEP IS ON: Wednesday morning, the crime ridden Mercer St. encampment in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood is finally being removed. Looks like it's going to be a two day affair.
I counted seven people still on the grounds after last week's massive inferno, including homeless man Paris Alcantera who returned back to the camp!
The repeat offender was arrested for setting the blaze but a King County judge released him after charges were not filed. Alcantera claimed it was all an accident after a candle fell over in his tent.
I have interviewed him in the past, but he was reluctant to go on camera this time around. But he told me "I own this land" and doesn't plan to leave "without a fight." It could get interesting. Neighbors say they want the city and state to fence this place off permanently so no one comes back.

"And all it took was a rape, a murder, a hammer attack, regular gunshots, and a giant inferno."- Andy Stevens, Concerned Citizen

#Seattle #KingCounty
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@WAStateCommerce @CMSaraNelson
@CMTMosqueda @KingCoRHA @WAStateCommerce HERE WE GO: There is so much clutter and junk on this site, it's going to take a couple days. And look who's running point. Not WSDOT, but the city of Seattle. #Seattle #KingCounty
@wsdot @GovInslee
@SeattleCouncil @MayorofSeattle
@KingCoRHA @kcexec
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@SeattleCouncil @KCCouncil
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@KingCoRHA @WAStateCommerce
Aug 15 4 tweets 2 min read
#BREAKING: According to King County Correctional Facility records, homeless man Paris Alcantara has been arrested for allegedly torching the Mercer St encampment Monday afternoon. Earlier this year, I interviewed Alcantara after a dead woman’s body was found inside this South Lake Union encampment. Still no arrest in that case. #Seattle #Kingcounty @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle @kcexec @SeattlePD @KCCouncil @KingCoRHA @CMTMosqueda @CMSaraNelson @downtownseattle @VisitSeattle @SeattleChamber @CMAndrewJLewis @SeattleFire
BACK IN MARCH: Alcantara was calm, cool, and collected as he described seeing the dead woman’s body in the encampment. #Seattle #KingCounty
Aug 15 4 tweets 2 min read
GOVERNMENT FAILURE: Monday's insane encampment INFERNO in South Lake Union never should have happened. That's because neighbors have been sounding the alarm since 2022 about fires, drug dealing, and all kinds of other crimes at this location. But elected officials looked the other way and allowed this behavior to continue.
What else needs to happen before the city or state moves in to clear this massive liability? What a drain on emergency resources. Incredible work by the men and women of Seattle Fire(@SeattleFire,)Seattle Police(@SeattlePD,) and other first responders.
Crazy part is, there are still more than 2K encampments on WA state right of ways.
Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars have been spent on buying motels, tiny houses, and off setting costs for rental units for the homeless. But many of these housing options still sit empty in King County because of bureaucratic failures and mismanagement. Who's holding our leaders and decision makers accountable? @KingCoRHA
@GovInslee @kcexec @MayorofSeattle @SeattleCouncil @KCCouncil @CMAndrewJLewis @downtownseattle @VisitSeattle @SeattleChamber
@CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @wsdot @WAStateCommerce QUESTIONABLE PACE: These encampments on WSDOT properties are out of control, even after millions of dollars poured into clearings and housing. That's why I keep asking the Gov. about timelines for removals. But I keep getting talking points. #Seattle
Aug 15 5 tweets 2 min read
#BREAKING: Massive explosion at the notorious Mercer St. encampment in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood Monday afternoon. It’s right across the street from Google(@Google,) Novo Nordisk(@novonordiskus,) and several apartment buildings in one of the busiest parts of the city.
Neighbors have been begging city and state leaders to remove this blight for months after a murder, open air drug use, and other problems at the camp. Will this be the last straw for Mayor Bruce Harrell(@MayorofSeattle?) He’s always had the ability to go in and take control from WSDOT under emergency circumstances. Harrell moved in and cleared another problematic WSDOT encampment in downtown Seattle last month after a similar explosion.
Governor Jay Inslee(@GovInslee) has already spent millions of dollars this year to remove camps on state right of ways with very little to show for it. The current plan is clearly failing.
#Seattle #KingCounty
@kcexec @CMAndrewJLewis @SeattlePD @SeattleCouncil @KCCouncil @wastatepatrol @WAStateCommerce @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @KingCoRHA WHAT A DISASTER: Apparently crews now have this inferno under control. My sources are saying this may have been intentionally set. This all remains under investigation.
#Seattle #KingCounty
@kcexec @CMAndrewJLewis @SeattlePD @SeattleCouncil @KCCouncil @wastatepatrol @WAStateCommerce @CMSaraNelson @CMTMosqueda @KingCoRHA @GovInslee @MayorofSeattle @downtownseattle @VisitSeattle @SeattleChamber
Aug 14 4 tweets 2 min read
#BREAKING: Huge encampment fire Sunday in Seattle near Robert Eagle Staff Middle School at the corner of N.90th & Nesbit Ave. Unclear how it started. It appears at least four tents got obliterated. But more than a dozen are still standing on the block. Neighbor shot this photo on……
Image CITY WARNED: So many neighbor complaints. This encampment remains a major liability. #Seattle 👇🏽
Jul 29 4 tweets 2 min read
#EXCLUSIVE: Another terrifying incident along a Washington State Dept. of Transportation(@wsdot) right of way in Seattle. Friday evening, WSP(@wastatepatrol) confirms someone hurled a brick/rock through the windshield of a moving car traveling on 90E. This is near the ramp to the……
BACK IN DECEMBER 2022: Look at the insanity that was allowed to flourish on this WSDOT(@wsdot) right of way in #Seattle. A fire erupted inside a tent, burning down part of this encampment.