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29 Jul
I don’t particularly even mind masks, but is there *any* science or logic to this, given how low DC’s numbers are in general and specifically for actual hospitalization/serious illness?
I’ve been looking through things since the announcement, and I really can’t find anything — from the DC government or otherwise. Anyone?
Here’s where we’re going to get some information. And while I appreciate many of the replies, I do not appreciate people reading an “anti-masking” or similar motive into my question here. It’s not. It fits well within everything y’all know about me that I’d want more info.
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29 Jul
Over the past hour, five earthquakes off the coast of Alaska.…
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17 Jul
Christine Baranski, Sarah Steele, and Mandy Patinkin in fake court is inspired.
You have to love a show that goes from Georges Seurat as a judge in one episode to Velma Kelly as judge in the next.

“Order, design, composition … but I simply cannot do it alone.”
Audra, Aaron, and Bebe! What a courtroom! The Good Fight is, at its most surreal times, incredible Broadway fan fiction.
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15 Jul
Anyway, people matter. It’s been touch and go today when it comes to my mood, but I have been able to maintain some semblance of OK-ness bc I’ve been talking with people and asking for help wherever I need it. To those who have helped: Thanks, it is so appreciated.
It really is a series of unfortunate events — none of which are horrible and all of which, independently, would just be annoyances — but, yeah, I sorta went into a loop of negative thinking last night that’s still not all gone. But, I’m working through it, and I’ve kept going.
(Yes, this is an unthreaded continuation of the “our health care system is maddening” thread. (But, I will say, several folks within said system were relatively to very helpful today.))
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2 Jul
On the Garland death penalty actions tonight: The steps being taken here are good, but woefully incomplete and not-unlike the Obama-era actions that ultimately led nowhere and allowed Trump and Barr (and then Rosen) to put 13 people to death.
Here’s the memo:… / A. is fine, but mostly amounts to a delaying tactic (& is similar to that of the Obama era). B. is important, but the “consultation” there is going to needlessly delay rescinding a bad order. C. is very important and should move quickly.
Now, what’s really most distressing here to me is Garland’s quote. What is this? Is this a Janet Reno quote? Come on. Biden campaigned on opposing the death penalty, and Garland is his attorney general. What a sort of a weak quote is this? It’s 2021.
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1 Jul
In 10 minutes, we’ll be getting the final #SCOTUS decisions for the term. Two sets of cases remain outstanding: one set is the Voting Rights Act cases out of Arizona and the other addresses donor disclosure requirements in California.
BREAKING: Brnovich is first. Alito, for a 6-3 court, upholds both Arizona voting restrictions. More to come.…
Important from the majority: The Supreme Court "decline[s] in these cases to announce a test to govern all VRA §2 claims involving rules, like those at issue here, that specify the time, place, or manner for casting ballots."
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1 Jul
Um. What are those VERY low—flying objects in DC?
These? (looking south from Dupont)
This seems like the Occam’s razor answer.
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30 Jun
When I left BuzzFeed in Spring 2019, a mentor told me to think about my next job as a place to spend 2 years, not a new “work home” like BuzzFeed was for so long. That freed me to try something new, and though it came to an end today, I’m so grateful for my TJC and Appeal time.
Tonight, I am celebrating all that I learned and the amazing people I met in that time. My world has been expanded, and I am so grateful for that.
This is now a part of who I am, and this work will be a part of what I do going forward, in one way or another. … Tomorrow morning, I’ll be on the #SCOTUS beat again, as we get the last opinions of the term and speculate wildly unless and until we hear something from Breyer.
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29 Jun
BREAKING: On a very narrow 5-4 vote, #SCOTUS allows CDC eviction moratorium to remain in place through July 31.
Kavanaugh, in the majority keeping the moratorium in place, says he agrees the CDC went too far and that congressional authorization would be necessary for the moratorium to go beyond July 31. (In other words, he says he'd flip his vote if the CDC extends it again.)
This is the full statement. No one else wrote.
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29 Jun
One or more #SCOTUS opinions coming shortly, starting in 5 minutes. Voting rights, financial donor disclosure, immigration, eminent domain/sovereign immunity, and patent cases remain.
First decision is in Minerva Surgical v. Hologic. Kagan has the 5-4 decision, vacating and remanding to the Federal Circuit in the patent case. Barrett, joined by Thomas and Gorsuch, dissent. Alito also dissents. Image
Here's the full decision in Minerva:…
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28 Jun
#SCOTUS grants two new cases.
Here is the full orders list.…
We still have five argued cases to be decided, including voting rights and financial disclosure cases, but no word yet from #SCOTUS when those opinions are expected.
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27 Jun
Sometime in the next hour or so, 11 years ago tonight, I ordered a drink at Cobalt. It was a totally ordinary moment. I was blacked out, also ordinary, so I really have no recollection of it. I had no clue that I would choose for 4,019 days since then not to have another drink.
I’ve talked about the path I’ve traveled often over the past years, at this mark and other moments. It really is an incredible gift, this sobriety that I’ve found — and the people who helped me keep it once I found it are just as, if not more, incredible.
That was no more apparent than over the past year, when everyone was tested — and when sobriety, for some, was a huge challenge to maintain. It wasn’t for me, luckily. I’ve, so far as I can tell, had that burden lifted. I still had life, though, and parts of it really sucked.
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27 Jun
It was only 18 years ago today that the Supreme Court held that sodomy laws—laws effectively criminalizing queer people’s lives—were unconstitutional. In other words, if you turned 18 before today, same-sex sexual activity could be prosecuted in parts of the US during your life.
While we celebrate LGBTQ Pride In many parts of the country this weekend, only people turning 18 today and after will not have lived under valid sodomy laws in parts of the country.
Lawrence v. Texas was argued in my first year of law school, and its consideration figured into the reasons why I started my Law Dork blog back in the day. It was some of my first ~considered~ writing about the law, but I’m so glad I kept learning. And wrote so much more.
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26 Jun
It's hard to know, after reviewing these opinions, whether qualified immunity law or the Fifth Circuit itself is more of a mess these days.
I will, however, consider arguments in favor of either answer.
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25 Jun
Breaking: DOJ is suing the state of Georgia under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, alleging discrimination against Black voters in the state in its recent voting changes, AG Garland announces.
Garland says guidance will be forthcoming regarding redistricting, in light of the fact that this likely will be the first redistricting year in recent decades without the preclearance provision of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act in force.
Garland also announces a new directive from DOJ to federal law enforcement about prioritizing prosecution of threats against election officials.
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25 Jun
#SCOTUS decision(s) at the top of the hour. We don’t know which or how many of the 8 remaining cases we’ll get today, but those left include both the voting rights and financial disclosure cases.
First #SCOTUS decision is in TransUnion v. Ramirez, a standing decision in a Fair Credit Reporting Act case. Kavanaugh writes the 5-4 decision for the court finding the plaintiffs lacked standing. Thomas, joined by the liberal justices, dissents.…
Thomas is not happy.
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23 Jun
#SCOTUS opinions coming shortly. Reminder: There are 12 decisions remaining — including voting rights, financial disclosure, student speech rights, and more. As always, we don’t know which or how many decisions are coming.
First #SCOTUS decision is in Lange v. California. Kagan has the opinion for the court, holding that police pursuing a fleeing misdemeanor suspect do not "categorically" have justification to enter a home without a warrant.… Image
It's basically a 7-2 decision, although there are some caveats there (see opinion and below). Roberts, joined by Alito, thinks the court goes too far, saying that flight is, itself, an exigent circumstance that would allow warrantless entry. ImageImage
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23 Jun
I swear to god, we could have 70 races where the reformist candidate wins, and these people will wait for the one race where the retrograde candidate wins (is ahead, here), and act like that’s The One That Proves Their Point.
Like, even tonight, look at Manhattan, where it is an actual DA being voted on: The progressive who folks there coalesced around has declared victory.
Not to mention Buffalo and Rochester — again, tonight! A socialist and WFP-endorsed candidate, respectively, won.
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21 Jun
No new grants from #SCOTUS this morning. Here's the full orders list:…
Opinions in one or more of the 15 remaining #SCOTUS cases from this term expected at 10a. We don't know which cases or how many will be decided, but those left include voting rights, financial disclosure, student speech rights, college athletes, and more.
First opinion is in Goldman Sachs v. Arkansas Teacher Retirement System. Barrett has the opinion for the court in the class-action case, vacating and remanding the 2nd Circuit.…
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17 Jun
Breaking: The Supreme Court rejects conservative states' challenges to the ACA on standing grounds. Opinion by Breyer for the 7-2 majority. Alito and Gorsuch dissent.… ImageImage
That opinion being from Breyer means any remaining opinions released today — and there will be at least one more — will be from Breyer, Thomas, or the Chief Justice.
Thomas concurs, defending the majority against Alito's dissent. Image
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