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27 Jul
Along with de la Salle brothers, the Belmarsh jailbird and perjurer Jonathan Aitken and the Purdews, Alan Lennox-Boyd was owner of Henlow Grange, better known as Champneys, watering hole and spa for the good, the not so good and the downright criminal.
threadreaderapp.com/thread/1063295… Image
One of the nastiest paedophiles associated with Champneys was the prolific abuser Jimmy Savile who even had a wing at the spa named in his dishonour.
Savile attended Stephen Purdews wedding in 2009, but he wasn't alone ...
thecomet.net/news/jimmy-sav… ImageImageImageImage
Another illustrious guest at that wedding was King of Sleeze Keith Vaz, better known as washing machine salesman Jim.
The Purdews donated to the Silver Star charity which brings together Vaz and Esther Rantzen.
MPs have implicated Vaz as a paedophile.
mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/m… ImageImageImageImage
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20 Jul
Pour yourself an Irish stout (preferably a Beamish or a Murphy's, not a Guinness) and sit back and enjoy this thread on Lady Iveagh, whose links to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell recently forced her to withdraw from her role with the NSPCC: Image
Needless to say, any new thread of mine invariably contains many familiar names covered in previous work. This thread is no exception. In fact, many rings come full circle, like this one:
Lennox-Boyd/Proctor/Duke of Rutland/Maxwell/Epstein/Clare Hazell/Iveagh/Lennox-Boyd ...
Clare Hazell married Arthur Edward Rory Guinness, now Earl of Iveagh, and hence became a member of the Guinness dynasty by marriage. Their residence is Elvenden Hall, venue for the eponymous classic car show held to raise thousands for the NSPCC.
edp24.co.uk/news/elveden-c… Image
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31 May
Here's an interesting story by the Mail's Michael Gillard based on the evidence of one single witness.
But what else has ended up at south east London police stations, never to see the light of day again?
In 2015, over a series of meetings, not ONE but TWO witnesses from Operation Winter Keys, Drummond and Featherstone, took and certified photocopies of original documents, including a young girl's diary with evidence of names and places relating to VIP sexual abuse.
Detective Drummond features in the evidence given to @InquiryCSA by witness 'GB' (George Box), cf. OHY005576/84.
The evidence supplied by the girl, formerly cared for in a Melanie Klein home, leads to both Dolphin Sq. and to Hove:

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14 May
It is increasingly looking like @inquiryCSA is spaffing the Janners up a wall...
Then @InquiryCSA exposed the machinations of his sister Laura Janner:
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13 May
Perhaps that was Laura Janner's intention all along: it certainly seems to be the way she and her mate Neuberger handled the Mitchell case at her own synagogue...
Laura Janner and her brother Daniel are perfectly entitled to believe her daddy was a saint in the face of facts, multiple witnesses and Henriques. It is their modus operandi that jars with me:
So how do they operate? Well, they use the riches their daddy left them to hire private detectives to spy on those he abused, prying into convictions and rehab secrets that were most likely the result of that very abuse.
Can you go lower?
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13 May
Is @LidlGB aware of the many close contacts Esther Rantzen has had over the years with some of Britain's worst paedophiles? The woman who allegedly had no idea what Jimmy Savile was up to, and jumped into bed with Nicholas Fairbairn?

Why are you using this woman to front your campaign? Aren't there any less tainted persons and charities worthy of your patronage?
Perhaps @LidlGB should let @ShyKeenan explain how she, herself a victim of child abuse, told Esther Rantzen of her misgivings that Jimmy Savile was abusing kids in the late Nineties.
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10 May
There but by the grace of Epstein . ..
Hoisted by their own pétard:
This admission by Fergie the Sponger should set alarm bells ringing at @metpoliceuk and the FBI, but it won't!
So Randy Andy could only afford his Swiss chalet thanks to Epstein-induced revenue streams!

Follow the money!
And why is the former owner of the property only now asserting his right to that final payment? Was he in on Randy Andy's stream of revenue from the Epstein system which has now failed?
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10 May
As Brian Altmann and @InquiryCSA have not refuted any of the above, I see that as confirmation and will continue to flesh out my account of Dover Custom & Excise officer Solanki, more familiar to his former colleges under his nickname Morgan ...

After the initial news report regarding the tapes and films seized, Morgan gave additional formal interviews about the seizures. The overseeing MPS operation confirmed that they had interviewed Mr. Solanki and had accepted Solanki's version of the event.
One of the interview recordings after the first interview Morgan gave has now been made available. The unequivocal facts recorded in that taped interview of Solanki aka Morgan is that he personally and two of his colleagues viewed one of the tapes seized ...
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3 May
I was always a great fan of Sir Humphrey in 'Yes, Minister' - as relevant today as ever before!

But there is another Sir Humphrey who warrants further scrutiny in the light of developments in the Republic of DomCum ...
Unlike the upper middle class character in 'Yes, Minister', 'our' Sir Humphry lives in a modest two-up, two-down in the industrial North East. Although not a miner, people in his extended family and at the 'big place' where he worked are known to have been partial to minors ...
When the unpretty bullying accusations against Mrs. Patel first raised their ugly heads, 'our' Sir Humphry, named after a coal-mining and textile town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, was one of the first to rush to her defence.
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26 Apr
Nicole Junkermann infiltrated the NHS through the Health Department with the help of the incompetent Health Secretary Matt Hancock.
What is their end game?
Nicole Junkermann was a close confidente of Jeffrey Epstein and travelled with him to talks in the UK in the run-up to the Iraq war.
Philip Dunne, MP and Jeremy Hunt's campaign manager was listed in Epstein's little black book.
Junkermann was never a stranger to scandal:
Was it her elderly lover Dreyfus who paid out CHF 10m to his friend Beckenbauer in exchange for an IOU? And was that money returned in € to his private account after Franz brought the World Cup to Germany?
m.bild.de/sport/fussball… Image
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5 Apr
A few thoughts on Keir Starmer, recently voted Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, from the general perspective of child abuse ...
What better place to start than that stalwart paedophile of the Labour Party, Greville Janner.
When Simon Danczuk made his allegations against Janner in the HoC in 2015, it was the former DPP Keir Starmer who defended the decision not to charge Janner.
Starmer's former principal legal adviser at the Crown Prosecution Service was Alison Levitt, mistress then wife of Lord Carlile, one of Greville Janner's staunchest supporters, defender of Paul Burrell and the man who co-starred with Jennifer Arcuri.
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29 Mar
Here are a few reasons why I will NOT be clapping Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle:
You're a nasty piece of work, aren't you?:
The phone call Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle doesn't want you to hear:
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14 Mar
A BBC article about a storage device belonging to an ex-'Lord' Mayor of Savile's Leeds, Neil Taggart, containing indecent images of children set alarm bells ringing.
Who was he?
Who did he associate with?
Let's have a look, but don't be surprised if the usual names crop up!
Here's the article for a start, but what do they mean by 'indecent images'? Well, we're talking about Cat. A stills and videos of adults and children as young as 4. An image on one of his devices involved a baby of 8 to 12 months.
bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-en… examinerlive.co.uk/news/former-ch…
So was the vile pervert Neil Taggart a loner ploughing his own furrow?
Nope, definitely not!
He shared images with others and chatted with people of his ilk. theukdatabase.net/2017/06/06/nei…
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9 Mar
The wheels on the nutterbus are rounds of Brie, rounds of Brie, rounds of Brie ...
Poke the wheels and that creamy cheese come oozing out ...
When the wheels come off the nutterbus ...
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26 Feb
Chris Chataway's Lovers:
The unexpurgated edition.

A new thread ...
Sherborne-educated Chris Chataway was a long-distance runner, broadcaster and Tory MP.
When Roger Bannister broke a world record by running a mile in under 4 minutes, Chris Chataway (centre) and Chris Brasher (right) were his pacemakers.
He later worked for Guinness. Image
Chataway's mate Roger Bannister and his family were closely linked to Stowe School and the Epstein/Maxwell/Wallersteiner/Grieg set.
Bannister's son Clive even appears in Epstein's little black book.

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18 Feb
Such a shame 'Agony Uncle' Andrew Sabisky has parted company with Boris de Pfeffel of Spaffwaffle, the man who said money spent on investigating child abuse was money spaffed up a wall.
They were such a good match ...
Remember, this bloke's grandfather was close friends with Jimmy Savile.
Seems to be in his denims ...
I wonder what super-forecaster's daddy who was involved in the Len McCluskey flat deal at Unite has to say about his wayward son?
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17 Feb
Don't say you weren't warned:
Creating a permanent underclass ...
A few thoughts on Dominic Cummings' new adviser ...

But who is Andrew Sabisky?
Well, to answer that question, let's go back two generations to his maternal grandfather Christopher Brasher, olympic gold, man who set the pace for Roger Bannister's 4-minute mile and director of the London Marathon.
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16 Feb
Just been forwarded interesting mail. ...
When morons use the name of a friend because they simply cannot out themselves.
Might be worth posting to show you all the tricks Team Hewson gets up to ...
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15 Feb
This suspended barrister woman sounds like a world expert on hate speech ...
It's always good to hear people ringing up phone-ins who have a way with words:
Irony is when a disgraced barrister who abuses Twitter to call the head of @barstandards c*unty and post her name address and a Google Maps pic of her home calls local radio to express her views on hate on social media ...
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12 Feb
Here's one for you:
Where was 'Sir' Jimmy Savile just one moth before he died?
Let me tell you: He was on board Cunard's Queen Elizabeth. ...
The ArchPaedophile was a frequent passenger on both Cunard and P&O cruises.

But who else was on board Cunard's big liners in 2011/2012?

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3 Feb
Down memory lane:
In March 1992, I remember Mikhail Gorbachev visiting companies in the town of Gütersloh in Germany where I work. His visit was arranged by the German Liberal MP Jürgen Möllemann, a dubious character involved in arms deals who had close links to Adnan Khashoggi.
Fast-forward to June 5, 2003:
On that day I was visiting the Reichstag in Berlin, about to take the lift up to the roof when I saw a group of tourists peering down through the glass into the plenary chamber below where, unusually, all MPs were standing, listening to an address.
The cause of the commotion:
It had just been announced that Jürgen Möllemann had dropped out of the skies, 4000 m in free fall, landing belly flop on a field below. The man who brought Raissa Gorbatschowa to Münster for treatment was dead, bringing a political scandal to an end.
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