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11 Jul
Now why would the evidence in the case against the Kasirs and the Elm Guest House frequented by the likes of Cliff Richard and Cyril Smith be cut from 8 hours to only 45 mins. of video footage? Who were they protecting?
Beholden to the Establishment, the Coroner passed a verdict of suicide on Carola Kasir but there seems to be very strong evidence that people were after her as she was repeatedly harassed and intimidated in the period preceding her death.
Oh, and then there's the tape recording which was discussed with the NUJ, and turned down by @InquiryCSA, confirming that Home Secretary Leon Brittan WAS in the tape with the little boy which was seized from Russell Howard Tricker in 1982 and seen by 3 customs officials.
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26 Jun
Well, this sounds reassuring:
New DUP leader Jeffrey Donaldson was mentored by the paedophile racist whose two close aides were Jonathan Denby, Barbara Hewson's criminal cousin, and the paedophile Harvey Proctor.
It gets worse:
Donaldson even went on to be Personal Assistant to James Molyneaux, another colourful person in the quagmire of Northern Ireland child abuse.
Oh, and what better way for the DUP to strengthen ties with the UUP than to intermarry? m.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-…
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23 Jun
'One Britain One Nation' is stirring up a culture war inciting to anti-European xenophobia, racism and White Nationalism.
OBON has a motley bunch of backers, many of which have appeared in my threads on VIP paedophilia in Britain.
Let's have a look:
Here is the full list of persons who have given OBON their backing in the form of a testimonial: onebritainonenation.org/testimonials.p…
David Steel had more links to paedophiles than I have had hot dinners!
In my humble opinion, Steel should be banned for life from having anything to do with organisations targeting young people and children.
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19 May
My thanks go to @pritipatel, whose sterling work in covering up the findings of the Daniel Morgan investigation have prompted me to revisit this excellent podcast on the case.
I suggest you do so, too!

A few thoughts ...
One name that crops up repeatedly in this podcast is that of Sid Fillery, a detective at Catford police station who was assigned to the murder investigation.
Fillery allegedly even attempted to get the Morgan family to persuade brother Alistair to stop meddling in the case ...
Sid Fillery was a nice man with a keen interest in children. So much so that he spent a significant amount of time after leaving the Force and joining Southern Investigations downloading 'child pornography' at the Grange Road office in Thornton Heath.
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17 May
It is a thinly veiled secret that Lord Mountbatten was a paedophile so why is the Establishment bending over backwards to prevent his letters seeing the light of day?
The Mountbatten Papers are kept by the University of Southampton:

Head of Archives at Southampton University is Dr. Karen Robson:
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15 May
Why is Daniel Janner seemingly as attracted to (unsuccessfully) defending paedophiles as paedophiles are attracted to children?
And why didn't Daniel understand what daddy Greville knew, namely that it doesn't matter 'what bloody age they are'?
What Daniel Janner forgot to say was that his paedophile client's abuse was a LIFE SENTENCE for his young victim.

But why should such a trifle bother the son of one of Britain's most notorious paedophiles? lancs.live/news/lancashir…
What an ungrateful shower:
Despite displaying generosity to members of his family, none of his family members turned up in court to watch the stirling defence of paedophile Victor Ward by Daniel Janner, son of the illustrious British paedophile 'Lord' Greville Janner.
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25 Apr
Are you getting the measure of the man yet?
Max Hastings:
I was Boris Johnson’s boss: he is utterly unfit to be prime minister.
Michael Heseltine:
Boris waits to see the way the crowd is running, then dashes in front.
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9 Apr
Prince Philip:
Stanley Johnson:
'I put Britain's carrying capacity at 10 or 15 million'.
Stanley Johnson's wayward offspring:
'You could take it on the chin, take it all in one go and allow the disease, as it were, to move through the population, without taking as many draconian measures'.
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2 Mar
There's something that doesn't sit quite right with the conviction of Carl Beech and the severe sentence he was given, particularly given the type of people who constantly gloat over his imprisonment.

Stay with me ...
Judge Paul Sloan, the original judge appointed to hear the Newcastle Carl Beech trial, was REPLACED.
Jennifer Amen Izekor, IPPC Commissioner tasked with running the VIP CSA evidential allegations from several policemen, was REMOVED AFTER FALSE ALLEGATIONS WERE MADE AGAINST HER.
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11 Feb
It beats me how the press fail to join the dots:
Russel Howard Tricker, convicted for serious sexual offences against boys, was the person caught by customs officials at Dover with a video in his possession featuring former Home Secretary Leon Brittan!
At the time of his apprehension, Tricker was living in Prague, home of Warren Spinks and Savile mate Denning, and watering hole of the senior Dutch politician Demmink. Image
When interviewed about the tapes in his possession when intercepted by Dover C&E, Tricker claimed not to have known the contents, let alone that Leon Brittan featured in one tape. This is hardly convincing, given his convictions and the officer's ability to pick out culprits. ImageImageImage
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29 Jan
This made me laugh:
The Kendal nutcase Simon Just knows very well that Barbara Hewson would have come down on me like a tonne of bricks had I ever made false allegations about her. But she didn't have a leg to stand on. The Gin Goblin was in more senses than one 'legless'.
But she didn't and she couldn't. That is why she was reduced to making false allegations against me that I was involved in the abduction of Katrice Lee, a lie plucked out of thin air that her factotum Simon Just aka @majorleak2017 gladly spread on her behalf.
Yes, and wasn't it Simon Just who wrote to my (and others') employers, and animated Hewson's friend and RAINS listee Rosie Waterhouse to do the same, something for which she apologised in public later? And wasn't it Simon who assisted Hewson in harassing the dying Anna Raccoon?
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13 Jan
A bunch of Living Marxists putting Barbara Hewson on an aristocratic pedestal:
... The poise and confidence of her aristocratic roots ...
Here's a taste of Everhard's scientific papers. He obviously had a lasting effect on his daughter!

Richard Denby, despite his title, was a shady character who was in practice with Hewson's criminal cousin Jonathan Denby, aide to the paedophile and racist Enoch Powell. Denby's Radio Pennine was a paedo-incubator and home to several paedophile DJs.

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31 Dec 20
This Guardian article is interesting as it ties in with several threads I have written.
Let me explain:
According to this article, Anthony Blunt was 'in Italy' and was to remain there until Christmas when the Philby story broke, said Roy Jenkins.
But what was he doing in Italy? And whereabouts in Italy was he?
It is well known that Blunt frequented Ischia in the Bay of Naples, together with other English literati such as Auden, Britten, EM Forster. They were all partial to street urchins, scugnizzi, from Naples, hand picked and delivered by Colin Peters ...
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28 Dec 20
It was always thus:
Establishment rags (and for that matter @InquiryCSA) have always shielded royalty and the Establishment from claims of paedophilia.
The best one can hope for is a limited hangout!
The denials show the usual pattern of attack, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.
Even those who do not want to believe a royal of Mountbottom's rank did such things should at least be respectful of Andrew Lownie's diligence and research which stands up to scrutiny.
Mountbottom's story is reminiscent of other cases of child abuse linked to the Establishment.
The destruction of the Elm Guest House party photographs by the UK security services is one such case in question.
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13 Oct 20
Every now and then, a friend will bring a person not on my radar to my attention and, wham, that person suddenly ties in with many I have tweeted about, paedophiles, friends of paedophiles and paedoapologists.
So, too, with Ponsonby, or Nicholas (Nick) Ponsonby Haslam to give him his full name.

A thread ...
Well, Ponsonby certainly likes to hug and kiss Jeffrey Epstein's pimp Ghislaine Maxwell.

A very close relationship I hear!

I wonder what he knew about her pimping for the paedophile?
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18 Sep 20
Now that's interesting:
Robert Maxwell MP was chair of the NSPCC's media committee!
Now that committee links to a whole host of interesting names in the orbit of Jeffrey Epstein and other notable paedophiles.
Let's take a closer look ... Image
Alan Protheroe was deputy DG at the BBC and involved in the fallout from Panorama's 'Maggie's Militant Tendency' in which Neil Hamilton, Gerald Howarth and Harvey 'Spanker' Proctor were accused of having links to far-right organisations in the UK and on the Continent. ImageImageImageImage
Hamilton and Howarth seemed set on taking their libel case against to court. Lord Barnett and the Marmaduke of Hussey however insisted on a settlement.
So why was BBC management so obliging? And why did the third in the triumvirate, Spanker Proctor, refrain from litigation? Image
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28 Aug 20
More on the Madges:
David Geldard, who died in 2012, was Master of Ceremonies at the wedding of David Madge and Samantha Baldwin in 2006. He lived in Belmont Drive in Rochdale where the Madges lived from the 70s until 2005.
He was very close to the Madges.
David Geldard was a Mason and a director of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity.
beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/000797… Image
Over the Edge:
It comes as no surprise that
David Geldard had close ties with the Rochdale cycling community promoted by Simon Danczuk MP which included David Madge and his mate Toddy Rigg.
manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/local-new… Image
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25 Aug 20
Knock me down with a feather:
There were close links between Judge Jeremy Lea and Madge Sr, the father of @sammy_lianne's ex.
And there's more, too!
Listen from 47' on ...
And did you hear what else Wilfried Wong said about Jeremy Lea?
He forced a 14 year old girl to give home oral sex at a Satanic orgy in the Nineties!
It all fits, doesn't it?
Oh, and then there's this rather ominous defunct link about a child sex complainant against a Judge Jeremy Lea ...

Now why did Lea not recuse himself in the case of Samantha Baldwin? Image
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22 Aug 20
It is reported that Steve 'Drain the Swamp' Bannon, whose links to Blighty include such unsavoury characters as the beer-swilling racist Nigel Farage, Jennifer Arcuri friend Milo Yiannopoulous and AWOL deputy PM Boris Johnson, has been arrested for fraud. nytimes.com/2020/08/20/nyr…
Just as Nigel Farage continued to dote and fawn over Steve Bannon after his arrest, Bannon himself similarly sucked up to Jeffrey Epstein after his fall from grace, even as recently as 2018.
... Image
Early morning massage?
There are two records of Bannon visiting disgraced mate Epstein:
One was at Epstein's palatial Upper East Side pad in August 2018.
It is unclear whether the door was opened by Randy Andy, earning a bit on the side as doorkeeper.
pagesix.com/2018/08/11/ste… ImageImageImageImage
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27 Jul 20
Along with de la Salle brothers, the Belmarsh jailbird and perjurer Jonathan Aitken and the Purdews, Alan Lennox-Boyd was owner of Henlow Grange, better known as Champneys, watering hole and spa for the good, the not so good and the downright criminal.
threadreaderapp.com/thread/1063295… Image
One of the nastiest paedophiles associated with Champneys was the prolific abuser Jimmy Savile who even had a wing at the spa named in his dishonour.
Savile attended Stephen Purdews wedding in 2009, but he wasn't alone ...
thecomet.net/news/jimmy-sav… ImageImageImageImage
Another illustrious guest at that wedding was King of Sleeze Keith Vaz, better known as washing machine salesman Jim.
The Purdews donated to the Silver Star charity which brings together Vaz and Esther Rantzen.
MPs have implicated Vaz as a paedophile.
mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/m… ImageImageImageImage
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