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13 Sep
If you’ve been paying attention to politics for more than two years, you’ve likely lived through at least one death-of-Social-Security scare 💀 But there is no real crisis here, just an opportunity to pull more seniors out of poverty. We break it down in this thread 🧵
Let’s be clear: These Social Security scares are a trickle-down tactic popularized by anti-government think tanks to trigger a “reform” movement that would privatize Social Security, making it much less useful, universal, and efficient.
Trickle-downers scream in the media that a program is teetering on the brink of collapse, and then they push it over the edge. We saw it with welfare reform in the ’90s, and we're seeing it again today.
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21 May 19
1/7 Heads up! @NavigatorSurvey just released their May 2019 report based on a comprehensive poll including 1,008 respondents and 115 in-depth interviews. There's some fascinating stuff in here. Let's break down the findings. Topline: Dems win when we center working families.
2/7 First and foremost, we need to shift away from a conversation about whether or not the economy is doing well and towards WHO it's doing well FOR. 57% of people agree that the economy is doing well, but only for the richest few and at the expense of everyone else.
3/7 When asked which party they trust to improve the economy, most people say Republicans. When asked who they trust to help workers, create an economy the benefits everyone, or improve wages. Resoundingly, it's Democrats.
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20 May 19
1/5 Now that a bit of time has passed and thee conversation ignited by Betsy DeVos' special olympic cuts has died down, can we talk about how the IDEA Act has never once been fully funded?
2/5 That's the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Passed in the 1970s, Congress was supposed to cover 40% of its costs. But never once in the five decades following, have they met that obligation.…
3/5 The Trump Administration has said that the 6 million students served by the IDEA Act are better served by the whims of philanthropy. Which is why, as of the last two decades local governments have become increasingly defunded to the point of being unable to offer services.
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