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Global Correspondent for Byline Times. Columnist for Inside Arabia. Activist against Islamophobia. Plz support: https://t.co/tnDXsIhkhO
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24 Feb
1. The Delhi Riots started when a BJP leader urged his Hindu nationalist supporters to “hit the streets” and attack Muslim anti-CAA protesters, launching a wave of violence across North East Delhi and resulting in the murder of more than 50 Muslims.
2. Muslims were hunted in packs. Many were hacked, beaten, burnt and shot to death, with CCTV footage capturing Delhi Police participating and/or egging on the violence.
3. BJP/RSS had been tacitly and overtly encouraging violence against Muslims all across the country for months as nationwide protests against anti-Muslim citizenship laws grew.
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5 Oct 19
"The Mohammadian philosophy [Islam] is so full of violence. It's so low class. It's so Mickey Mouse... It's so violent...You're completely allowed to kill all infidels."

-Chris Butler, spiritual advisor to America's "Hindutva mascot" @TulsiGabbard.
Here's the thing: Tulsi Gabbard remains an active devotee of Butler and the Science of Identity cult, as do her husband, sister, and chief of staff.

Here's what one of her former staffers told me:

Here's Tulsi Gabbard (black top, standing next to white awning pole) attending a cult ceremony in 2018, one in which she and other attendees are worshipping or honoring an altar that holds Butler's framed photo.

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29 Dec 18
Hui Muslims are beaten and arrested for protesting against the Chinese government's plan to demolish 3 mosques in Yunnan province.

Hui Muslims now rightfully fear they're next in the crosshairs of China's effort to eradicate Islam.
Officials in Ningxia have been removing elements of Islamic and Arabic architecture from the region's buildings since earlier this year, in line with a government directive to make foreign religions more "Chinese in orientation."

Chinese government officials showed up at this mosque in Weishan during Friday prayers to announce they're closing it down.
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24 Aug 18
Nationalism is the world's most dangerous religious belief, one that indoctrinates you into believing flags, borders, traditions and myths are more important than people who don't look or sound like you.
Religion is far less dangerous than nationalism because the former is transnational, non-racial, and inclusive. The latter is literally the opposite of that!
I truly believe our resistance against nationalism, alongside the causes of climate change, to be the most important of our lifetime.
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