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15 Sep
A thread - ‼️ 💉 Detox Protocol ‼️

Thread by @cjzingle on Thread Reader App threadreaderapp.com/thread/1438064…
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15 Sep
‼️Zeolite Protocol‼️

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‼️“Niatonin” Protocol - Niacin + Melatonin Flush‼️

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12 Sep
They thought we would never find out👇😂
Here’s the patent👇… go read about it for yourself. 😆🥴

The Full 72 page Patent 👇👇👇

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12 Sep
Things that make you go hmmm….🤔
More things that make you go hmm….🤔
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12 Sep
Looks kind of Templar ish 🧐… what I do know is she’s actually German descent & they hijacked the English crown/royalty… infiltration… the whole family is actually German descent though.
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12 Sep
My last position in pharma was in Quality Assurance as a Scientific Investigator in R&D…&my job was to find the root cause of all laboratory experimental issues/discrepancies &to ensure we were following FDA codes &regulations…except when you got to the root of the problems…
There were always major glaring issues… & when you speak up in that industry about the problems… they get you out of the door as quickly as possible…

The system is ass backwards…

Don’t ask questions… just do what you’re told… or else you’ll get in trouble for that.
& that made zero sense to me as an investigator in QA🤯… I refuse to be a brainless bot… & that’s when I quit.✌️
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12 Sep
Lemon juice in its natural state is acidic with a pH of ~2, but once metabolized it actually becomes alkaline with a pH well above 7. So, outside the body, anyone can see that lemon juice is very acidic.
However, once fully digested, its effect is proven to be alkalizing with many health benefits.
Drinking lemon 🍋 water on an empty stomach in the morning is actually a very good health practice to incorporate, with many health benefits.
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12 Sep
The major problem with modern day medicine&healthcare is that it is a REACTIVE approach[all part of their plan]…but good health involves being proactive,preventive,&aware of what we are putting in our bodies to eliminate the possible potential of most of these diseases&illnesses
The way modern medicine is currently setup… is like trying to put out a fire every day but continuing to keep lighter fluid next to open flames… the proactive approach would be separate the two items or eliminate one to eliminate causing a fire every day…
In the same way that modern medicine comes along to the problem & provides you with a medication to eliminate the SYMPTOMS… but the symptoms are there for a reason… our bodies are very high tech…
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12 Sep
It has been scientifically proven that there is a direct correlation between acidic environments & the likelihood of developing cancer, parasites, disease, &/or illness…so to reduce your chances & likelihood of developing these kinds things, a high alkaline diet is recommended…
While also limiting your intake of more acidic foods from your diet… by reducing acidity, you greatly reduce your chances of developing any of the above illnesses from potentially occurring.
In the chart above you will find the more acidic foods(reduce intake) at the bottom section of the chart & the more alkaline foods (most recommended) in the top section of the chart.
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12 Sep
Lightworkers & Starseeds are targeted by surrounding them with narcissists… whether that be parents, family, relationships, friends, bosses, etc…as if you can never get away from them… & this is part of the targeting to keep you down & in low vibration…& not using your gifts.
‘Narcissism’ is a mind control program that the controllers run on the people closest to us… it’s hard for them to change or even see fault in their actions because it is a mind control program…
Part of our lesson is to understand the dynamic &about ourselves so we can end the energy draining cycles by learning to set boundaries for ourselves &learning how to protect our energy from energy parasites/vampires…which are very important lessons needed for our mission here.
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11 Sep
9/11 = The Ancient Egyptian New Year

The year starts on the Feast of Neyrouz, the 1st day of the month of Thout(Thoth), the 1st month of the Egyptian year.
From 1901 to 2098 it coincides with the Gregorian Calendar's September 11 (or September 12 on leap years) but for any year prior to 1901, it coincided with the Julian Calendar's August 29 (or August 30).
Coptic years are counted from 284 AD, the year Diocletian became Roman Emperor, whose reign was marked by tortures & mass executions of Christians, especially in Egypt. Hence, the Coptic year is identified by the abbreviation A.M. (for Anno Martyrum or "Year of the Martyrs").
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10 Sep
What people don’t realize (& it’s the same people that always condemn it…)the Bible presents many sides to a story…the ‘good’…the ‘evil’…just because it’s missing parts doesn’t mean anything…just because parts of it may be ‘half truths’ doesn’t negate the value of the book…
It’s usually the people who never even read it before that have the biggest misconceptions about it… go figure. The book can be read literally or abstractly or however you want to interpret it…
& reading it & understanding it in all these ways adds to the big picture understanding & story…there’s no one interpretation that is ‘right’ above another & that’s the beauty of it…it’s 66 books of all types of people in all kinds of walks of life…to show us the FULL PICTURE.
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3 Sep
‼️⚠️Heavy Metals & Toxicological Symptoms⚠️‼️
‼️⚠️Heavy Metals & Toxicological Symptoms⚠️‼️
‼️⚠️Heavy Metals & Toxicological Symptoms⚠️‼️
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28 Aug
It was never about the 🦠.

It was about forced 💉 under the guise of ‘safety’.


Where have we seen this happen before?
W.H.O. is behind it all?
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16 Jul
Because knowing their proposed timeline keeps you aware & so you know what is coming in the near future & not blindsided… also because the Bible is paradoxical… there’s light & dark to it…
just because it’s half the book doesn’t mean it’s not useful to understanding where we are & what’s going on… society & the cabal has PURPOSELY programmed the masses to completely reject anything if said thing is deemed ‘evil’… I’ve read the whole Bible…
there’s good characters & ‘evil’ characters… just like in anything else… we can’t just completely write things off because someone tells us it’s ‘evil’… this is the trap of duality… both sides are needed to integrate a big picture understanding…
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16 Jul
‘End of Time’=2021
6th Seal Fulfilled in Revelation 6=2022

2021=The Year Of The METAL OX🐂
2022=The Year Of The Water Tiger 🐅
The number 6 is a symbol of completeness & symbolizes beauty & high ideals. 6 infinity stones. The symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. “The 6th sense” refers to extra sensory perception (ESP). 6 is the atomic number for carbon.
Virgo is the 6th astrological sign in the Zodiac aka the maiden or the virgin. 6 is the number of Venus. 6 is lucky for Libra & Taurus. The 6th card in Tarot is ‘The Lovers’ or The Twins. June is the 6th month named after Juno.
Juno was the queen goddess in Roman mythology.
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15 Jul
Humanity as a whole… every single person here has been exposed to toxic metals whether they’re aware of it or not… so no, water & sunlight will not detox these metals out of your body… you need something that specially binds to them & pulls them out of the system…
Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral that accomplishes this very effectively… many don’t even know they’re being impacted by metals… if you have any type of health condition or mental disorder or fatigue or low energy or feel off for no reason…
Root cause most likely began from a metal toxin… you need to detox the metals out of your body to cure the symptoms… sure bandaid techniques may mask the symptoms but you’ll be dependent on bandaids the rest of your life…
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15 Jul
The most important things you need to understand for the ‘ascension’ process is that the metals & toxins needed to be detoxed from your physical vessel… they’re blocking your gifts & potential to gain consciousness…
Understand who the archons are & how they are controlling you via your trauma wound sites in the energetic body… learn what they do, how they do it, how to shield yourself, how to resolve your trauma at the root cause to mend the wound site, what implants are,
How to avoid & protect yourself from their cords & J seals… until you start resolving these two things (both most important IMO)… nothing else really matters… not gaining more knowledge from books or the internet or ‘gurus’… not material spiritual tools or possessions…
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15 Jul
✨Twitter Live Reading✨: Analysis Of Your Spiritual Path Based On Your Birth Natal Chart

Reading will include the following sections in your report:

1. Your Spiritual Path
2. Your Creative Process
3. Core Beliefs
4. Communication & Mental Development
5. Self-Esteem & the development of spiritual partnerships
6. Doubt, resistance, & the development of psychic ability
7. Death & Transformation as Spiritual Processes
8. The Development of your intuition
9. Self-awareness & the use of intuition
10. Karma & Dharma
11. Transcendent Values
12. Your spiritual persona
13. Expressing Spirit in the world

To get this reading please follow all instructions below:

1. Follow me, like & retweet the 1st tweet in this thread.
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15 Jul
The Mayan ‘end of time’ calendar is 2021 & not 2012… that’s why the Romans changed the calendar… so the years would be off. 😏
‘End of Time’ = 2021 = 5 = 5D = Arrival in 5th Dimension - transcending linear ‘time’[line] in the 4th dimension.
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