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#ReFi evangelist — Climate, biodiversity, justice 🪄 Source @ReFiDAOist 🎙 Host @ReFiPodcast 🪩 Committee @ReFiSpring 7️⃣ @Kernel0x #KB7 🦏 @terradotdo alumni
Mar 11 69 tweets 40 min read
I would like to invite all of #ReFi to participate in a public retro on @KlimaDAO. 📉

ICYMI - $KLIMA is a billion dollar ponzi scheme which promised to finance climate action... instead it made a small group of VCs, carbon brokers & founders millions. 💸

Here's the story.

1/ FOUNDING TEAM OF KLIMA DAO ... Firstly, I want to start with my motivation.

1. I'm a committed husband and father of two young boys.
2. I am gravely concerned about our planet's future.
3. I have dedicated my entire life to building a better world for generations to come.


2/ Image
Mar 10 6 tweets 5 min read
I'd like to host a public retrospective on "The Rise and Fall of $KLIMA" in order to move the #ReFi space forward.

We need to know what happened...
Who made money.
What mistakes were made.
What we learned.

How we can improve.

Who's with me? I'd like to invite @ArchimedesCryp1, @Dionysus_Klima & the rest of the founding team of @KlimaDAO to the table.

Along with @gregory_landua, @erde_kette from @regen_network and @josephpallant from @BICOWG.

Also the folks at @SCB_Tweets & anyone else who bridged credits for $BCT
May 6, 2022 19 tweets 14 min read
I've just wrapped up my interim Head of Growth role at @ToucanProtocol to focus on building a protocol at @ReFiDAOist to become an accelerator for the #ReFi movement...

Here's some of what I learned in my time at @ToucanProtocol & a glipse at what's next... 🧵🪡

🦜 Learnings from @ToucanProtocol 🦜

1. Timing is key — launching in a bull market vs. bear market makes a huge difference

2. Partnerships — @KlimaDAO needed @ToucanProtocol to launch, and visa versa. Find strong partners early.

3. Composability — do less, better.

Mar 30, 2022 24 tweets 6 min read
@IETA's task group for digital carbon markets released a statement via @CarbonPulse. There are big implications for #ReFi here. 👀

Here are the key takeaways taken from the article by the IETA Council Task Group on Digital Climate Markets 🧵🪡

"Over the past several weeks, the Task Group heard from data providers, exchanges, independent standards, project developers, and digital innovators on the use of digital tools in the carbon market."

Nov 5, 2021 16 tweets 12 min read
What is #ReFi and why does it matters for climate change?

Follow me on this thread 🧵...
Down the magic rabbit hole 🐰🎩🕳️

I've made > 30x ROI and locked up over 9,000 tons of carbon in just 60 days...

This is what I've learned👇🏽

Imagine a financial system that is fully transparent, plants trees, electrifies the grid, supports local economies and promotes biodiversity.

That's #Refi, or Regenerative Finance.

It's built on #DeFi (decentralized finance) on public blockchains like #Ethereum.