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13 Jan
bravo, Kojo. What a run. For those nationally who arent familiar with the legend, he is a broadcasting god in the D.C. area. I’ll explain
in D.C., the most unique part about the media market is that, obviously, there are local, national and international subsets that often flatly, do not overlap unless they have to in coverage. Kojo, naturally, blended all three. But for a reason.
Kojo was born in Guyana and went to McGill in Montreal before he arrived in D.C. So his natural existence brought at the very minimum, a level of global citizenry that for a black man on the radio in the 60s, is remarkable. From there he went on to be news director at WHUR
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13 Jan
sorry. It’s just been a really rough week. We been doing the same thing FOREVER. Minding our business and making the world better. Why on earth does anyone else think that the reason yall love us aint the same reason yall hate us? ITS A CHOICE.
Tired of crying myself to sleep every night. You are not the exception. WE are the prize. You know how we know? Because we were and in many ways literally still are bought and sold.

To quote a great movie: I believe in America.

I just wish it believed in us. Goodnight.
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26 Aug 20
it’s not a boycott. It’s a strike. The difference is imperative to understanding what it means to take action as a black person in America.

Column tomorrow @TheUndefeated.
jesus let this take out order come quickly. These white folks asking me “what does this accomplish” re: NBA are about to get every inch of the business out my mouth and I do not like embarrassing people in actual physical public lol

Dad w teen son: hey, big what does this accomplish?
Me: for black people? Name me one thing you think has* done something for us.
Him: I mean MLK....
Me: killed too.
Son: yeesh, dad. If you’re gonna test dudes in the league, expect to get dunked on
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15 Feb 20
sooooo many dap details to break down here
for one, 44 going FULL clasp into embrace into straight up shake, not back to clasp, is flatly...a presidential dap.

Getting from embrace back to full shake is not easily executed unless the second person is following suit. Which with him, they all are, obvs. Hence the name
secondly, to the offhand on the embrace. Notice how with both players, 44 goes multi-pat.

saved the extended hand on pat for someone closer to his age, a sign of respect. You’ll notice that conversely, both players give 44 the extended one pat as well, even tho not reciprocated
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27 Oct 19
you know what? I will take the time to address right now, which this whole remark is total nonsense. I brought it up last night, but the fact that this was the first reply in, just doesn't make sense. Fwiw, this is not personal to anyone, but wtf. THREAD.
there's a large subset of humans who spend a LOT of time bellyaching about what the specific four "major" sports teams have done or not done regarding championships, and as a literal lifelong fan of my hometown teams, it's unbelievably lame on so many levels. For a clear reason
that reason being that it is a notion that operates on the premise that any or all teams and/or cities have some inalienable right to "winning" which is just beyond bizarre. People want to get caught up in "minor league sports town" and "loser mentality" bs, but dude, nah.
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