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Head of Corporate Communications, Innoson Group
22 Oct 19
Press Statement

RE: Relocate Your Vehicle Manufacturing Company Now To Either Lagos or Kaduna Or Your License Would Be Withdrawn- FG; I am Under Pressure Now To Relocate To Lagos or Kaduna- Innoson Breaks Silence.

We have been constrained to issue this statement in reference... the above statement credited to the person of the Chairman of Innoson Vehicles Chief Dr. Innocent Chukwuma OFR.
Ordinarily, we would have ignored the statement and the publication in its entirety which appears to have gone viral in most social media platforms,
.....knowing fully well that this is the handwork of mischief makers, but in a nation where silence may be seen as an admission of the truth, we have been constrained to come out to officially ask the public to disregard it and set the record straight.
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