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Original info & analysis only, RT=archive, avoiding future repeating past. Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the first person release SC2 🧬(s) to the world?
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An article full of mistakes.
1. A commercial NGS company, Visionmedical, first sequenced and assembled full genome of this bat-like beta coronavirus from sample of a unknown pneumonia patient in Wuhan, before 2020. 2. The 'rectification' was a result of a normal and yearly CNAS biosaftey inspection, btn 3rd-5th Jan 2020, an expert team of 5 did a full inspection, evaluated the emergency response of SHPHCC BSL-3 lab. After inspection, expert team listed 8 issues, suggested rectifications
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Mar 31, 2023 48 tweets 19 min read
The snapshots contain rich information.
1. 'it is a novel coronavirus' = distinctive from SARS1, must have been successfully isolated from patient samples, must have been verified (revisit the *chlamydia* in SARS1) @martinenserink 2. W/o knowing the exact contents, based on the low resolution image and file name of the pptx, predated Virological. That alone, already can be treated as a high confidence evidence that China, through GISAID, was providing a unique additional info regarding the novel cov to WHO
Mar 29, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read…
Would love to have a comparison of June 2022 revision and today's new release on ChinaXiv. If available. So, pls, that 'reviewer who claims to have reviewed the manuscript for Nature'.
I am not caring too much for the conclusion part, as this new version seems targeting for expedited peer-review process. We all see 'toned down' with previous preprints vs publications.
Mar 28, 2023 5 tweets 1 min read
Is it an established fact that no one on twitter or press seem bother emphasising? that:
1. In SAGO meeting, the original data generators said they already *KNEW* the raccoon dogs etc al sequence in the data they produced (before lifted embargo) , and was in the middle of submitting a revision.
2. The coauthor(obviously not the communication authors with email listed and mobile number too well known to *everyone*) of both preprint and initial illumina data& BGI data, expressed during the initial contact, that(pls pay attention)
Mar 27, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
A brief 'announcement'.😹 Busy with something more important, just break in briefly.
1. Pls, don't want to reply to the DMs flooded in, until we see the origonal data generators' own publication. 2. Accuracy...... If we want to avoid accusations of *power of media*, perhaps anyone point to me the reference of this specific usage implied transferring live animals, 'In one sample from a cart used to move cages', as if the reporter was there......…
Mar 4, 2023 32 tweets 9 min read
*Working diagnostics* for Covid-19 were *only available* *after* *mid-Jan*. But the *Chinese gov* had issued order*s* to *destroy* *all patient* samples *on Jan 3, 2020*.

I will do a mini thread to pointed out how factually wrong and misleading the layman readers, regarding ☝️ When I have time this weekend, I will present the original materials, references, word by word.
Btw, can anyone reply with ur copy of that 2020-03 'gag order' full document, just as reference to present as comparison, thank you.
Mar 3, 2023 11 tweets 3 min read
A mini thread about this breaking news, in short, it's not a breaking news...... I remembered EISS was conducting some epidemiological intelligence workshops, correct me if I am wrong, so, source finding->

So, we all know Chinese national center of influenza posted weekly flue press, like any other countries such as EU, US, even HONG KONG S.A.R,
Mar 3, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
A bit late to the game I guess.

So, let me guess, the new 'intelligence' on CCDC research on coronavirus *might have* have something to do with this😜

Dec 2, 2022 35 tweets 15 min read
Promise me, don't laugh 😂

The following 🧵is going to be fun to read. (Though, for me, an insignificant anonymous account, I think the @propublica @VanityFair piece & their *editorial notes/update* were pure garbage, pure garbage, pure garbage. Which I don't want to spend any second on, but upon request from a scientist, I spent 2hrs in Google)
Dec 1, 2022 22 tweets 7 min read
A 🧵 of biosafety training workshops, held by WIV, from 2017.
Chinese: 生物安全实验室管理与实验技术培训班
Category I : for domestic members
Category II: for foreign members.

At least two certificates when attendees finished. Certificate A. 生物安全实验室管理与实验技术(国际)培训班毕业证
Certificate B. 生物安全三级实验室(BSL-3)培训合格证
Dec 1, 2022 12 tweets 3 min read
Well, don't want to spend any second on this, but hey, didn't expect a *defence* to shoot from this angle, so let's roll.
Regarding the 'additional language after the sentence', did your *experts* notice the punctuation marks??? Here, the ministry of Education of China had a national reference for punctuation marks here, if your *experts* never had the chance to 'came across' the applications of “ ”,‘ ’, “ ”—…

What does this change of usage mean?
Nov 5, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
I think, for those went through @VanityFair/@propublica last week's story, it's clear as daylight how they lied, & more stunning if you ever hold a thread of remaining good faith to them,
they knew we knew they were lying and they don't mind!
Now you understand why they lied! In future classes in journalism school, a timeline incl timestamps of *prepublication*, *publication*, *within 24hrs after publication*, *midterm election* should be added to the same page whenever @KatherineEban/@jeffykao's work were referenced.
A 'response' not available in it.
Nov 3, 2022 8 tweets 4 min read
About @VanityFair/@propublica last week piece of lab leak. In short version.
1. Translation from original doc were a train wreck, to say the least.
2. The key 2019-11-12 newsletter, was a reprint from August, completely disrupt the timeline and reasoning in the whole report 3. The term 'opened a Pandora's box', was absolutely not a hint of accident in WIV but an expression of plague, and a repeatedly appeared expression by WIV when described its P4. As WIV P4 was cubic shaped, and its interior design was to BOX in any potential dangerous pathogens.
Nov 3, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
I have no idea why ppl still haunting on the term of open the Pandora box?
1. Wildly used years before in AI, environment etc.

2. Specifically used by WIV to describe the importance of P4 research in, *2018*!… 3. A must watch by Will Smith, I am legend!…

4. World War Z by Brad Pitt. Image
Oct 31, 2022 14 tweets 3 min read
🧵A summary of a unique characteristic on the 12th Nov party branch dispatch that 'helped shape the conclusion of the interim report'.
Methodology: No need for a VPN, nor RAND expertise, nor linguistic skill, nor senate budget, nor months/yrs.
Copy-past-Google+ 3mins focus
Tl,;dr: There were not 1, but 3 ver. of the dispatch.
All three slightly different in either time of publication, paragraph formatting, or absent of party tone language.
But the major biosafety parts facing current (almost one-side) 'mistranslation' critics are identical.
Sep 29, 2021 40 tweets 8 min read
Close for 'rectification' @SCMPNews Feb 2020.
the act of correcting something or making something right
So, why was the wrong, how and who made it right?
As for the when, the particular phase from the widely cited report was: a day after...... Gonna break down the details of two consecutive orders (serial number 2020-03 & 2020-04) from NHC on Jan 3rd 2020.
Jul 11, 2021 6 tweets 5 min read
Environmental specimens sequencing results from Wuhan, 2020-01-15
1/6 ImageImageImageImage Environmental specimens sequencing results from Wuhan, 2020-01-15
2/6 ImageImageImageImage
May 11, 2021 4 tweets 5 min read
#BSL3 #Hubei
Environmental assessments of BSL-3 lab in Hubei CDC, 2007
1/4 #BSL3 #Hubei
Environmental assessments of BSL-3 lab in Hubei CDC
May 11, 2021 16 tweets 14 min read
SARS-COV and other laboratory accidents: what can we learn?
via Tony Della-Porta
Oct 2005 in China
1/16 SARS-COV and other laboratory accidents: what can we learn?
via Tony Della-Porta
Oct 2005 in China
May 9, 2021 6 tweets 5 min read
Emerging Tick-borne infections in mainland China.
Wu-Chun Cao
1/14 Emerging Tick-borne infections in mainland China.
Wu-Chun Cao