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29 Jul
This is desperately, desperately needed.

Most people are shocked to hear that the judiciary is legally allowed to openly discriminate on the basis of sex and race in employment. They are.
The judiciary has avoided being held to the same standards as...literally everyone else in the country...on the grounds that they are a co-equal branch of government and should not be told how to manage themselves by another branch.
The idea that this raises is the idea that the federal government can tell a judge! who to hire! absolutely not!

We're talking about things like janitors at courthouses not having employment protections.
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25 Jul
Let’s talk about sexual assault, SafeSport, and due process, because I see lots of people talking about due process and not one of those people are identifying the actual, serious due process threat that is at stake here.
I am indebted to @IjeomaOluo’s amazing essay on due process with regards to sexual harassment for helping to form my thoughts on this.…
SafeSport was formed in the aftermath of the Nassar allegations so that victims of sexual assault in Olympic sport would have some kind of known, standardized process when dealing with entities that have government imprimatur in choosing Olympic athletes to represent our country.
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25 Jul
So multiple women in fencing reported this guy to SafeSport, SS couldn’t finish their investigation on time, and when every woman on the Olympic fencing team asked the Olympic Committee to do something about it, they gave the women a link to a meditation app.
I love mental health resources but what is this shit?
Meanwhile you get tossed for using weed.
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24 Jul
“I’m not really a fan of gender essentialism, next question” is a complete answer to most of the more pointed homophobic questions in fs.
I don’t like Nate’s answer at all, and this isn’t an excuse, but we also need to ask why the fuck they were asking him that stupid-ass question in the first place. Imagine telling someone who was a multiple time world champion that people think you should play hockey?
We should absolutely normalize making people embarrassed for asking shitty questions.
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23 Jul
Re:LRT We weren’t even the ones on the ground, but a lot of us involved with @RomancingRunoff basically put our lives on hold for close to a month and worked more than full time just to get money to the people on the ground because we knew it was important.
It *is* offensive to think that the enormous tax that voting takes on people’s lives is something that can be paid again and again and again.
Just think of the enormous cost of the 2022 elections to Georgia voters along.

All the people who had to spend eight, twelve hours in line to vote.
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22 Jul
My wild-ass prediction: Wyoming is going blue in 10-15 years.
This is not actually that wild. It’s just that all the pressure that fueled the front range population boom which has probably turned Colorado permanently blue apply to Wyoming.
It sounds wild because the percentages are so skewed. But the numbers are tiny. Trump won Wyoming by 120,000 people. That’s not a lot.
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22 Jul
Hey reply here with your favorite program by Yuzuru Hanyu. I’m going to experiment with downvoting, so I will temporarily downvote some.

(Will revoke in an hour or so, so no permanent mark on you me record.)
*your. grrr autocorrect, can I downvote my own typo
I looked at this thread from the Runoff account and downvoting appears to have zero (0) effect on display order of tweets. I think it’s just a vent button?
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22 Jul
We knew all this about Kavanaugh because we had multiple people say that they contacted the FBI and never heard back.
And when we say White House Counsel here, I believe this is the same person who received the Ukraine whistleblower complaint, which named him personally as a wrongdoer, and who dismissed it.
I believe that this is the same Whitehouse counsel, who, when people asked if Kavanaugh’s long association with Kozinski should disqualify him from SCOTUS for failing to act on troubling dynamics, put out a press release…
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21 Jul
I think this is mostly a great thread, and it mirrors a lot of why I think that romances do not always need a Black Moment, and that forcing one in can actually devalue the romance.
There are definitely things (particularly in my first two published works) that I would not do now.

BUT, that being said, I think we need to remember that abuse is a cycle, which means it's on repeat, not that people go through all the elements.
Nonabusive people also harm others, fail to understand what they've done wrong, and generally make mistakes, and the difference is not "did you hit this beat once" but "do you continually do it while trampling over someone else's boundaries."
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21 Jul
A lot of people are giving answers assuming that somehow personnel have perfect information when making these choices.
They don’t. People are saying in replies things like “well we shouldn’t help out the anti-vaxxer who was partying it up…” and doctors do not often know, and when they think they do, they’re coming to those conclusions based on stereotype.
Some people’s vaccine status may not be transparent to the hospital—for instance trans people who may not have used their legal name in getting the vaccine, or undocumented people, or people with names that are unusual and prone to misspelling at some step.
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20 Jul
It just literally doesn’t. In any way. The Rosa Parks story gets more complicated when we acknowled
I’m PRETTY SURE that Rosa Parks on her planned civil disobedience campaign was feeling some kind of anxiety.
This is a screenshot of another tweet drifting around but like…just no. Not at all. Come on.
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20 Jul
This idea that blocking someone is bad is just… so weird. Block people for whatever reason you want, including that they think they have a god-given right to shout in your direction.
Good for Naomi Osaka for enforcing boundaries, and damn, I have Megyn Kelly blocked and I’ve never interacted with her. I just literally never want to see her quote-tweet-dunked into my timeline.
Some of you are a little innocent about the Twitters. You can’t mute the bad-faith troll with 2.4 million followers and imagine that it will have any impact on the abuse being sent your way.
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19 Jul
As the Olympics get ready to go, please remember that there are still a lot of people in the world who do not have access to vaccines, and that may include Olympic athletes from some countries.
It’s also going to include a lot of people who are providing functional support for the Olympic Games in Japan.
It’s a travesty that Tokyo is holding these games when a super-majority of the country thought they shouldn’t.
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19 Jul
You may not realize this, but Pele does have a single flaw: he hates other dogs on his territory.

Fine with them off it, but at our house? It's a no.
Which is not a problem because it usually never happens, but my sister brought her dog to visit and they just...could not ever occupy the space at the same time.
Cerberus: Oh my god, hi, my new best friend!
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18 Jul
I just finished a fantasy romance that was ridiculously delightful (part of series, haven't read whole series yet).
Premise: A monk who has been raised in a monastery from the age of two, whose life is gardens and vows of poverty and chastity and illuminating manuscripts and making potions, teams up with a giant warrior woman to go retrieve stolen books.
Anyway: he has some magic that does cool stuff and has been told all his life that the magic is the Lord's Blessing and if he does Anything Naughty he will be stripped of all his power.

So he definitely cannot, CANNOT sex up the very hot, strong woman he's traveling with.
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18 Jul
One of the reasons the whole anti-sex bed discourse annoys me is the people saying “ha ha, the Olympic organizers don’t realize you can have sex somewhere other than a bed” and Western beds are PROBABLY NOT considered necessary by traditionalists in Japan?
The other reason is that people are looking at the beds being made of cardboard and the clickbait articles and saying that the beds suck when the actual information explicitly states that they’re stronger than wood.
This may surprise you if you think cardboard must be like a Prime box, but like any substance, it can be specifically engineered for better or worse performance.
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17 Jul
They had cardboard beds before COVID.

Here is an article from January 2020 saying that they are stronger than wood and are made of cardboard for recycling purposes.…
Don’t know who came up with the “anti-sex” narrative but it’s not.
Can you all please read the article before replying.

This entire thing is click bait: “wood and cardboard would each break if you jumped on them” and “they are stronger than wooden beds”. Those beds can stand up to ...
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14 Jul
So after @RomancingRunoff ended and I didn’t win any of @Dragonsworn_’s amazing dice, I put myself on the list for a custom set of dice.
When she asked me what I wanted, I said “oh you know, gold velociraptor with blue glitter” and Cal then spent well over a month sourcing a 14mm 3D printed velociraptor.
Anyway it is HARD to take pictures of these because my camera does not want to focus on the teeny tiny gold velociraptors BUT Dice with gold letters and blue glitter containing tiny veloA better view of a tiny velociraptor
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14 Jul
Okay, did I finish cleaning up this room once and for all *checks notes* 2.5 years, like I said I was going to?


Is it going to bite me in the ass now?

I went through 17 boxes of books and the place

I 100% blame the pandemic, which made me panic-store 900 cans of tomato sauce.
Anyway, did you know that Pele has three (3) separate sets of saddlebags?

He likes zero (0) of them.
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9 Jul
I have been thinking about what sometimes gets called “cancel culture, and how much our society in particular cannot envision anything other than a punitive response to mistakes.

This means any criticism is seen as a request to punish harshly.
I started thinking about this in the #metoo context, because people do ask the question of, “okay, so what do we do with predators?” or they’d ask me the more specific question of, “what do we do with Alex Kozinski?”
And I have thought and thought and thought about it, and I don’t actually have any good answers, but more importantly, I am not sure I actually care.
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8 Jul
There was a period in romance-diversification when someone (diverse) would tell a painful story from their life and then someone else on Twitter (and I saw this happen MULTIPLE TIMES) would say, “wow, stealing this for my book! :) :) :)”
The few times I witnessed it, it was distressing for the person it happened to. At that point in time, it was not the done thing to say, “What is wrong with you? I am a human being, not a source for stories, and I also write books and can put it in my own book if I want.”
There’s a difference between drawing on things we hear about to inform how we understand the world and inspire the stories we create, and straight up taking.
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