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I like Pokemon and stuff. But I'm not going to talk about that much I'm really here to keep up with news and politics. BTC: 3QdbZXpXfGp6rniMWRUoFAt4Rc3hy85opi
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14 Jun
"Girl Scout killer dies in prison while serving life sentence"…
"Large blaze at a Chemtool plant in Rockton, Illinois, after a massive explosion. Evacuations ordered in the area."
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13 Jun
Being investigated as a suicide. "Christopher Sign, Alabama news anchor who broke Clinton tarmac story, dead at 45"…
I have enough free time today to make a list of Clinton-related suicides.

So this thread will be about that.
The last obvious "big one" before today was Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill Clinton knew Jeffrey Epstein pretty well.…

But then Jeffrey ended up in jail. And then "hung himself."…
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12 Jun
"Kamala Harris isn't cut out to be VP. Her disastrous immigration trip just proved it"…
"More than 170K immigrants stopped at border for third straight month: report"…
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9 Jun
Moses called and he said "next time it's frogs for the White House press"
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8 Jun
Interwebs went down everywhere Image
"Tor Project Receives $670K From Zcash Open Major Grants for Coding Language Upgrade"…
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5 Jun
WEEKEND. And I'll try not to link to how-to videos about milking cows
Is this an out-of-season Drake and Josh prank?…
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4 Jun
**three months later**

OK I finally have an opinion on the Waco standoff.

FBI/ATF ultimately BAD because of the efforts to cover-up evidence afterwards, after that final battle in late April.

(As you can see) I spent some time carefully considering this whole thing.
PRETEND that I managed to be clever and come back on April 19th 2021 to continue this thread

But I still have an excuse: it probably felt twice as long, for every party involved in the standoff
"But how did you come to your conclusion?"

Simple: The CONTEMPT of Congress and EXCUSES by authorities thereafter, OUTWEIGHS the justifications and reasoning for this whole debacle in the first place.
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2 Jun
wow it worked

here it is
I can feel the SMUG radiating out of Rand Paul from several states away
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1 Jun
it's not like we're doing Pride Month every month at this point but WHATEVS
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29 May
it's the weekend. go outside and enjoy it
And this is why piracy is 👑
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29 May
I have a MASSIVELY different view of "authorities" because I actually knew a guy back in... 2014/2015, during the "hey day"

... who worked at the DHS and was assigned to monitor the "hey day"
(Their viewpoints of this FBI document would've been MASSIVELY different than the FBI's, for sure)
I stopped talking to this DHS guy because he got paranoid about people using bots on social media, enough that I knew even HE was freaking out about it too much.

I still feel bad about that. Hope he ended up ok
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29 May
I'll pose the same question I usually ask: at any point between Feb 28, 1993 – Apr 19, 1993, the people of the compound had enough time to think about leaving.

Please weigh the authority of the ATF vs. the power of being brainwashed in the Davidian cult @jackmurphylive
I started a thread about Waco a long time ago but I: 1.) forgot about it but still have the tab open in my browser 2.) wanted to give the topic considerable thought, and in this case it has been months, on and off, now

^--- easy argument to make, and win

BUT the minute you ask about the responsibility of the parents..... it gets complicated all over again
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28 May
no it's because Biden is old and smells funny
"Tell me exactly what this means please"



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24 May
NEWS: It's now ok to speculate that the COVID pandemic leaked from a lab because the Wall Street Journal talked about it. Sadly that's the standard. Our dear thought leaders finally green lit it.…
This is seriously what happened.

-- May 2020: "strongly indicates that [this virus] evolved in nature"
-- May 2021: Now Fauci is "not convinced" it evolved from nature.
^^ What you're looking at is our world's leaders screwing you over.

To that end it's worth seeing who blindly believed in this authority last year. Because "muh Orange Man bad" or something.
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