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DTC copywriter & co-founder @ Golden Hippo. Bootstrapped to 900 team members. Well member charity:water, Edmund Hillary Fellow
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17 Jun
This is gonna piss a lot of people off.

But I'll say it:

Bitclout is about to take over the world.

It's the future of social media, advertising, and monetization for your favorite creators, athletes, and musicians.

Here's why👇
Ok, what the hell is Bitclout?

Bitclout = Robinhood + Twitter, but decentralized on the blockchain

Decentralized = no banning.

Blockchain = money + transparency built in.
The difference between Bitclout and Robinhood/Twitter?

On Bitclout, the people are the stonks.

Everyone has a “coin price” over their head.

And a “market cap”, just like a company.
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15 Jun
I sucked at writing.

5 years later, my writing helped build a multi 9-figure business.

You can use the method I used, to master any skill in 4 steps👇
1) Immersion

You need to live and breathe your skill nearly all your waking hours.

For my first 3 years learning copywriting, I didn't listen to music in my car.

Only marketing or copywriting courses. Which back then were on CDs and cassettes.
2) Application

You must DO your skill at least 5 days a week!

My mentor Eben challenged me to write 10 pages a day.

He promised me a raise to 100k, if I could do it for 6 months

I did it, & got it.

But more importantly, putting the boots on the ground daily got me the chops
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11 Jun
We did $1.1 million in sales in 2 days.

Ya know those probiotics we all take?

In 2014, we became the biggest seller in the USA, using a little-known category secret.

Here’s the story👇
Product markets have 3 stages:

1) Clueless - What is that?

2) Curious - I've heard of it

3) Saturated - I've heard it too much
You can think of these stages like surfing waves:

For the Clueless market, you need to create the wave.

For the Curious, you need to catch the wave.

And if you try to enter the Saturated, the wave will body slam your ass.
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9 Jun
Today is my 42nd birthday. Here are 42 things I’ve learned. Business, relationships, and life:

💎 🧵 ⚔️

1. Write letters to your parents sharing your thoughts on your childhood, both angry and happy. Send the happy ones.
2. There is no such thing as being overdressed. There is only making other people feel under-dressed.
3. Don’t manage your own money unless you’ve trained your whole life to do so. Better to focus on making more money, while letting someone who has trained their whole life to do so manage what you make.
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3 Dec 20
The Top 5 Mistakes Intermediate Copywriters Make Most Often

1. Trying to be funny. If you’re in the copy game, you are likely speaking on something your customer is VERY serious about. Less humor = you sounding MORE important
2. Sounding too “hyped up”.

If you use too many exclamation points, then you won’t be able to make it POP when you need a big one. Limit yourself to 1 per page
3. Describing scenarios that are TOO specific.

E.g. if selling a dating advice product to men, saying “Have you ever been at a bar and met a hot blonde, got her number, she was so into you… then she didn’t call back?”
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31 Jul 20
Getting inside the head of your prospect is the *most* critical marketing skill.

Here's an unorthodox way to do it:

1/ I once heard Bob Pittman, founder of MTV, say “You cannot 'sell' anyone anything. You can only show them why your solution is the best fit for their problem”
2/ I thought this was the best explanation of marketing & copywriting I had ever heard.

Think of your prospect as sitting their with a big checklist of what they are looking for. Your job is to answer each concern.

Here’s the issue though:
3/ Unless you have their attention, you will never get so far as to ease their concerns.

And your customer is seeing about 4,000 ads a day.

How do you cut through the noise?
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11 Jul 20
10 Things we’ve learned at Golden Hippo after spending over $1B (of our own money) on online media:

1. “They must see your ad 7 times before they buy” is the biggest line of B.S. in advertising history
2. No matter how long you’ve been doing this, what you think will work is often wrong

3. Great ad ideas can come from anyone - and often do. Some of our best ad ideas have come from people in totally different departments
4. Pushing something hard because it’s what you “want” to work (for branding purposes or whatever), never works

5. Nothing will cost you more money over time than a “just ok” converting ad campaign
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18 Sep 18
Do you want people to pay attention when you have something to say? Or get more views and shares on your posts and videos?

I used to constantly struggle with this. I’d write what I thought was a great blog and no one would read it. Or I’d make a great video & no one would watch
2/ That all changed when I discovered a secret that master storytellers - the ones who win competitions for telling the best story - used to grab the attention of a crowd. I broke it down into 4 parts and now I use it just about everywhere
3/ I’m going to share it with you right now, the same formula I recently shared at Sean Stephenson’s speaker training event. Write it down - you’ll be able to use it in blogs, videos, Instagram posts, speeches, you name it
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