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12 Oct
Wow. Just wow.

John Margerison, a man who is one of Stuart Robert's besties, who is associated with a number of shadowy figures, including Matthew C. Freedman, one of Trump's transition team members, has been quietly buying up disability service providers. Income, a cool 40mill.
2/ No prizes for guessing where some of Minister Robert's blind trusts lead to.

Shocked but unsurprised.

Mr Margerison is also named in the Paradise Papers. And ABA Consulting is also - this.

Not sketchy at all.

A very big dossier on this.
3/ When I say sketchy, I mean holy shit are you kidding level sketchy.…

Table B, list of trade mission participants provided by the Australian-Israel Chamber of Commerce.
How is the bestie a trade mission participant, pray tell? Same guy with Cryo shares.
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11 Oct
What the actual blue eyed frick is this shit that is being put out by the anti vaxxers?
2/ It's an actual guy, Peter Xing. Who works at KPMG. 'Peter is the Blockchain Lead for KPMG's Deals, Tax & Legal business and the Global Co-Lead for the KPMG AR/VR/Computer Vision Working Group.'
3/ @mariehjohnson no wonder the anti vaxxers are going out of their minds :D

Go have a look at that thing. Good grief. @KPMG, how ARE you placed on misinformation and dissemination of propaganda? Elon Musk style propaganda aside.
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11 Oct
I am curious to know that if no Australian is wondering if it is okay for Minister Stuart Robert, aka the Digital Transformation Agency, to be in charge of all the nation's data - ALL of it.

Under the guise of something called the Digital Identity Interim Oversight Authority.
2/ 'Services Australia has partnered with the DTA to develop and deliver the IOA capability. The role of the IOA is established by Memorandum of Understanding, to which Participating organisations to the ecosystem sign up to.'…

How is this 'independent'?
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11 Oct
Put my finger on it.
This is how today feels.

It's like watching every other nonabused woman in Australia celebrate, because men finally got rid of all those pesky FDV laws & now they are FREEEE.

Finding out that your court date is canceled & you must now wait til he finds you.
2/ I just want to scream, 'Don't you get it? Why don't you get it? Are your light 'freedoms' so important to you? Why is it that don't understand that you will all become us eventually, that at any time he could punch you or throw you to the ground?

Why don't you understand?
3/ Meanwhile, the men celebrate. Flaunting the laws that say they are not allowed to stand up while drinking, because, as we all know, they are above the law.

To be equitable, I see that @AlboMP is also at the pub. Pretty bad optics, son.
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10 Oct
Watched #MAIDnetflix #MAID like everyone else.

For a lot of women, this will resonate. For others, they’ll poverty & tragedy porn all over it. For those of us who lived it - autobiographical narratives are so often one dimensional, by necessity. But it was beautifully scripted.
2/ The refuge was a little too fabulous and the bestie was a little too Julia Robert’s offsider in Pretty Woman & the parenting was a bit too pretty & there were no ugly crying snot bubble moments & the refuge looked like a resort. Unless the USA is way better than here - nah.
3/ Refuges look more like this. On a good day. And while there are some beautiful women working at many of them - most here are impersonal with a side of harried DV worker. But I’m sure it resonated with some women. ImageImageImage
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8 Oct
Hey, @NDISCommission!

You reckon you could do better at not registering dodgy providers? This one has a list of so called 'partners' who have never actually heard of them.

And I am pretty sure it is not okay to just blithely lift the @NDIS logo for personal use.

MSR Care.
2/ As far as we can see, they are just a cleaning company who are advertising their 'services' in every other state. And who think they are, I guess, going to subcontract out to almost anyone they googled and stole the logo off.

Is this a problem?
3/ I see they are doing the same on their cleaning website, too. Affiliated with the NDIS.

Their all-lowercase street address is here - 3/229 or 229c macquarie st south windsor nsw 2756. Which should raise some alarm bells, cos boarding house.

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8 Oct
@LaTrioli has announced on ABC Melbourne that 40 Disability Service Providers have informed the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission are unlikely to have staff needed to cover shifts.

We need data from the NDIA about thin markets and we need it now.

This is what will happen.
2/ People with disability are vastly undervaccinated. Even those in the so called 1a rollout are far less likely to be vaccinated than others, as are their workers.

As they open up, support for people will drop off. And we will die - not just from COVID.
3/ This is a national crisis for people with disability, and an international disgrace. Australia should be ashamed.

We are the only country who left our most vulnerable behind. We are worse than Trump, worse than Johnson.

You decided to kill us. Aboriginal people too.

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7 Oct
I have written fourteen letters today and eleventy billion emails and have pulled a bunch more stuff out of somewhere and have worked with fabulous women and have made and folded more zines.

And now it is late and I am exhausted. But there is still so much to do.
2/ In the middle of all of this, I am a) grateful that I have so many fierce and good contacts all over Australia and the world who have helped make people safe and b) that I am in a network of rockstar disabled people and activists who care about others more than themselves.
3/ Massive shoutout to @crippleologist who is doing interviews and working her arse off in the middle of her own huge crisis, @_Nic_Lee who is I do not even know how tough, the fantastic staff at PWDA and our CEO, Seb, who are helping so many people through unimaginable distress.
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7 Oct
Thanks, @LukeDonnellan - Victoria has just announced a five million dollar boost to their response for people with disability! Actual, real action. You champions.

Victorian are still lower than the rest of the population, but cracking on with this.…
2/ @MargCoppolino is speaking now about her experience and encouraging other disabled people to be vaccinated. She says she was really scared of being vaccinated but she felt so much safer once she was vaccinated. Thanks for speaking up, Margarita <3 @PWDAustralia
3/ @Martin_Heng from Lonely Planet (Lonely Traveler) is talking about why we are most at risk as people with disability, that we need care and can't effectively isolate.

Finally, we hear from the people most at risk. THANK YOU for hearing our voices, @DanielAndrewsMP.
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6 Oct
7am. Wakes up. Cracks on.

There is no way we will leave our people behind.

Will you?

What will you do to make sure people with disability, their families and carers are safe?

And @Cath_Religious, @Catholicmelbourne, @SydArchdiocese - WWJD? Would He let the vulnerable die?
2/ What IS the Catholic Church's position on protecting the lives of those who are least able to defend themselves against this disease? I want you to respond and tell us. Does God say that we should be put at risk by those more able to survive, or those who worship false $ Gods?
3/ What does He say about his flock who are vulnerable to COVID? What about the disabled children? The ones who were created, you say, in His image, and would not die in this plague if sensible health measures were taken?

What is your position?
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6 Oct
First week of four week trial for our sister Joyce. She was a Yamatji and disabled woman who was shot by a police officer. He is on trial for her murder. This is how the Oz reported it.…

Imagine if she was white. Where is the outrage from white women? Image
2/ Women who wept over George Floyd in Australia are silent. Women who held hands and marched and sobbed over the rape of Brittany Higgins light no candles, lay no wreaths.

Because Joyce was disabled and Black. Not a worthy victim, you see.
3/ We could protest ‘but we didn’t know’. But you would ask why, wouldn’t you? About the same age as Hannah Clarke, who everyone knew. Or Courtney Topic, who nobody knew. Or Lynette Daley, who died an awful death. But it wasn’t intimate partner violence, so ‘we’ can’t relate.
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6 Oct
On those weirdos who pretend to be other people.

You can, for example, write and pretend to be a person who has a particular type of disability. Or someone who lives in another country. Or a person who is a different age or gender.

But it always rings false - to those who know.
2/ There are things that we know, as people with disability or as people who are from a particular background, that you *can't* fake. It does not matter how much you stalk others or reiterate their words or how much you research things on the internet. Or cite those things.
3/ There are glaring omissions & serious errors which stand out to those who live that life. By what you do not say as much as what you do say.

I have lived in Africa, know a lot of Deaf people. I could not pretend to be a Deaf African teenaged boy, no matter how much I tried.
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2 Oct
Is not hard to see who is behind the majority of these protests. This incredibly offensive image of a woman in Perth two days ago wearing a yellow star at the so called nurses protest is former WA Liberal candidate Andrea Tokaji. She's on a Board with Natalie Fielding.
2/ This board.…

Australian Christian Legal, formerly Clear International. As in African missionary charity stuff. And Natalie is on many of the Watoto boards - as in, Stuart Robert.…

That's adorable.…
3/ Gosh.…

So that's interesting.…

The yellow star of offensive appropriation of oppression, though. So, so gross.
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1 Oct
Disabled friend in Canberra attended @LavertyPath at Ginninderra Medical Centre to get a blood test. THIS was the result.

She's now at the hospital. They think the woman nicked the artery but they have to rule out clots. And cancel her COVID vaccine.

Here's her story. ImageImageImageImage
2/ 'The lady was hurting me so I asked her to stop, she didn't and continued, I asked her several times and things escalated pretty quickly.

I want to report this as the company she works for is only planning to give her a warning, I'm not happy with this outcome.'
3/ 'She has caused significant swelling and bruising, laughed at me, yelled at me, restrained me & refused to stop.

'I don't want her to be around vulnerable people or children. I sobbed on the phone for 15mins before being able to drive home one armed because she hit a nerve.'
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1 Oct
The news today about the resignation of Gladys should not overshadow the deaths of 15 people with COVID-19 – 8 women, 7 men.

3 people were in their 50s, 2 were in their 60s, 2 were in their 70s, 6 in their 80s, and 2 were in their 90s.
And there was at least 1 NDIS participant. Image
2/ Not that it matters, does it? Imagine the outrage if eight women were beaten to death by men in their bedrooms. Imagine the grieving if seven tradies died in a workplace accident.

This was just as preventable and accountability should be sought just as hard.

Shame on them.
3/ Will we ever know their names? Probably not.
Should we? I desperately want to know which of our people have died. Who we will never hear from again.
And knowing it is only the 'registered' providers - about half of all providers - who report, there are likely hundreds more.
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1 Oct
Our friends at Physical Disability Australia have put together this webinar with Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM about vaccines and staying safe in the pandemic - you can join in at the link below.

To sign up for the webinar please go to:…
2/ Next Thursday Physical Disability Australia (PDA) and its Ambassador, Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM, will be hosting a free Zoom webinar around the importance of vaccination - particularly in light of looming plans to lift lockdowns.
3/ With vaccination numbers amongst Australia’s disability community grossly inadequate, next month’s anticipated reopening will put our most vulnerable at risk and it’s important that this is addressed before it’s too late.
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30 Sep
How interesting this is.

It turns out that after Mercy Ministries folded, nothing really changed.

And now Stephen Crouch's business 'partners' with an org that is remarkably similar in nature to the one that was shut down for abuse.

As well as other Hillsong orgs. @TanyaLevin
2/ Here is the business. SCA Partners.

The three businesses - one is one80tc, which runs both men's and women's rehab programs.

On the board is Andrew Denton, trusted right hand Hillsong man. And then this now presumably defunct outfit, 'Hope'.
3/ Hope is run by Darlene and Mark Zschech -another two ousted members of Mercy Ministries, which abused young vulnerable women.…

And then Compassion. I know nothing about this.
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30 Sep
Britney’s father Jamie has been suspended as her legal conservator in a great win for Britney. Not many people know about the link with the evangelical church he is associated with. Or that the woman who made that happen was on the board of mercy ministries. Australian link.
2/ Her name is Lou Taylor and her husband is the pastor at Cavalry, an evangelical anti gay church.… #FreeBritney
3/ Mercy Ministries in Australia was shut down after a massive scandal involving Peter Irvine and others. And where are they now?…

Well. Not in jail. Top three at Hillsong.……
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30 Sep
From a State run disability institution in Queensland - 'Staff were asked by the Director of Nursing that if they get CoVid and aren't really sick they need to still turn up for work when the "CoVid Tsunami" hits Queensland.'
Is that right, @qldhealthnews @QldGov?
It is Halwyn.
2/ The residents of that awful old place are about as severely disabled as you can imagine. All vaccinated. There are 22 of them, all together in a place where they couldn't get NDIS SDA for ages because the place didn't meet standards. Most would die of COVID.
3/ If the DON is telling the nurses that then you need another bloody DON. A number of nurses are speaking out privately to people around them. I will be making a report to the @NDISCommission, but go clean up your backyard before more disabled people die, Health.
You're welcome.
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30 Sep
Controversial. And like many who think her views are deplorable, I would prefer that Pauline never spoke a public word.

But these kinds of issues also present a missed opportunity for genuine dialogue between people that might have uptake by those out of our echo chambers.
2/ I don’t follow Jessica Rowe and am not a fan. But how do we breach those gaps for ordinary Australians? Because they are in the same echo chambers, including right wing chambers. And now Hanson is using this to promote her so called free speech platform.

3/ If Rowe had control of the interview - which I did not listen to - if there was racist or bigoted content, she would have been able to shut it down, refuse to publish.

Instead, we go to ‘de platform’ which increases that divide between right & left.
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29 Sep
Now my married friends are making plans to leave home and work out who will take the kids, @ScottMorrisonMP.

Because it’s not safe to stay home and someone has to work. Others are leaving the region.

You are breaking up families and destroying disabled lives. You too, @GladysB.
2/ Remember this when they read the numbers out, especially when they are of younger people. Remember who died and why.

Remember how you failed people with disability and our families.

We will remember.
3/ Once, I taught Bible.
For he delivers the needy when he calls,
the poor and him who has no helper.
He has pity on the weak and the needy,
and saves the lives of the needy.
From oppression and violence he redeems their life,
and precious is their blood in his sight.
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