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Dec 1 8 tweets 2 min read
Let me explain something about physical disability.

If you have a wheelchair, cane or prosthetic leg, it’s not the same as being suddenly non disabled. Same as taking meds doesn’t make us neurotypical. You folk need to understand this.

It impacts us in different ways. 2/ I remember my friend Mel, an above knee amp, saying that doing anything as an amputee involves eight times the expenditure of energy as it does as an abled person. Think about that. You got up from that couch? Now do it eight times. That’s what it’s like for us.
Nov 29 7 tweets 3 min read
Fast debrief on our meeting with @billshortenmp’s staffers yesterday - we were there in a private capacity representing Australians Against COVID.

We discussed the issues at hand and the Call to Action outlined at, as well as Sundays vigil and response. 2/ We said that we need to find compromise between the issues surrounding our health, freedoms and the economy, because it is unacceptable that we are imprisoned in our homes. And pointed them to your stories at #VigilAgainstCOVID.
Nov 16 10 tweets 4 min read
Oh hai @ServicesGovAU

Despite you saying you’re restoring my payments you - fucking haven’t.

More than three months without any form of financial support. Despite being a lifelong taxpayer. And no, I can’t ring you. I try every few hours. You just hang up.

So let’s do this. Image 2/ Tomorrow, a camera man is arriving here to talk about how we homeless and povo women, including those escaping FDV, have been left high and dry in the middle of a pandemic. They’re filming me out the front of @_Nic_Lee’s caravan.

Should be a blast.
Nov 14 8 tweets 3 min read
Oh hai guys there’s no actual number for social workers - the disability lines only apply to disability payments

So I’m not really sure what number to ring.
Maybe you can fix it?

‘If you want to hang yourself, press one. If you can’t access enough pain meds to OD, press two.’ ImageImageImage 2/ ‘If you want to access a mental hospital like Lifeline will suggest, press three. If you are a mental who will die of COVID if you get it in a mental hospital, press four.’ *recorded maniacal laughter from designers of eugenising bureaucracies here*
Oct 6 18 tweets 5 min read
Today I had fluid drained out of the smoke & mirrors that make my boobs amazing - masses of cysts, in order to examine a split pea sized lump underneath.
I have this done annually, generally. No big deal. But not gunna lie, as a kid from a BRCA2 fam, it's hard biting back terror. 2/ Thank you to my radiology guy for wearing a mask throughout. And for dealing with my dismay (it's the same every year) of ending up having one cup size smaller than others.

This is why. My mother and her sisters. All dead bar little Jill. I do not have the gene, I was tested. Image
Oct 4 5 tweets 2 min read
This is Dave.

Dave and I used to work together. He's from my town and was one of my most skilled lecturers in my Equity team, teaching CGEA to marginalised folk.

Dave has COVID. Like so many others in my feed.

The anxiety is enormous. Cos he's of an age, right? To be at risk. Image 2/ I don't want Dave to be bad at his job. He's spent way too long acquiring those skills. I don't want Dave to have long COVID.

I don't want Dave to have a heart attack or stroke. If you knew Dave, you'd know how much worse off the world would be without him.

We all need Dave.
Sep 30 11 tweets 5 min read
Today is National Cabinet.

@Dom_Perrottet and @jeremyrockliff are pushing for the lifting of isolation, which will effectively mean the hastening of the death of more disabled Australians.

This is eugenics. This is a breach of the UNCRPD, to which Australia is a signatory. A woman's figure in red in a glass bubble with many globules 2/ This is not a negative action. This is a positive action which is as deliberate as the lifting of regulations for pool fences to prevent children from drowning. As deliberate as, say, the poisoning of a waterhole.
These are the articles of the CRPD that this action breaches.
Sep 29 10 tweets 3 min read
Let's make this clear.

This is a put up by Labor to push for registered providers. And @billshortenmp, you couldn't have picked a worse example, brother. Because this is in MY hood. And more specifically, in @feegle12's.

In regional WA. Bad narrative.… 2/ Point one is that this guy had no criminal history and that doing a WWCC or background check would have revealed precisely squat.

And the second point is this. Thin markets. That there are NO REGISTERED PROVIDERS LET ALONE STAFF IN THE COUNTRY. You push for this, you kill us.
Sep 27 8 tweets 2 min read
Imagine if there was no gender.

If we regarded the presence of diversity of genitalia and hormonal differences as, say, as important as having brown or blonde or black or red hair.

Imagine growing up without gender roles being inflicted on you. Without that Barbie toy aisle. 2/ Imagine knowing that even if you had a vagina, you could be a doctor instead of a nurse and it would be *easy*, because nobody would sexually harass you. That you could be a dancer, not a truck driver, and nobody would mock you for being a sissy.

Imagine that.
Sep 27 5 tweets 2 min read
Wtaf is this. @billshortenmp @kurtfearnley @drgeorgethecrip well, welcome to today's shitfuckery by the NDIA.

'Correspondence from a plan manager: for a participant to go on an STA, they need to be at a group ratio (1:2, 1:3, 1:4 or 1:5) ...' 2/ 'The only times that can be 1:1 is for it to be stated in a participants ndis plan or there are behaviours of concern or due to your disability (evidence can be requested).'
Sep 27 6 tweets 3 min read
Favour, people?

@MehreenFaruqi will be enduring racist pile ons because that is what Pauline Hanson’s words are intended to incite, despite @linessue managing that train wreck well.

Report racist comments and targeted harassment. Support women of colour. Show no tolerance. 2/ I am white and first generation Australian. My father wore being a ‘wog’ as such a ‘badge of honour’ (according to Hanson’s romantic world view) that he changed his name. He was 11 when picked out of the war camp for Jewish kids he’d been sent to, parentless, from Europe.
Aug 22 5 tweets 3 min read
@Apple, you are responsible for a great disservice to this country.

Australia ran out of lettuce and so @kfc @KFCAustralia & @SUBWAY started putting CABBAGE in burgers.

We wondered why til we realised. You people use the same emoji for both - 🥬 - and it clearly confused them. 2/ They are NOT the same. Cabbage is a poor people’s food which is usually cooked to make it edible. You must overcook it until it is grey and lies in a soggy dead pile like it’s a naked white male politician at the tail end of a fun run.

Don’t hate me. I don’t make the rules.
Aug 21 26 tweets 6 min read
I represent a large number of people who are actually vaccine injured. And I will not have the disability rights cause coopted by those who seek to minimise harm by COVID or advocate against public health measures. All people with disability deserve representation and rights. 2/ I’ll also be blocking trolls who seek to coopt rights based spaces and language in an effort to divide us and politicise and condemn public health messaging. This is not what we do, nor should we.

Before I do that with this individual, I will explain why.
Aug 21 4 tweets 2 min read
Just in case you didn’t see it.

Also, here’s the second part in the Definitive Guide to Understanding Scott Morrison & the Dictatorship Kiddos.…

Hey, about that Behavioural Economics unit out the back of PMC with those smart young lads, @ScottMorrisonMP? 2/ This is going to make up the sound track to my viewing of the #FederalICAC, Scott.

And here is a key thing you failed to understand. It might help to know that some neurologies are less susceptible to propaganda.
Aug 20 5 tweets 5 min read
#midjourney vintage jewellery designs 2/
Aug 20 9 tweets 2 min read
Is there any valid argument that those pushing back against Covid safety messaging and mitigation aren’t actually guilty of an act of domestic terrorism? Here is the definition:

‘A terrorist act is an act, or a threat to act, that meets both these criteria: 2/ •it intends to coerce or influence the public or any govt by intimidation to advance a political, religious or ideological cause.
•it causes one or more of the following:
◦death, serious harm or danger to a person
◦a serious risk to health or safety of the public
Aug 20 6 tweets 2 min read
On Monday, I am going to speak with our Board about calling for transparency and accountability around Morrison, those others who are complicit & the mishandling of the COVID arrangements. Full transparency into how many disabled people have died & how they failed to protect us . 2/ I want to call for the releasing of the full deliberations of National Cabinet. Into the actions of the faux military approach by Morrison and the secrecy around his actions. The lack of response to our pleas for help. The deaths of the disability, nursing & aged care workers.
Aug 18 8 tweets 3 min read
In the month that Morrison signed up secretly to Home Affairs, decisions were made by that office to open up despite COVID. It specifically names the PM.… It is the only press release from the ABF in that month that talked about the PM making a direction. The other presses for that month were all about drug busts and the like.
Aug 18 22 tweets 5 min read
Something happened at the forum that I can’t shake.

There was a woman with Down syndrome. Maybe thirty, maybe forty, maybe more. Hard to tell.

We talked during the break. Just like disabled folk do. And for a while, that was normal and okay. 2/ She talked about her shit NDIS plan. I told her to go inside & tell @billshortenmp to fix it. Told her to tell her mum to put in a change of circumstance form, to lie & say she was unbearable to live with and she was going to kick her out on the street.

She laughed. So did I.
Aug 18 7 tweets 4 min read
This is what the trajectory of COVID deaths look like this year. For 2022.

So @nick_coatsworth and @smh stated and published clear misinformation with that story about the ‘risk to the vulnerable’.

Ahpra and press council complaints aside, I want an apology and retraction NOW. 2/ I also want to know where else they can be held responsible. For a start, this guy should lose his job and not be allowed near patients of any kind but especially the vulnerable kind. @Ahpra, what does it take to lose your license to practice because deliberate misinformation?
Aug 15 10 tweets 3 min read
The scale of the crisis is matched by the number of girls and Jens around Morrison as he pastes that Vegemite kid look on his face, sucks in his dimple and bravely ventures toward the clicking of cameras ahead of him.

@ScottMorrisonMP, tell me about the disability portfolio? Image 2/ I’m ever so curious. And I want to know if you did a batch dump over all of it or if you decided that Linda wasn’t quite as trustworthy as Brother Stewie. Of course, you might have signed up for all of the major ones as a matter of convenience. I don’t know.