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13 Sep
⭐️Weight Loss Thread⭐️

Weight gain is an issue that haunts many.

You name it & they have tried all the trendy diets that the weight loss industry has promoted leading to another disappointment.

The fact of the matter is that weight loss is an outcome of healthy lifestyle.
Lifestyle plays a huge role in keeping you healthy.

A sedentary lifestyle with unhealthy eating habits play a big role in weight gain & lifestyle issues.

With proper attention to the following things, you can avoid the extra weight & keep off long list of lifestyle diseases:
1. Diet as lifestyle:

Many people think that diet is something that they need to carry out for the next 6 months until they achieve their fitness goals.

The problem with this approach is that it is not a sustainable way to get healthy.
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28 Jul
Let's talk about the biggest menace of our times - Porn!

And how to get rid of this horrible addiction?

-- A thread --
First things first, there are many people who are addicted to watching porn.

So, if you are addicted to it then don't panic because you aren't the only one.

Let's look at the ill effects of porn and how it destroys your life.
Watching porn can really screw your head up!

- Alone
- Broken
- Hopeless
- Worthless
- Unwanted
- Insignificant
- Incompetent

I know these are horrible words.

But these horrible words turn into horrible feelings as an effect of watching porn.
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24 Jul
Today I turned 30.

Here are 7 things I wish I knew about life at 20.

Here you go!

1. Find a spiritual master

There is nothing that grace of Guru can't do. It can make a

- Illiterate person become a scholar
- Disable person climb a mountain
- Show direction to a lost soul
I know a guru is sent by God when the seeker becomes spiritually mature but that doesn't mean you stop looking for one.

To be spiritually mature, you should be genuinely curious about life and ask the right questions.
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23 Jul
Are you pooping right?

Why Indian toilets are much better than western toilets and what can you do to fix it?

-- A thread --
There are two types of toilets.

The western toilet where you sit and poop and the Indian toilet where you squat and poop.
In 2003, a group of scientists conducted a study that involved 28 people.

The participants were supposed to poop in two positions: sitting on a high toilet and squatting.

Scientists agreed that pooping was easier and took a minute less for participants who were squatting.
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6 Apr
Intermittent fasting can make you gain weight.

I am not saying that intermittent fasting is bad or doesn't work.


It works great for a lot of people and helps them achieve their health goals as it gives them an 8 hours window to eat their food, giving their eating habits a solid structure.
But intermittent fasting will fail when you eat caloric-dense food instead of nutrient-dense food during your eating window.

Because every calorie is not the same.

Calories consumed through a cookie are not the same as calories consumed through a banana.
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12 Jan
Recently, @naval tweeted about fasting.

So, I thought there won't be a better time to talk about a practice that has kept me in top form

- Physically,
- Emotionally and
- Spiritually for a long long time.

What I am going to talk about is very scientific.

Let's go!
When should we fast?

On every Ekadashi!

Ekadashi is a date in the Hindu calendar.

But for many of you who aren't familiar with that, it is the 11th day from the waxing and waning of the moon.

This is only for vegetarians.
For the non-vegetarians I will come back to the question of “When” a bit later.

Why Should We Fast on Ekadashi?

I will be first giving you the scientific reason and it is full of technical stuff so hold on to your seats & let's get started!
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