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Today, CVF members have shared our stories. Left behind by a past tensed virus, which remains ever present.

@BorisJohnson @RishiSunak

🚨Hear our voices🚨

1/ Freedom day took ours
2/ Clean Air and Masks are needed:

#IncludeCVFπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’— #CovidInquiry
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It's gone a bit Baldrick today.

"A cunning route into segmentation"

"The only answer I can see beyond the existing mitigations (other than the fantasy app) is Stalinist segmentation. The virus kills the old and sick. The lockdown hits the young and healthy."

⚠️ #IncludeCVF ⚠️
"[.]could enable us to dodge straight age-based segmentation and use a personalised RAG rating instead."

"In extremist, if HMG wanted to make it illegal for a person u75 to meet someone o75 without a hazmat suit on, then that's a political/delivery call, not one for scientists!" [[30/07/2020, 11:29:32] Mark Sedwill: It's the group (forget the names but can find out) working on personal risk profiles. Typically quite complicated but could enable us to dodge straight age-based segmentation and use a personalised RAG rating instead. Maybe even an app! Then greens do what they like with greens, reds go into seclusion, ambers carry on carefully. I don't but the SAGE argument that it's all too difficult.  [30/07/2020, 11:32:06] Simon C: Neither PM nor CX buy SAGE argument either. And I am just not sure this is a SAGE issue. This is about political will and implementation...
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⚠️ Segmentation ⚠️

'The Great Barrington Declaration' by another name was presented to the Prime Minister by Gupta Heneghan and Sweden's State Epidemiologist.

News to us!
We were rejected for this module.

Who asked further questions on it?

1/🧡 Head of the Covid Task Force, Simon Ridley, spoke a lot about Clinically Vulnerable people.

He discussed shielding and then the potential step of 'segmentation'.

Starting with shielding... it seems there were lots of discussions on who to shield.

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🚨Dangerous journalism can risk lives

πŸ’™ The only protection vulnerable people only have is personal responsibility
πŸ’œ Many are still unvaccinated
πŸ’— Infections are raging (*and it is Autumn)

πŸ™Please help, see below...… πŸ’”Don't pressure people like Sally (vulnerable o70) to get infecfed, she is doing all she can at a high personal cost

πŸ’”Don't test!? It doesn't make it go away

πŸ’” Hand gel is a social cue? Implicit suggestion to remove it.

* This article deserves compliants *
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A reminder of inequalities faced by Clinically Vulnerable Families πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’”, as we do not have a voice in this critical Covid-19 Inquiry module on core government decisions.

Below is a compilation of submissions from other organisations this morning:

1) Children's charities: We are pleased that they have highlighted the fact that children have lost lives to Covid.

However, they have failed to identify significant impacts to clinically vulnerable children in unsafe schools/children from clinically vulnerable households.

No mention of Covid orphans.
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⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ : Masked staff might not be the conscientious ones, but instead may have active infections.

This is a serious concern as local guidance appears to contradict government guidance and put patients at risk.

1/ Image Current guidance for "Managing healthcare staff with symptoms of a respiratory infection or a positive COVID-19 test result"

πŸ”ΉοΈDon't need to test
πŸ”ΉοΈIf +ve don't -ves to return
πŸ”ΉοΈFollow local protocols to test / return if work with severely immunosuppressed (SI)
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This focus on "absences" is unhelpful as it takes away from the need to educate children, whatever their circumstances.

Learning cannot be measured by days in school.

Teaching is not limited to classrooms.

1/… Children in Clinically Vulnerable households were denied remote learning offered to infected children at the height of the pandemic.

2/ Image
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🚨Schools Attendance Inquiry

The inquiry into the fall in attendance since the advent of Covid-19, in which only pre-existing barriers to education are discussed.

Buckle up... it's going to be a bumpy ride!
1/🧡 Nobody can deny that our children have shielded and isolated the most.

The multiple and growing impacts will disadvantage our children now and in years to come.

We need #SafeSchools.

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Premier Rockliff, Tazmania, Australia faces difficult questions:

"Did you lead the charge with former New South Wales Premier Dominic peretet to remove five-day isolation knowing it would lead to an increase in infection re-infection disability and death?"

1/ "Do you think it is responsible to allow the
continued infection & reinfection of
childrn with a novel coronavirus that
is vascular that causes long-term sqlae
brain damage increases in childhood
diabetes & kidney issues along with a
whole range of other compounding
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🚨 UK school attendance CVF 🚨

Our live data currently suggests that:


of children in Clinically Vulnerable Families (CVF) are persistently absent from school 2022-2023 (10% or more) with:


severely absent.

1/ Image :Bar graph  '22-23 Cl... This compares to before the pandemic, when only 20% were persistently absent and 2% severely absent.

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Bird 'flu

Public awareness of the risks posed by bird 'flu is seriously lacking it is not sensible to travel whilst infected.

"Pandemic fatigue" had significantly impacted people's attitudes to Covid, and likely to any new pandemic 'flu.

1/… "Learning to live with Covid" by undermining mask use and downplaying Covid's severity will have serious consequences.

If bird flu were to develop human-to-human transmission, it could have devastating consequences due to its high mortality rate.

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"We've got parents with chronic health conditions..." Clancy Clonnal from @SHSorguk.

Who'd have thought that the consequences of constant high Covid infections would fall hardest on those most at risk?

Clinically Vulnerable Families have been struggling @NickMartinSKY.

1/ Unfortunately, time and again, our needs have not been considered.

Clinically Vulnerable people have a 5.4x increased risk of Long Covid and an 8.5x increased risk of death (data from the final ONS Covid survey).

Withdrawing protections from schools has hit us hardest.

2/ GHOST CHILDREN 22.3% of pup...
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As we navigate our way through the post-Covid world, it's important to consider the link between infections and outcomes.


🚫 Try to avoid catching / spreading infections
πŸ’¨ Clean air will help THE COVID CYCLE   Diagram: ... While you may well start off healthy, anyone can become Clinically Vulnerable at some point in their life, making them more susceptible to severe infections.

Take it from us, it isn't particularly fun - and frequently, our lives feel less valued.

2/ Diagram :  Healthy person  ...
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🚨 Children are a major transmission vector

To be honest, this isn't news to any of us who have been following the data. We know the cases spread through the age groups, starting with the kids and then moving on to older generations.

1/ This goes against the government's narrative of returning to school in 2020. When they claimed that children don't catch or spread the virus.

They even paid social media influencers to encourage children to school, and parents to work, prevaccines.

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⚠️ #MyMaskMyVote ⚠️

Clinically Vulnerable people (and others wearing masks) will be asked to remove them for the local elections due to new rules on voter ID, potentially putting them at risk.

1/… The Electoral Commission has said people wearing face coverings only need to remove them "momentarily" for ID checks by polling station staff, but we argue that they need to go further to ensure the safety of the Clinically Vulnerable.

2/ [Image of electoralcommissi...
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SPRING BOOSTERS #MasksInHealthcare

The Spring booster campaign brings together the most vulnerable people for their 6 monthly vaccines - which are known to wane after 5m.

This is a highly vulnerable cohort of patients.

One of our Facebook members shares their story:

1/ Clinically Vulnerable Famil...Oh and she said people who ...It's utterly dystopian as i... It is incredibly worrying that the staff and volunteers at the centre were not wearing masks, particularly when interacting with vulnerable patients. The failure to follow basic infection prevention and control measures places our most vulnerable community at risk.

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Clinically Vulnerable Rights ARE Human Rights

Let's talk about how public health measures are impacting human rights, specifically for Clinically Vulnerable people and households.

Masks are a vital protection for those with health conditions. The withdrawal of masks in healthcare is concerning.

Clinically Vulnerable people have lost freedoms and are facing discrimination in: workplaces; schools; court hearings & job centres; without remote options.

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Do you remember when we all wore masks at the height of the pandemic to protect ourselves and others?

It was a simple way to show our commitment to public health in a powerful act of solidarity.

1/ #MasksInHealthcare Smiles are Contagious!  (Im... But the fight against Covid is not over.

There are vulnerable individuals who still need to visit healthcare facilities for essential care.

We must ALL continue to protect them by wearing masks in healthcare.

2/ #MasksInHealthcare

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⚠️ Hobson's Choice - #StillHome ⚠️

Decisions presented as *choices* - but with no viable options - have meant that #3Years since lockdown our members continue to live reduced lives.

@RishiSunak's government do not care for vulnerable people & they don't want you to hear us.

🧡 Image We have lost our JOBS and HOMES.

By not making workplaces safe Clinically Vulnerable people have had to choose between lives and livelihoods.

One in four severely immunosuppressed people reported having lost a job due to the risks from Covid.

Most *chose* to quit.

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⚠️ Clinically Vulnerable people are struggling.

We are * 3️⃣ YEARS * into a pandemic (ask the @WHO) and our needs have not been addressed.

Protections were withdrawn one by one and the removal of these measures has unfairly disadvantaged us.

1/ STILL HOME   Image in the s... We are STILL HOME.
We are living part lives.
Our freedoms have been lost.

If you are not in a vulnerable group this information will likely have slipped you by. You will not have noticed us struggling because we are no longer in your view.

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Dear @ONS

We are concerned about the abrupt end to the Covid-19 Infection Survey which we feel will unfairly result in barriers and disadvantages to protected groups:

Disabled (those who are Clinically Vulnerable), Elderly and Ethnic Minorities.

1/… You call it a "pause" but it means a STOP.

@janemerrick23 explained the gold
standard' survey has been key to our
surveillance. The @WHO have not declared
an end to the pandemic and lives remain
under threat of death & serious injury (Long