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13 Sep
When the Welsh Secretary Simon Hart makes all these decisions affecting Wales, whose interest do you think he considers?

His constituents? The people of Wales?

Or the Ukranian Oil and Gas man who has given him more than £40k in recent years?
Maybe the London based American hedge fund manager who donated £25k?

Or the London property developer who donated £7k?

Maybe it's the "Landsker Business Club" who gave £23k but who don't seem to have any online presence except in Simon's financial declarations?
Could it be the Countryside Alliance who have paid him around £130k as a "high net worth consultant"?

Whilst on the topic of the Countryside Alliance, their one time deputy Chief Executive chipped in another £4,500 donation.
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21 Jul 19
Thread: This fuss with the two Neils (Hamilton and McEvoy) has gotten me all confused this weekend as it just made no sense. So, with @neiljmcevoy helpfully releasing a few emails tonight, lets see what we can work out by looking at what's in them and in the public record.
It started with this tweet from @NeilUKIP on Friday night. Even without context, clearly an attempt to stir things up between McEvoy and Plaid by flat out stating that Plaid decided to support him instead of McEvoy.

McEvoy (I'm going by surnames here, two Neil's confusing!) then pitched in by calling out @RhunapIorwerth as the one who didn't back him. McEvoy later explained he named Rhun as it's the Business Committee who decides, and Rhun is Plaid's rep on BC
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