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Author, Founder, Dev, PKM, Lifelong learner ✨ 🎥YouTube: https://t.co/5vVyLADD0a https://t.co/7T9WK2WTNN https://t.co/z2LrB9vsJy https://t.co/JzWkTLpXQ2 https://t.co/snkuGErmbh
Nov 22, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
A friend told me that marketing your own thing is of the utmost importance

I'm working on a collection of 12 books about software development and IT: dev-concepts.dev/table-of-conte…

I try not to get down to the level of atoms and molecules but I'm going deep down the rabbit hole 🐇 🕳 Whether you're curious about front-end, back-end, secure coding, IT infrastructure, cloud, software design, software architecture, coding basics, etc, there's something for you in Dev Concepts.
Nov 18, 2021 39 tweets 9 min read
If you want to #learntocode, focus on learning and understanding concepts.

Here's a small thread to help you out! 👇🏻 Start with #HTML because it'll allow you to quickly get something on the screen. That is the ultimate motivator, and the feedback loop is perfect: edit, save, refresh!