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she/her, 24 🌻 i write, act and make historical costumes ✨ cql/mdzs, lwj braid agenda 🌿 some nsfw fics and recs πŸ”ž
19 Oct
au where lwj makes audio-only asmr porn videos in which he quietly directs you through getting yourself off before telling you a bedtime story
ok so there is a fic out there that is a bit like this ( but i did have some further thoughts

wwx likes to make sure everything is ready before he presses play. low lighting only, phone plugged in to charge, teeth brushed and face washed. he actually straightens his sheets. wednesday evening is such a regular night of the week; it's wwx's favourite.
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30 Sep
hmm soft wangxian waking up together in the morning... it's cold and rainy outside but it's warm and cosy under the blankets. lwj is sat up reading while he waits for wwx to wake up, except he's not really reading because his eyes keep drifting over to wwx's sleeping form
wwx sleeps sprawled facedown on his stomach, maybe drooling a little bit onto the pillow. he looks so relaxed, asleep, so young. he still carries tension, most days. still learning the world anew, changed in 13 years without him
lwj puts down his book and reaches out to tuck a strand of hair behind his ear. wwx mumbles and shuffles closer, pressing his nose into lwj's thigh, giving it a little kiss. lwj's heart clenches, it's so cute. he lies down again and pulls wwx against him, murmurs, "good morning."
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30 Sep
drafting your pattern πŸͺ‘ professional tailor lwj

πŸ”ž gonna get spicy
🎩 lwj is an exceptional couturier fight me
πŸ€΅β€β™‚οΈwwx is in need of a new suit
🏰 set in london
gusu lan bespoke is a fixture of savile row. some of the highest quality menswear tailoring in london. exquisite designs, razor sharp cuts, exclusive hand finishings. the absolute best.

lan zhan takes pride in his work. you don't get to design for idris elba in any old job.
(he had been the one to take the call, when his stylist had rung. had gone very quiet until he'd mentally slapped himself into responding. he'd barely been able to hold the pins straight, he was so nervous.)

gusu lan bespoke is a family business.
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28 Sep
i really only tweet about Them huh Image
also i think this caught some of my pre-fandom tweets when i was just using twitter for trakt hence the shadowhunters and [black] sails
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26 Sep
minimalistic living lwj who only shops at his local vegan zero waste store and the organic farmer's market
the first time wwx stays over he goes to shower and instead of bottles there's just an assortment of mostly beige solid shampoo bars and wwx is like what the FUCK do i do with these
one time after a long and stressful day of work lwj offers wwx a massage, pulls out his perfectly-organised box of 30+ different essential oils and asks him to pick, wwx is not finding this relaxing at all wtf is vetiver oil lan zhan and why do you have so much of it
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23 Sep
heavily pregnant lwj sitting on wwx's face and riding it until wwx is literally gasping for breath <3
he probably plays with his nipples as he grinds his hips down... they're all swollen and puffy and full and maybe... a little bit trickles out
once wwx is absolutely squirming, and has kicked most of the sheets off the bed, lwj unties his forehead ribbon from around wwx's cock, jerks him lazily twice, and wwx comes so hard some of it hits lwj's already wet stomach
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22 Sep
can we all take a moment to pause and consider: the inherent hotness of lwj putting on cufflinks
wearing them, yes, but right now I'm thinking about him doing them up. long fingers and wrists and the top two buttons of his shirt undone. wwx is whimpering from across the room
these are his two favourite pairs ImageImage
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20 Sep
wei wuxian's top ten napping locations, ranked:

10. on little apple's back

comfort: 3/10
efficiency: 9/10
rest: 4/10

most useful way to sleep while travelling but very high risk of falling off or getting lost. best attempted when not travelling alone
9. on a rooftop

comfort: 4/10
efficiency: 6/10
rest: 5/10

good location for when feeling angsty or falling asleep after sneaking liquor into forbidden places. high chance of getting caught and forced to open up about feelings
8. in a tree

comfort: 4/10
efficiency: 5/10
rest: 6/10

points for being fun and off the ground, but a comfortable branch can be hard to come by. very high risk of falling out of tree, treat with caution or ensure there will be someone below ready to catch you
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13 Sep
πŸ’œ safe in my hands πŸ’›

πŸ§—β€β™‚οΈ wangxian rock climbing au
πŸ§—β€β™‚οΈ inspired by lwj's arm strength and the film free solo
πŸ§—β€β™‚οΈ for the purpose of this thread fic alex honnold does not exist

lwj is a pro climber. he's been climbing since the age of five.
he's the sponsors' darling - handsome, polite, highly-skilled. maybe a bit standoffish, but that makes him all the more mysterious, all the more interesting to write about, to interview, to film.

he reveals little of his personal life. he likes to keep it that way.
lwj likes to keep it that way, because he can't let people find out why. why he throws himself so intensely at every new route, why he doesn't stick around long enough at competitions to make friends, why he spends all of his time on his fingerboard strengthening his holds.
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8 Sep
i am thinking once again about the possibilities of punk wwx with eyebrow piercings and red streaks in his hair and safety pin-seamed jeans and buCKLES EVERYWHERE
chipped black nail paint and studded sleeveless denim jackets covered in pins and a tONGUE PIERCING HHHHHNNH I COULD GO ON
lwj would dress nicely, expensively, cashmere and silk and suede in perfectly-tailored, just-off-the-runway looks. the contrast between his neutrals and pale blues and wwx's aggressive black and red and spikes has turned many an eye in the street
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6 Sep
thread of cql/mdzs characters as my succulents because no one is here to stop me ✌️
wei wuxian

- chaotic af
- I killed it and it miraculously managed to come back to life
- still cute tho ImageImage
lan wangji

- very beautiful
- likes lace
- looks delicate but will spike you ImageImage
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2 Sep
i tell you what idea has been floating around in my head rent-free for the past three weeks: canon but all their swords are now dragons
with soul bonds as well hhhhhhhhh the angst potential!!! suibian can feel when wwx loses his core.....wwx losing a best friend......chenqing as a gudiao....wwx wanting to cultivate a golden core again so that he can ride suibian....suibian and chenqing eventually becoming friends
WANGXIAN FLYING ON BICHEN TOGETHER.........through sunset clouds.....over rain-misted the romance 😩
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30 Aug
🍰rival bakeries au 🍩 (because i made a very tasty carrot cake tonight)

lan zhan has a boutique, high quality, artisan bakery, that has a sourdough strand and a patisserie strand. he takes pride in the exquisite flavour and appearance of his work.

wei ying makes novelty cakes.
they are across the street from each other. lan zhan's bakery, "cloud creations", has a window full of beautifully designed french patisseries and perfectly shaped loaves of bread. the silver and blue scrollwork on the sign glints in the sun from both ends of the street.
wei ying's bakery is called "laozu cakes ✨" (the sparkles are part of the trademark) and the front window is almost entirely filled with a seven-tiered monstrosity depicting the entirety of the movie frozen 2.

he's very proud of the dancing reindeer appearing all the way up.
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29 Aug
i've had a few new followers so i thought i should make a lil intro tweet!

πŸͺ΄ abbi, she/her, 20s, bi
✨ mostly mdzs/cql with a few personal posts
✏️ i write fic!
😍 my favourite thing to do is leave lengthy, gushing and bordering-on-embarrassing ao3 comments!

threads below ↓
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26 Aug
thread fics! ✏️
who is wei ying's mysterious coffee benefactor? πŸ€”
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25 Aug
hello i have An Opinion and it is that non-sexual kink is quite honestly god tier
lan zhan Knows wei ying, knows how incredibly his brain is and knows how despite that genius he still forgets little things sometimes. usually about self-care. he doesn't take lunch, or he forgets to pick up his meds, or he leaves his jacket behind at work.
it starts simple. a little peck on the forehead, a hand encircling wei ying's wrist as he stumbles out the door.

"wei ying. do not forget your lunch today."
"ah! thank you lan zhan, such a good husband to me, whoops, haha!"
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23 Aug
β˜•οΈ wangxian modern coffeeshop au β˜•οΈ (but neither of them are baristas)

wwx has been going to the same coffee place for two years now on his way in to work (he works in community outreach at an arts center and teaches the senior dance class on wednesday mornings)
(the old ladies LOVE him). he really loves his job so he's managed to work his routine around arriving on time and Not Being Late, at least, not much later than the four minutes it takes him to jog across the street from his apartment, duck into the coffee place
(which is called "Hot Stuff," not a name he would have chosen himself, but they're right across the street and do chilli chocolate lattes, which are Delicious and he has not been able to find anywhere else), pick up his drink, and leg it to the bus. he's only 6 minutes late, ok.
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20 Aug
consider this: post-canon wangxian sat on the back steps of the jingshi, sipping tea as they watch the last of the evening sun paint the mountaintops gold. wwx's head resting gently on lwj's shoulder. soft evening birdsong, the last days of summer.
slowly, wwx starts to drift off. lwj catches his tea just before the dregs spill onto his robes. his head slides down lwj's chest, lands in his lap, his hair splayed. he's just wearing his red underrobe; it's still warm outside.
lwj smiles, puts down his own tea, and slides a hand under the collar of wwx's robe. not trying anything, just. resting it there. over his heart. feeling the real truth that he is here, and he's alive. he's alive, and he's sleeping in lwj's lap.
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13 Aug
been thinking about a theatre au (in a world where covid has not literally torn the arts apart at the seams, whelp)
nhs is the director. he asks terrifying questions like "i dont know, what do you /think/ he's feeling?" instead of answering the cast's questions directly, and thus manages to pull heart-wrenching performances out of even jc, who is, of course, the dramatic male lead
he's starring opposite mianmian, who everyone knows is the best talent they've had in years, and who asks nhs her own questions back. "why do we need to keep looking at each other? emotion is best conveyed on stage in what we're /not/ saying, let's try it this way"
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