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Cyber, science, algos, varia, adversarial dynamics, data, SSDLC זָכוֹר, אֵת אֲשֶׁר-עָשָׂה יְהוָה אֱלֹהֶיךָ לְמִרְיָם, בַּדֶּרֶךְ, בְּצֵאתְכֶם מִמִּצְרָיִם
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27 Jul
@DrTomFrieden Kindly show this data from a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study with hospitalization/death as the primary outcome measurement.

Also even assuming that statement is true "about 100 times less likely to die .. from COVID."
@DrTomFrieden Acceptable Catastrophic Error or another Noble Lie

"The real world data has shown that the death rate among the vaccinated, if infected w COVID, can be 3 to 5.7 x higher than the death rate of the unvaccinated"

The efficacy numbers *are* misinformation

drrollergator.substack.com/p/damned-lies-… Image
@DrTomFrieden via @arkmedic (MD .au whistleblower)

"WORST thing that you can do is get vaccinated during an exposure to a virus. @GVDBossche has been warning about this for months"

"Mass vaccination during a pandemic is a potential disaster - especially for people at ultra-low risk of death"
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9 Jul
@HotlineJosh @LenGrunstein @Peggynoonannyc Waugh 1938 on Barbarism predicted all happenings in the US 2020-2022

"Unremitting effort is needed to keep men living together at peace [..] only a margin of energy left over for experiments however beneficent."

"Once the prisons of the mind have been opened, the orgy is on."
@HotlineJosh @LenGrunstein @Peggynoonannyc " [..] no more agreeable position than that of dissident from a stable society. Theirs are all the solid advantages of other people's creation & preservation, & all fun of detecting hypocrisies and inconsistencies [..]"
"The more elaborate the society, the more vulnerable [..]"
@HotlineJosh @LenGrunstein @Peggynoonannyc "The more elaborate the society, the more vulnerable it is to attack, & the more complete its collapse in case of defeat [..]"

"If it falls we shall see not merely the dissolution of a few joint-stock corporations, but of the spiritual and material achievements of our history."
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5 Jul
@ACTBrigitte @PrometheusIV via @BabakTaghvaee1
#Taliban spread fliers ordering women to not leave their houses w/o being accompanied by men & ordering them to wear face veil
> JB KML admin made peace w throwing Afghans, women to the wolves
> past is prologue 1996 Najibullah ImageImageImageImage
@BabakTaghvaee1 via @ZionWarrior6
Minutes after surrendering, Afghan soldiers (seem to likely to have been) killed in cold blood by Taliban fire

@BabakTaghvaee1 @ZionWarrior6 July 5
US leaves .af Bagram Airfield after ~20y by shutting off the lights
> left at night w/o notice
> new .af CDR discovered departure 2+ hours later
> B. invaded by looters who ransacked barracks & storage tents before being evicted
> Taliban prize ImageImage
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9 Jun
@SenJackyRosen @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @COsweda 12 months later. Another #NPR #WashPo #fakenews story re DJT falls apart

IG report Lafayette Sq. "The evidence we obtained did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park to allow the President to survey the damage and walk to St. John’s Church"

@realDonaldTrump @COsweda pics h/t @JuddPDeere

fortified democracy mo

Domestic ongoing influence operation 2016- (2020-2021 ) using synchronized US MSM repeated messaging a la Chomsky Herman 1988 "Manufacturing Consent "

NYT NPR #fakenews Lafayette Park
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13 May
Voyager 1 is detecting a beautiful steady background "hum" 22 billion miles from Earth in interstellar space [putative explanation: plasma waves, 8 distinct oscillatory events since 2012, in 2017 steady hum at 3 kHz for 3y; paper nature.com/articles/s4155… ]
The Heavens declare the glory of G-d & the firmament proclaims His handiwork
Day to day brings expressions of praise & night following night bespeaks wisdom
There is no speech nor are there words, their sound is unheard
- Psalm 19:2-4
Medved (2007) Music of the Celestial spheres
h/t @_andrew_griffin
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15 Apr
@maddiestone Corroboration @maddiestone "Incomplete patches are making it easier for attackers to exploit users w 0-days”

Two 0 days RCE Chromium
> patch gap
> reqs sandbox bypass
1) Chrome 90.0.4430.72 & Edge active
2) key code fixed in latest v8 not pushed yet

via @HaifeiLi Reported patch-gap 0day Chromium weaponized against WeChat (which does not have sandbox disabled by default)

If confirmed proof-pudding @maddiestone thesis
via @HaifeiLi & @mkolsek
patch-gap 0day
> Chrome document links CVE-2021-21224 to bug #1195777, and this is frust's exploit chromereleases.googleblog.com/2021/04/stable…
> @JosexDDD reported bug to Google
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12 Apr
@W_Research Called it
h/t @ai_jared "The formalized merging of corporate and political elites continues"

100+ CEOs & corporate leaders gathered online to discuss taking new action to combat state voting bills being considered across the country
Thread by @edokeefe
@W_Research @ai_jared @edokeefe #fortifieddemocracy
List of companies in "nonpartisan" organization civic alliance that signed on to fight against state voter and voting integrity laws via @McAdooGordon
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9 Apr
@theamgreatness @ConradMBlack DJB June / July 2016:
"we have yet to demonstrate any pressing awareness, let alone articulate a compelling American counter-vision for the man-machine integration era. On the contrary, the “Disuniting of America”, of which US historian Arthur Schlesinger warned 25 years ago" 1/n
@theamgreatness @ConradMBlack "is progressing, with all the instabilities such societal fragmentation and polarization entails. One may
smirk at some of the more puerile manifestations, such as calls from CEOs and ‘thinkers’ in the Bay Area tech segment to secede from non-tech hoi polloi. " 2/n
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8 Apr
@Harvard2H "US does not see the amassing of .tu forces as posturing for an offensive action"

DoD: "current assessment is that the .ru are conducting training & exercises & intel has not indicated military orders for further action"

DJB: Hawk-Dove game, US ineptly attempting Brinkmanship. ImageImageImageImage
@Harvard2H April 9, 2021
> .ua rules out offensive against pro-.ru separatists barrons.com/news/ukraine-r…
> situation hangs in delicate balance
- @MihajlovicMike "does not depend on the people on the frontline"
DJB: 100% correct. Depends solely on game moves by JB admin
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7 Apr
@Harvard2H "Jam enough prospective hosts together in an industrial setting, add an airborne RNA virus that doesn’t create instant mortality in healthy hosts, set the conditions so that the virus spreads no matter what like on a chicken farm [..] and you don’t get herd immunity." 1/n
@Harvard2H "You get a quasispecies mutant swarm that spreads and grows in virulence continually, requiring continual surveillance and ongoing vaccination programs not to eradicate it – just to prevent its most lethal strains from forming." 2/n
@Harvard2H "additional bad news is that IBV arguably models #SARSCoV2 far better than avian influenza [COVID-19] quickly seems to be spitting off the same sort of antibody-evading variants that IBV does as its quasispecies mutant swarms grow, offering the same issues w vaccines" 3/n
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31 Mar
@MihajlovicMike via @ConflictTR Russian Air Force units started to be sent to the Ukrainian border
@MihajlovicMike @ConflictTR via @Osinttechnical
As of April 1 .ch Proton Energy Group SA, which used to be @RosneftRu exclusive supplier of diesel and LPG to .ua, decided to suspend shipments of .ru LPG and diesel to the state amid political and economic risks
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31 Mar
@elderofziyon IMHO best one

"Antisemitism mean hating Jews more than is absolutely necessary"
- Isaiah Berlin (20 c Latvian-British-Jewish intellectual )

His 1994 message to the 21st century (w ref to Heine )
proved prescient & correct sjpcommunications.org/images/uploads…
@elderofziyon "Heine’s central idea seems to me valid [..] There are men who will kill and maim with a tranquil conscience under the influence of the words and writings of some of those who are certain that they know perfection can be reached."
@elderofziyon "If you are truly convinced that there is some solution to all human problems, that one can conceive an ideal society which men can reach if only they do what is necessary to attain it, then you and your followers must believe that no price can be too high to pay [..] "
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25 Mar
@ELuttwak "Today, the oligarchy that controls American society’s commanding heights leaves those who are neither its members nor its clients little choice but to marshal their forces for their own exodus. The federal government, the governments of states and localities run by the Dems" 1/2
@ELuttwak " along with the major corporations, the educational establishment, and the news media set strict but movable boundaries about what they may or may not say on pain of being cast out, isolated from society’s mainstream."
@ELuttwak "Using an ever-shifting variety of urgent excuses, which range from the coronavirus, to the threat of domestic terrorism, to catastrophic climate change, to the evils of racism, they issue edicts that they enforce through anti-democratic means .."
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24 Mar
@bigginsthesmall B"H" From a Torah perspective

HKBU who created everything, including man makeup & drives, decreed that some loves, connections are not good for man, hence forbidden. This includes engaging in acts of homosexuality, incest, bestiality.
Unbounded love is a lie from the Other Side.
@bigginsthesmall The destruction of such boundaries brings androlomusia אנדרולומוסיה "chaos, confusion, disorder" in which the innocent suffer with the guilty. Such was at the time of the Flood of Noah where men and angels transgressed all boundaries and the natural order followed suit.
@bigginsthesmall That our society / era not just legitimizes but encourages this tells you all you need to know about who is behind these pushes, even to children at the earliest ages. Now, what do you say to a person who has these drives? A v v hard test especially in our era I wish on noone.
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16 Mar
@RidT 1938 Reichsbankpräsident Schacht "Gnädige Frau, wir sind Verbrechern in die Hände gefallen, wie hätte ich das ahnen können?"

2006 Joachim Fest "Ich nicht"
@RidT "outcome that cultural & political elites so viscerally craved - the removal of Trump [..] Rid is entitled to celebrate his role in fostering what is now a far more stringently regulated and policed online information ecosystem."

Wer hat uns verraten
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9 Feb
@colebunzel @WarpedMirrorPMB tl/dr: teshuvah
"Does this mean that spacetime does not have the acyclic causal structure it is normally assumed to have? Not exactly, since in the mentioned experiments the events that are causally related in a cyclic fashion are not local in spacetime." phys.org/news/2021-02-q…
@colebunzel @WarpedMirrorPMB "major class of [processes w indefinite causal order understood as arising from unitary processes] & which are believed to be the ones that could have a physical realization in nature - could, in fact, be seen as having a definite causal structure, albeit one involving cycles."
@colebunzel @WarpedMirrorPMB B"H" @RabbiGinsburgh 2007 lec 8 torah & science
" 'time machine' is written מוֹכַנְז תַמן ְ, & has the numerical value of 613, the number of commandments in the Torah"

"Redemption is freedom. The ultimate prison that the world is in right now is time"

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7 Feb
@guillefix Yes that point is true but it is not the a priori starting point - once you convinced yourself that there is a Creator through the process I delineated, then and only then do you anchor the faith part internally, bc what is one's limited situation awareness viz G;d's benevolence?
@guillefix You are in the middle of teh movie, you did not see the beginning & cannot see the end, but you must know that all is for the good in the longer term. This is not an easy feat, at all, it's called Bitachon and one sign you've achieved it is equanimity (what Greek stoics praise).
@guillefix FWIW @YaronReuven has a whole series how to work towards achieving Bitachon that type of inner self-control and peace (which radiates both inner and outward calm) w external evidence (as described in the Torah) for the seekers. soundcloud.com/yaronreuven/se…
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1 Feb
Jan 4 by @TheGoodISIS
"With enough near 20 % enriched uranium for a bomb, the breakout timeline would reduce to as short as 1.5 months"
by @ThomasSowell 2008
"point when they get that bomb will be the point of no return [..] All the options that are on the table right now will be swept off the table forever."

@CliffordDMay 2015 "Sowell saw clearly what will happen" Image
Feb 1, 2021 via @WSJ
IRCG launches rocket Zuljanah into space
> solid-fuel-propelled motor thrust 75 kilotons
> ICBM tech
- smaller, mobile, deploy-able on short notice
- carbon fiber composite casing
> US land ICBM LGM-30G Minuteman III 90 kt thrust
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28 Jan
GME hedgefund saga (so far) by MrBrownEyes2020 threadreaderapp.com/thread/1354517…
"Once in a lifetime historical event. It's insane.

At least 1 hedgefund has gone bankrupt, thanks to a group of average joes on Reddit. By the end of the week, there will be a line of bankruptcies" Image
comment @VegaWithinLyra "[US] Government and private collision against the American people, to benefit the elite. We all knew it worked this way, but the way it got exposed is spectacular" Image
I loved 2020
but 2021 is <chef kiss> after <chef kiss>

comment by @The_Dilettante

"Retail : "This is the dirtiest thing you could've ever done!!"

Robinhood : "Hold my beer, again""
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25 Jan
@ACTBrigitte @PrometheusIV There is no group / org (national or international) acting against America as a nation and idea, against American workers, citizens, poorest segments, & law abiding permanent residents JB KML admin has not already sold out to, or will not sell out to. Just wait and watch.
@ACTBrigitte @PrometheusIV Evidence: JB KML plans to impoverish further (in middle of pandemic) the middle class and poor segments by raising taxes for the Great Reset wealth tranfer-cum-climate change agenda

@ACTBrigitte @PrometheusIV Evidence: Empowering Jewhate(rs)

DoJ Civil Rights: Biologist racist Kristin Clarke
NSC Sr Dir Intel: Maher Bitar BDS jihadi
Israel & DC: Refund PLO johadi
> 70-80% self-identified Jews in US voted for this.
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24 Jan
Jan 23-24: PLAAF shift recon to war prep RoC ADIZ
> Jan 22
- Y-9 EW
> Jan 23
- 8 H-6K
- 4 J-16 fighter jets
- 1 Y-8 ASW

> Jan 24
- 6 J-10 4 J-16 2 SU-30
- 1 Y-8 recon, 2 Y-8 ASW

DB: RoC faces PRC alone. JB CCP man. ImageImageImageImage
@threadreaderapp kindly unroll
via @LegInsurrection by @SCMPNews
CGL: NPCSC coastguard law
> allows “coastguards to launch pre-emptive strikes without prior warning” scmp.com/news/china/dip…
> ECS, SCS, Senkaku, Yellow & Bohai Sea
> Dec 2020
> Sept 2020

#mmie ImageImageImageImage
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