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Culver City Council. MSW. Veteran. Project Manager @ the James Lawson Institute. Board @movetoamend & @backboneprog He/Him/His Donate: https://t.co/eu7SuenuxM
23 Feb
If you're local to Culver City and nearby areas, you've heard of Southern California Hospital. And you know that when you call 9-1-1, if that's the nearest hospital you can be transported to, they'll say "are you okay with that?" ๐Ÿงต
SCH is notorious for leaks, mold issues, elevators that don't work, and other issues that no hospital should EVER have. Workers there recently told me they were exposed to COVID and not even notified until days, sometimes weeks, later.
This hospital is owned by a hedge fund. Do you think hedge funds are trained in caring for patients? Of course not. It's about profit. Healthcare shouldn't be about profit -- it should be a universal human right guaranteed to all for free, irrespective of income level.
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22 Feb
Should California expunge all marijuana arrests?

Yes Yes Yes
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omg didnโ€™t expect this to blow up, check me out on soundcloud bit.ly/DWLSignUp
We've expunged some records at the city level in some cases, but we don't really have a blanket statewide program for ALL arrests even though marijuana is fully legal here.
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