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7 Apr
this is a good prompt to say something about practicing Buddhism (e.g. training in meditation and other related forms of psychospiritual development) as a person who does not believe in reincarnation.
I'm going to start with a deeply radical claim.

The primary goal of Buddhism is to produce a framework of philosophies, practices, and communities that facilitate DEEP UNLEARNING. The most important thing to be unlearned are ideas that are harmful to self and others.
From the perspective of Axial Age Asian society (where Buddhism originated) the most widely held harmful idea would have been reincarnation. In that society, the idea was just absolutely taken for granted as the system of the world. Social systems were built on top of it.
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6 Apr
Imagine a world in which the institutions of society were really there to help you, and others like you, and others not like you, in their journey to a self-actualized life with abundance and happiness and purposefulness.

Imagine it. What do you imagine?
how does this society raise its children?
how does this society compensate its workers?
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