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7 May
Important. This disinformation campaign has been in the works for weeks. Finally the amplification is working... and likely is being aided by quarantine fatigue that makes folks eager for an “alternative narrative”
About the doc:

This lady was arrested in 2011, not for being a brave science whistleblower, but for STEALING shit.: chicagotribune.com/nation-world/c…
And although she denies being an anti-vaxxer, she IS an anti-Vaxxer who has showed up to govt meetings to “highlight how government the tries to cover up vaccine dangers” vcstar.com/story/news/loc…
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11 Mar
I've been thinking about why many of us are so passionate and vocal about the #FlattenTheCurve concept with regards to slowing the #coronavirus spread. I think for many of us with experience with the deaths of loved ones from cancer or heart disease, there is something...1/
... fascinating about the notion of slowing or preventing the spread of something that might result in death of other people.

Coronavirus comes from other people. It comes from the outside. But it's not inevitable that it will come.
We have agency in this equation. Each of us has the ability to stop behaviors (travel, interactions in groups) and start behaviors (rigorous hand-washing, etc) to slow its spread.
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10 Mar
If you are interested in moving lecture courses online for the next few weeks and are able to use Zoom...

here is a cheat sheet:
Open Zoom and click on New Meeting
To be able to show and narrate a powerpoint in zoom, click on Share:
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