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2020 ~ good vision. Labour movement needs to rediscover theirs. Grassroots politics #ByTheMany #ForTheMany Principles for justice not triangulation for power.
Sep 29, 2019 18 tweets 15 min read
@mcslfc68 @pinccushion @suziegeewizz Mark,first you have to realise2shocking facts:
1)we've been sold biggest&most effective lie ever told,relentlessly for@least40yrs(my lifetime)&in reality far longer
2)government money is INFINITE!*
Grab a brew,take a deep breath&stick with me for a moment (I'm not insane!)
THREAD @mcslfc68 @pinccushion @suziegeewizz * infinite as long as you have sovereign currency,as we do in the UK,but the likes of poor Greece,in the €uroZone do not.

If cash is unlimited,then what's preventing unbridled spending?
Two things:
1) the necessary resources
2) inflation
Sep 21, 2019 14 tweets 17 min read
@daveallsop1 @JamesEFoster @MitchBenn @savage_home @BethRigby Grab yourself a brew, here's the context...
Although, you are quite right, this government is thoroughly incompetent it has gone from a majority to a crumbling minority that can't win a single vote under Corbyn's opposition. @daveallsop1 @JamesEFoster @MitchBenn @savage_home @BethRigby Wealth inequality is obscene&the elites who wish to see Tory rule continue still have massive power through their control of the media,privatised public services&corporations.
No political figure in history has faced(let alone endured) onslaught that Corbyn has had thrown at him.