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Nov 23, 2021
1) I noticed that many people are still not aware of #IBC. I've written a thread about inter-blockchain communication. I will also dive into some of the projects which have already enabled IBC and their latest updates.

Let's go Cosmonauts! ⚛ Image 2) First, let's look at what IBC is. Networks are essential for us as individuals and for any system that wants to scale. The IBC is all about networks and connecting them. The #Cosmos vision is to build bridges between blockchains and allow these blockchains...
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Nov 20, 2021
1) In my recent thread I've pointed out why I'm bullish on @QuickswapDEX. I'd like to dive in some more because I don't want people to miss out on all the advantages.🙏💯

A thread.... 2) Uniswap's fees are too high for smaller investors. In my opinion, the most significant advantage of QuickSwap is the transaction speed and low fees, which makes it accessible and attractive for smaller investors as well. Quickswap has grown in popularity due to these things.
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Jul 20, 2021
I made a thread about @pStakeFinance to help understand the value and bring awareness of this game changing product. I will explain in short how to use it as well.

Powered by @PersistenceOne Image What is pSTAKE?

pSTAKE allows holders of PoS tokens to securely stake their network tokens to earn staking rewards while receiving 1:1 pegged ERC-20 stkTOKEN that represent staked tokens which can then be used in Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem. Image
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