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19 Jan
Today, 77 days after President Trump created the 1776 Commission, the group released a report — 41 pages, with pictures: bit.ly/38U12Is.

The White House says the group is "comprised of some of America’s most distinguished scholars and historians."

Reader, it isn't.
Larry Arnn chaired the 1776 Commission. He is the president of Hillsdale College and one of The Heritage Foundation's trustees.


In 2015, he received the Bradley Prize. (Here is some background, from @WilliamCohan: bit.ly/3qvbgVO.)
His Hillsdale colleague, Matthew Spalding, was the Commission's executive director.


He is the author of "We Still Hold These Truths: Rediscovering Our Principles, Reclaiming Our Future."

Previously, Spalding was a fellow at The Heritage Foundation.
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16 Jan
Ahead of the federal execution of Dustin Higgs — what will become the thirteenth since July, Justice Sotomayor notes, in a dissent, "The Federal Government will have executed more than three times as many people in the last six months than it had in the previous six decades."
See pages five through fourteen: bit.ly/3bKtK0c
"Over the past six months, this Court has repeatedly sidestepped its usual deliberative processes, often at the Government's request, allowing it to push forward with an unprecedented, breakneck timetable of executions," Justice Sotomayor writes.
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22 Nov 20
President Trump did not participate in the side meeting on "Pandemic Preparedness and Response."

Who did? Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Moon Jae-in, among others.

It was at 7:00 p.m. AST, which was 11:00 a.m. ET. He was at Trump National Golf Club.

"They" didn't say (read: report) President Trump skipped the virtual #G20RiyadhSummit.

Journalists pointed out, accurately, that the president didn't participate in an important side meeting on the #COVID19 pandemic. Instead, he was at one of his private golf courses.
Here is a handful of headlines, from @CNBC, @CNN, @guardian, and @Slate:
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29 Oct 20
In an email to State Department officials, @SecPompeo's son refers to his father's tenure as "a family endeavor."

Susan Pompeo "gives instructions to State Department officials from her personal email address," to make reservations and fix the dryer.

In that email, a copy of which @JoshNBCNews obtained, @npompeo, the secretary's son, "also had an ask: Could he or the software company for which he was a sales executive be involved in a coming 'data hackathon' event the State Department was planning?"
Many of Susan Pompeo's emails are heavily redacted.

Including this one, with the subject line "5 Day Guest Schedule."
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28 Oct 20
Today, I am going to #vote early.

My polling place doesn't open until noon today, but the line already extends down the block.

I'm in it.
And yes, as a non-native New Yorker, I believe you wait in a line, not on it.
Eavesdropping from a remove of six feet, I think it is remarkable how many of my fellow would-be voters have been here before.

Several of them said they came here on a previous day, and waited 90 minutes or more before they decided to call it quits.
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21 Sep 20
"Whatever your views, the Supreme Court is at a very rare crossroads," @CassSunstein writes for the @BostonGlobe. "It's important to be clear about what's at stake."


So, what's at stake?
"Environmental regulations, above all involving climate change, would probably be struck down."

"Roe v. Wade, giving women a right to choose abortion, would probably be overruled."

"The Affordable Care Act would probably be struck down in its entirety."
"Affirmative action programs would probably be forbidden."

"The modern regulatory state would be in serious jeopardy."
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22 Aug 20
Bunny Mellon, who designed the White House Rose Garden for President Kennedy, on the crabapple trees First Lady Melania Trump removed:

"The force of the summer sun that bakes the city of Washington would be broken by the height and width of these trees."

"It was truly President Kennedy's garden," Bunny Mellon wrote. "His concern for the growth and wellbeing of this garden was never ending."
According to @KateBennett_DC the trees will be replanted, eventually, on the White House grounds:
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23 Jul 20
In Tulsa, Oklahoma, I just interviewed a man named Glenn Patton, who needed help applying for unemployment.

He has been out of work since March, when he lost his job at a rental car franchise.

He has had trouble figuring out how to apply for benefits online.
"The last few months have been terrible," he told me. "You know, I'm about three months behind on rent... A couple of months on my car... Food has been hard to get. I'm trying to apply for SNAP, but you know how that goes. It's been pretty bad."
I asked Patton what he wants to say to lawmakers. (Unless they act, pandemic unemployment assistance will expire.)
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19 Jul 20
A strange thing about anchoring on a cable news channel is you can talk with, and feel as though you are getting to know, someone over and over again before you meet him in person.
When I anchored on @MSNBC, Christopher Dickey and I chatted many times over the transom, perhaps most memorably during the Trump/Putin summit in Helsinki.

But often it was more prosaic. "What's the news?"

I was in a cold studio. He was in the 8th arrondissement.
I knew of his reporting, his work, and the significance of his surname.

I spent my childhood in the Carolinas, and I too was the son of an English professor.

Chris was a legend in his own right, and it was always a treat to talk to him.
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13 Jul 20
On a reporting trip to #Texas, and during the quarantine that followed, I had a lot of time to think about #COVID19 testing.

It took me seven days to get the result of my PCR test.

That isn't acceptable.
In the United States, #COVID19 testing capacity has improved, but it hasn't kept up with demand.

I keep hearing the labs are overwhelmed.
I was tested at an urgent care clinic in Brooklyn, eight hours after my flight landed at LaGuardia.

It was Independence Day, and I arrived shortly after the office opened.

There was a line down the block, and I waited an hour.
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28 Jun 20
At the Auorora Municipal Center, a policeman is on a loudspeaker, addressing protesters:

"The Aurora Police Department has determined that this [protest] threatens safety and personal property. Everyone is ordered to leave the area and disperse immediately."

The crowd has thinned significantly since earlier today, when there was a Black Lives Matter protest; then, a protest organized by students.

The remaining protesters have gravitated to the Police Department, where the Party for Socialism and Liberation set up shop around noon.
A few families with small children have moved to the periphery, to watch the goings on.
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17 Jun 20
These days, I have been listening to a lot more @bbcworldservice programming, and many of their presenters do something to which a lot of U.S. anchors seem averse:

They acknowledge they are broadcasting from their homes.
For instance, Alan Kasujja often says he is broadcasting from the BBC's headquarters in Central London, and Bola Mosuro says she is at home.

It makes me feel like we are all in the same boat in a way, and I certainly don't mind it.
Other journalists sometimes joke about it.

Maybe so-and-so is in his kitchen... If there are technical difficulties, we laugh it off...
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6 May 20
"North Carolina Breakdown"
"Soldier's Joy"
With thanks to @burstofbeaden for the new shirt: bit.ly/3fSX6cG.
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