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13 Sep
It makes sense that @JoeNBC, who is constantly misrepresenting the Second Amendment, thinks abortion “specifically enumerated constitutional right.”
He also doesn't seem to understand the 10th Amendment.
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2 Sep
I wrote my book Eurotrash (out in October!) to push back against the American Left’s championing of contemporary European ideas. One of the most dangerous has been the normalization of censorship.
For example, in Scotland right now, a feminist activist named Marion Millar is facing *2 years in jail* if convicted of sending “transphobic” tweets. She was charged under Section 127/2003 Communications Act, which criminalizes “grossly offensive” messages.
Millar is an accountant and mom of twin autistic boys. One of the tweets she is being prosecuted for features a picture of ribbon placed atop the colors of the suffragette movement.
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4 Aug
Is there any left-wing anti-Semitism Chait won't whitewash? Even the freaking ADL -- which has done everything it can to wish away the Squad's Jew baiting -- condemns it.
Tlaib says the same people who are keeping down "Palestine" are “exploiting” “regular” citizens here in the US. Is it really "ultrasensitive" to think she's talking about Jews? Who is she talking about?
Ultrasensitive right winger Jonathan Greenblatt...
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7 Jul
Why would any R involve themselves in this farce?
Any good-faith investigation would not Schiff involved. washingtonexaminer.com/the-worst-man-…
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16 Jun
They should do the same regarding the guns congress wants to ban.
Ask them the how many genders there are?
When life starts.
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14 May
This guy thinks Jews, who have a consistent presence in Israel going back to at least 1000 bc, are colonizers stealing land.
Hamas is fighting back against what stolen land? They were given autonomy. Jewish "settlers" were removed by force.
The genocidal theocrats who are just "fighting back" are aiming their rockets at towns with ancient Jewish names.
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27 Apr
1. The Post didn't even mention this interaction in their initial piece (not sure if they've mentioned it at all, yet) but yet this reporter goes online to regurgitate the admin's GOP-'pounces' talking points.
2. Why would Zarif be astonished to hear about it? Why would he make it up off the record? When did the conversation happen? What else does he say about the Kerry interaction on the Iran International leaked tape? Seems like something a reporter might want to find out.
3. Then again, this reporter has yet to answer who confirmed the nonexistent bounty story for him.
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15 Apr
It wasn't satire. Where is the evidence that it was satire. In the same year, Clarke invited a Holocaust-denying professor who offered the same theories. She praised him. In 2019 she signed a letter supporting another activist with the same ideas.
If someone sends me contemporaneous evidence of it being satire I will happily correct.
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12 Apr
Stallone's best movie is Victory, in which he plays a scrappy American POW who escapes from a German camp; allows himself to be recaptured so he can help others escape; then stays & leads Allied "soccer" team in a heroic tie against Nazis; and then escapes anyway.
A sweaty Michael Caine runs around and keeps telling Pele what to do.
It's the Rocky of World War II soccer movies.
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12 Apr
I'm not pro democracy, I am pro freedom. If democracy erodes freedom than it's not something to celebrate.
Of course many people use the term "democracy" interchangeably with freedom in good faith. But many people don't. To them, majoritarianism (you know, now that it's convenient) is what matters because it's another way to gain more power.
There is great value in self-determination, but if progressives destroy local control, grow centralized national government, and ignore individual rights, then the minority is stripped of control over their own lives.
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9 Apr
House Democrats on FDR's court packing scheme in 1937:

"We recommend the rejection of this bill as a needless, futile, and utterly dangerous abandonment of constitutional principle."

"It is a proposal without precedent and without justification."
"It would subjugate the courts to the will of Congress and the President and thereby destroy the independence of the judiciary, the only certain shield of individual rights."
"It stands now before the country, acknowledged by its proponents as a plan to force judicial interpretation of the Constitution, a proposal that violates every sacred tradition of American democracy."
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5 Apr
The funny thing about this talking -- which I don't actually believe -- is that hardly any money in the bill goes to fix it. Use some of the $500 billion we already spend every year on this, instead of solar panels and Amtrak.
The whole thing is a scam. No matter you bring up, they will make some other hyperbolic claim. 82 million people are "exposed" to asbestos!
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5 Apr
It's funny that one of the examples he offers in this piece -- filled with lies about the GA law -- I wrote not for NR but for *The Washington Post.*
At the end of the day, Chait doesn't believe black Americans can handle getting IDs like everyone else. It's shameful.
The thing is, even if everything he said about NR were true, it doesn't change what's in the GA law -- the thing he is lying about.
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17 Mar
You simply can't read a book about a rock band in the 1970s where the members weren't sleeping with young teenagers. Why aren't we canceling these people? I will join any campaign that helps stop "classic rock" from being played in supermarkets etc.
Most of it should have been canceled for sucking.
I hear another Doobie Brothers or Bad Company song I am going to lose it.
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8 Mar
It's the least racist country in the world.
I'm working on a book that makes this argument. Europe, for instance, is by every measure a worse place for minorities.
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6 Mar
Health care.
Every sport that matters.
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28 Feb
Give me a break. They lionized him and covered for him for a year -- when it mattered and people were dying.
I wonder why he's a "liberal icon "
I mean, I wrote about the gaslighting in July; and I wasn't alone, obviously.
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8 Jan
reminder: rent-seeking corporations can do things that are completely legal but still illiberal.
and i agree with them, no one should be compelled to publish something. but watching people who want government to run everything suddenly champion the rights of corporations is funny. does their love of economic choice extend to health care insurance, or only books?
And if your answer is the First Amendment, I'm going to have to ask you to explain why it's ok for the state to force everyone to pay for abortions, including nuns.
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