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16 Feb
Excited to see our paper with @mapickup out in @Res_Pol today.

A lot of attention (justifiably!) has been focused on the role of partisanship in COVID attitudes and behaviors. We expand the scope by looking at populism, which cuts across the party lines.

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We focus on two dimensions of populism: anti-elite dimension and distrust of experts dimension.

They are distributed fairly evenly among Reps and Dems. Republicans tend to score higher on the distrust of experts dimension of populism and Democrats on the anti-elite dimension. Image
We find that both dimensions of populist attitudes are independently strong predictors of believing in two COVID related conspiracy theories: believing that COVID is a Chinese bioweapon and that a vaccine already exists (this is based on a survey conducted on March 31, 2020).
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4 Feb 20
I’m thrilled to announce that starting in the fall of 2020, I will be an assistant professor of political science at @ColoradoStateU .

This did not come easy, so you better believe that this will be accompanied by an emotional, and long, thread.
If books come with Acknowledgments, so will this job announcement. Here it goes:
First, without @katierapson none of this would happen. Academia is so hard on relationships. There is so much uncertainty and rejection all the time, you have no clue where you will live and for how long. I’m sorry for putting you through this and thank you for all the support.
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