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Biostatistician and trialist trying to work out the best ways of evaluating medical tests.
25 Jun 20
Antibody tests for identification of current and past infection with SARS‐CoV‐2 - Deeks, JJ - 2020 | Cochrane Library…

Living Cochrane Review of Antibody Tests – 1st version now published. Twitter summary to save you reading the 300+ pages
#1 Search date of 27 April 2020. Scanned 10,965 COVID-19 publications and pre-prints. Included 54 studies of test accuracy of COVID-19 antibody tests. Some studies looked at multiple tests, so total of 89 test evaluations including 15,976 samples (8,256 from COVID-19 patients)
#2 Most research studies done in China on tests developed and manufactured in China. Data found for 27 commercial tests and 25 in-house assays. 61% were lab assays (requiring venous blood), 39% with point-of-care assays (possible finger-prick blood)
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28 May 20

Government advice (…)

“If your test is negative, you and other household members no longer need to self-isolate”

BUT chances of COVID could be 19% in this group
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DATA (*more needed*)

Of staff in UK hospital 43% with week off for COVID symptoms were RT-PCR+ve.

Sensitivity of RT-PCR - no clear data - stated to be as low as 70%.

Investigate worst case 43%, compare with 24% best case
Sens: 70% to 85%
Spec: 98% (makes little difference).

LR- = (100-sens)/spec
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16 May 20
21 WAYS TO SPIN RESULTS FROM A COVID DIAGNOSTIC TEST ACCURACY (morning thoughts whilst walking the dog - please add others I've missed). I'm putting this out to help us critique the "number theatre" being thrown at us.
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#1 Use a small sample size (and never report how big it isn’t). Use phrases like"we detected all cases" the test is "100% accurate" without mentioning it is only from 29 samples.
#2 Talk about the total sample size when interpreting results about sensitivity (especially if you have tested 5000 blood donors to estimate specificity and only 29 to estimate sensitivity)
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14 May 20
1/9 Where’s the evidence for the ROCHE test claims?

All I can find is the IFU document.…

@deb_cohen @phe_uk @MHRAgovuk @sarahboseley I'll summarise what I have found. Please share other studies and results if you can find them. We've searched hard.
2/9 Study design

“A total of 204 samples from 69 symptomatic patients with a PCR confirmed SARS‑CoV‑2 infection were tested with the Elecsys Anti‑SARS‑CoV‑2 assay. 1 or more consecutive specimens from these patients were collected after PCR confirmation at various time points.”
3/9 (that's all the detail available - standard two sentences of detail - STARD reporting guidelines clearly not applied).
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