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Apr 30 • 20 tweets • 4 min read
Are you a Notion enthusiast looking to create a personal brand and monetize your audience?

In this thread, we'll explore why building your personal brand on Twitter is important and how to do it effectively.

Let's dive in! Image Building a personal brand on Twitter helps you:

→ Monetize your audience
→ Build your online presence

Twitter is an excellent platform to connect with others and showcase your expertise!
Apr 29 • 13 tweets • 3 min read
Are you a Notion creator struggling to build trust and boost sales?

Unlock the power of testimonials with this step-by-step guide to leverage social proof and boost sales for your Notion templates.

Let's dive in!👇 notion template Importance of Testimonials (Social Proof)

● Increase credibility
● Build trust
● Drive more sales

92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertising. ;)
Testimonials provide social proof that your product is valuable and trustworthy.
Apr 2 • 9 tweets • 4 min read
Want to skyrocket your product's success with powerful testimonials? 🚀

Join me in this thread as we explore the importance of testimonials, the best methods for collecting them, and tools to help you showcase your product's value through customer feedback. Why are testimonials important?

✅ Establish credibility
✅ Increase trust
✅ Showcase the value of your product
✅ Influence purchasing decisions

Never underestimate the power of genuine, positive feedback from satisfied customers!

#SocialProof #ProductSuccess
Apr 2 • 10 tweets • 6 min read
Curious about turning your @NotionHQ enthusiasm into a profitable venture? 💰

Check out these 7 proven ways to monetize your skills and build a thriving Notion-based business!

#notiontemplates #notion 🚀 1. Selling templates:
Master the art of creating high-quality templates and sell them to others in need. Your creative talents can become a steady income source!


Apr 1 • 8 tweets • 4 min read
Mastering the #NotionTemplate Market: How to Find the Most In-Demand Templates? 📈

Follow this thread to discover how to study marketplaces, Google searches, and Twitter trends to create winning templates that your audience will love!

#MarketResearch Image 📈 Step 1:
Explore top marketplaces like @NotionEverything, @Gridfiti, @gumroad , and @prototionHQ. Analyze bestsellers, pricing, and customer reviews to identify popular templates and what makes them stand out.

Apr 1 • 8 tweets • 3 min read
Think you need a huge following to make serious money with your Notion templates? Hear me out! 😡

Don't stress over the number of Twitter followers you have!
While having an audience can give you an edge, remember that the basics of selling in businesses still apply. Image Go old school!

Like any other business, the sales pipeline is independent of how many followers a business has.

-Create valuable products
-Package them well
-Set up a distribution pipeline
-Market through various channels
-Provide excellent post-purchase support
Mar 31 • 9 tweets • 6 min read
Ever wondered how I made $35,000+ selling Notion templates? 💰
Here's a thread breaking down my sales, distribution strategy, and the top marketplaces that have contributed to my success!

Buckle up, fellow Notion-preneurs! 🚀

#Notion #TemplateSales Image Sales breakdown 📊

45% of my sales come from Notion Everything, followed by my website, Product Hunt, and Gridfiti blogs.

Check out the image for a detailed breakdown of sales across platforms! 📸

@NotionEverythng @ProductHunt @Gridfiti Image