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Wellcome Clinical PhD Fellow in Public Health at UCL. Interested in sexual health and rights, social justice and musical theatre. Not always in that order.
31 Mar
The #SewellReport and its conclusions hit particularly hard today. I can imagine that a lot of British people from minoritised communities are feeling particularly gaslit by having our lived experience dismissed in such a public and patronising way. I have some thoughts:
The report has actually presented quite a bit of evidence of systemic disadvantage, despite significant cherry-picking of data. However, they have dismissed a lot of things as being due to SES, as if accepting that POC are more likely to be poor isn't, itself, systemic racism.
There is also an assumption that a finding that shows any minority group having positive outcomes (or even an improvement in poor outcomes) indicates that racism doesn't exist. I don't think that that assumption would have passed peer review.
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