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11 Oct
Brooks Robinson in the ‘70 World Series is the single greatest all-around performance by a third baseman ever. Fifty years later, anyone who saw it gets reduced to stammering.
Robinson was the MVP. He won a car. Pete Rose said, “If I’d known he wanted a car that badly, I’d have bought him one.”
There have been other great players at third since, but to play like Robinson did, and Schmidt too, they did all the stuff with numbers and probabilities they do now, but in their heads. There’s good and great, but playing like a ghost is another thing entirely.
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8 Oct
Harris did her job. She’s lockstep with Biden and often did better at explaining his positions than he does. The main thing is she did nothing to become the story.
Pence hitched himself to Trump tight on his own, but in complete sentences and with a plastic preacher sort of warmth. Harris hit him best when she broke the stitches of his words and exposed the Trump original underneath.
Women will hate Pence running his mouth—note the look in his eyes as he was admonished. Don’t mistake his relative fluency for success. The goals have moved. He spoke too often in stock phrases where Harris went for the kitchen table.
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3 Oct
There was some question about the reaction to Boris Johnson's diagnosis. We answered it but perhaps it's better to do so for everyone. Namely, Johnson's diagnosis resulted in goodwill which he then turned into political advantage. I doubt that will happen here.
First, Johnson had not ground the country down over years as Trump has. Second, Johnson is, if you squint, and in a way only they are familiar with, likable. It's the only reason why he's in the job at all.
And perhaps most important, they were clear on the diagnosis. He spoke to the country at length. He quarantined. He went to the hospital when necessary, and clear, if discreet, updates were given from there.
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3 Oct
I've said it before but I think in the coming years Albert Speer is someone who will be more relevant than he's been in a long time. The Gitta Sereny book.
If you don't know, Gitta Sereny came to know Speer after his release. She liked him. Because of this she, through a series of interviews and research, proceeded to destroy beyond a shadow of a doubt all his claims of innocence.
Her book seeks to understand how a man can become "not just amoral, but morally extinguished."
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30 Sep
An abomination. Embarrassing and unedifying in every way. In particular Wallace should be ashamed of himself.
Difficult as it was to watch, Biden hit his marks. That’s how he got through the primary; often it wasn’t pretty but he pushed the right buttons. If anything he has a simpler task now; tell them over and over, “I understand you’re in trouble. I can help.” He did that.
Don’t mistake Trump swinging his arms for Biden on the ropes. A good two-thirds of their campaign is letting Trump be a hostile witness.
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23 Sep
In the 1980s President Nixon met and corresponded with many people who he felt could facilitate his return to public life. This is the practice of politics. The article, to its credit, points out the relationship was transactional and no significance should be attached. - RZ
At the time Mr. Trump was at his first peak of media influence, and President Nixon worked in and around New York City, as he continues to do. To encounter Mr. Trump was inevitable, and to fail to cultivate the relationship, to a point, would be malpractice. - RZ
We refer you to the following. - RZ…
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13 Sep
I want to clarify in general terms what is going to happen in Westminster this week.
Broadly, the "Brexit" protocol for Northern Ireland provided for Irish decisions by Irish people - that is, how to spend money previously administered by the EU. Westminster, fearing ever closer union of the North with the Republic, now wants control of that money.
In other words, the government seeks to break a binding international treaty. It now says a hard-won agreement, which it was lucky to get - an agreement they endorsed months ago - is flawed, and they will do what they like.
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11 Sep
The circumstances of Fr. Mychal Judge’s death on September 11 obscure his place as one of the great New York characters. If you don’t know, Judge was chaplain to the FDNY and a legend among them. He chose poverty, first of all. He felt it brought him closer to God.
Yet like a great Irish priest Judge had ten thousand best friends, some very powerful. He delighted in the best food and drink. But he had limits. He was a sober alcoholic. He knew the bottom. Most of his ministry was to outcasts, the sick and homeless.
In spite of all his great friends, few people knew him well. He was a gay man, and made no apology for that. He simply felt it was his own business. Some of the firefighters knew. No one cared. He was always first to a fire and last to go.
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9 Sep
He has been known to Russian intelligence since at least 1977. His first father-in-law was a Czech informer, and his first wife received favors based on that. Ten years later the Russian ambassador buttered him up and suggested a Trump Tower in Moscow. News that DNI Dan Coats thi...
This was at a time when they lacked for targets and specifically sought the arrogant, vain, etc. Once they got you in Russia, they cast the lures and saw where you bit.
If you did, they might sit on the material for years. I don't know if he did, or if so what it was. Nobody does. But I suspect he may not have needed to.
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9 Sep
I think it's more important now. Six months ago it's MSNBC and two minutes on the nightly news. Now a lot of people are dead or out of work and for two months you won't be able to watch television in six states without hearing it.
I don't think Woodward's tape changes things six months ago, and I don't think it does on its own now. In March they would have said, "Well, we shut the country down. We had a bill and so forth."
You are talking about mask-wearing. Assholes. These are the people who think taxation is theft. You can't tell them anything.
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6 Sep
This is a superlative oral history of Ripken's record, by @danconnolly2016, a Baltimore man through-and-through.…
What sticks with me is Ripken's account of looking up at his old man weeping. It could only have been a few seconds, he said, but it felt like an hour, and in that they said all they were never able to say to each other.
Another thing I forgot is Ripken didn't want to take the tour around the ballpark, but Bobby Bonilla practically threw him out there. Then he obviously knew many of the people who congratulated him, which is what made it so affecting.
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5 Sep
Again, it's not the story itself but what it portends. I think they are set to bleed him week by week. Put them on the defensive. Make them panic.
Yes, well.
He went on the record with Woodward because he felt the last book was unfair.
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2 Sep
Vin Scully took a bad fall a few months back. He has a walker now, and an aide. But his mind is sharp. He says he's lonely without the fans. So he is going to appear at @TheVinScully beginning tomorrow. I am quite serious.
Scully's last great feat, if you ask me, was throwing out the first ball in the World Series. It's something at any age to stand alone in front of 60,000 and speak without notes for five minutes.
There is talk of Scully appearing regularly on YouTube, as well.
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31 Aug
When Markey said he'd visited every town in Massachusetts, the kid soberly said how sad it was he'd left out half a dozen places "not in Ed Markey's Massachusetts." They were in fact flooded in the 1920s and are now under a reservoir.
Think how Markey must feel. He spent his life eating chicken dinners with White and Menino and Gerry Studds. Now this little bastard comes along.
I only met old Joe Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy, twice. The first was outside "21." The second was on a plane going to California. He was with a young girl. Beautiful girl. He introduced her as his niece. I don't know if he had a niece. But she was beautiful.
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28 Aug
Biden has said it’s wrong to burn buildings. He’ll do it again. But the desire for him to aggressively wag his finger is the wrong move. That’s sitting back on your heels.
Show that Trump wants your store to burn because it helps him. Tie the vigilantes around his neck. That’s the political thing. It remains to be seen how Kenosha changes the game, if at all, but Biden so far is doing that.
I do think Biden should go to Wisconsin in a controlled way. That is what presidents do.
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28 Aug
Nothing is surprising here. But the delivery is sedate, to say the least—a laundry list without unity or theme. You don’t feel the knife to the throat, like he’s capable of. In a way it’s surprising because that’s exactly what they need to turn people out.
I think it’s further proof that whoever has his ear this week rules—for all the talk of the elder son, the Kushners are all over this speech.
The idea, of course, is take care of the balloon-blowers and bell-ringers on previous nights, then make him look mild for the big audience. It’s fair enough, if many of those people were still up for grabs.
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21 Aug
I famously called Pence “dumb in the manner of an insect, or an in-bred dog.” This is often misunderstood. Both these things have their own kind of cunning, and can do a lot of damage. There is on the other hand a class of people maintain Harris has achieved things she hasn’t.
It’s not to say she won’t achieve them, but framing the debate as Perry Mason vs. some cornpone lawyer doesn’t help anybody. And hell, what does it matter? Clinton wiped the floor in the ‘16 debates.
The thing with Harris is that so-called toughness, in the moment as a lawyer or in general, is not the same as political dexterity.
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19 Aug
Global headquarters in Akron, OH. Product development in Hebron.
There are also major Goodyear operations in Texas.
I would add it's fairly standard practice to keep campaign signs and so forth out of the workplace, but by now I'm sure that's superfluous ...
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5 Aug
If it’s between Harris and Rice, a non-politician, take the politician. But Harris in any case would be a serious mistake.
People are once again asking. Harris has a reputation for being disloyal. I doubt she will be able to subsume her interests to Biden. And you saw what an embarrassment she is campaigning. She had money and the press. Think of ‘24.
All of you who say Harris is the only one are mistaken. No one on Biden’s list changes the race now. He’ll likely get elected with any of them. I am thinking of ‘22 and ‘24. That is why you keep me around.
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2 Aug
What in the name of God is he talking about? And why does he always look like he's beaming into the capital from a station controlled by the rebels?
"I owe a fellow in Hialeah ten thousand, and I have the Dolphins to cover. Don't cancel October just yet." Image
It wasn't an accident, you know. He really does hold the ball like a jackass. Marco Rubio plays football.
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21 Jul
This is the sort of garbage George W. Bush said twice a month and all you people made hay of it. The difference, I think, is Bush is reasonably intelligent but uneducated. Rubio is uneducated and stupid.…
Rubio likes to try to use wit and then pivot, as though to prove he's young but serious. But he's no longer young, and he's neither funny nor serious. He's like a cheap calculator who's tried to do the same problem for ten years, now the wires are corroded.
It’s something how many of you don’t count political cunning as intelligence, and equate schooling with it.
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