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16 Jan
I was looking for the perfect church, so I decided to call the Apostle Paul and ask a few questions. There’s no one better than him to help me find a perfect church, after all, he is the founder of several churches and knows them very well. 😊 1n
πŸ‘±πŸ»β€β™‚ - Hello! Is this, Paul, the apostle?

πŸ§”πŸ» - Yes, it's him!

πŸ‘±πŸ»β€β™‚ - May the peace of Christ be with you! πŸ˜…

πŸ§”πŸ» - Amen, brother!

πŸ‘±πŸ»β€β™‚- Sorry for the inconvenience, Apostle, but I need your help. It's just that I've been so disappointed in the church I’m in,...2n
...that now I am looking for the perfect church. I was thinking about the church in Corinth. Is this the perfect church? 😳
πŸ§”πŸ»- Look, the Church in Corinth has little groups (1 Cor. 1:12,13), envy, strife (1 Cor. 3:3)...3n
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19 Nov 19
It is finished

These were the last words of Jesus when He died on the tree (cross).

Many would be wondering what exactly got finished?

The answer to this question takes us to the Garden of Eden before the fall of our first parents Adam and Eve when everything was perfect. 1n
God dwelt with mankind. He had given mankind the choice of eternal life through the tree of Life in the Eden. But man chose to eat from the tree that was forbidden. It was not that the tree was bad but it was man's disobedience that led to his fall. 2n
Sin entered through his disobedience and sin gave birth to death. Every person born on the Earth, who was supposed to be immortal, dies. Firstly, because he carries the nature of disobedience, according to our first parents;...3n
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3 Jul 19
1. Thinking is a positive disposition. We always think about 'something.'
2. God IS (or exist) and anything that exists is from God.
3. Evil is trying to make real a thought that is positively disposed on which that is NOT (is not created by God or is not possible) 1n
4. Ezekiel 18: 17 Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; you have corrupted your wisdom by reason of your brightness: I have cast you to the ground; I have laid you before kings, that they may see you.
5. Satan, a covering cherub, or an archangel, had his heart: 2n
a. lifted up for his beauty.
b. Both 'lifted up' and 'beauty' are preposition in heart.
c. Nothing can be exalted above God.
d. Nothing is more beautiful than God.

6. Satan's had his wisdom
a. corrupted on account of his brightness
b. 'Brightness' is a physical attribute 3n
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2 Jul 19
@virginia_garret @delology @RachaelColby7 @KevinObie1 @WildmanWonders @CSLCHSnMore This is an excellent post. I loved reading this. I am sharing my thoughts and further affirming this line of yours "Do not dialogue with your strongholds" through my own OCD/anxiety struggles:

1. I was bombarded by thoughts and it literally incapacitated me. 1/n
@virginia_garret @delology @RachaelColby7 @KevinObie1 @WildmanWonders @CSLCHSnMore 2. The thoughts kept me engaged and asked me do certain mental or physical actions which when done further aggravated the OCD/anxiety.
3. I started reading book by "You are not your Brain" by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D. is an American psychiatrist...2/n
@virginia_garret @delology @RachaelColby7 @KevinObie1 @WildmanWonders @CSLCHSnMore ...and researcher in the field of neuroplasticity and its application to obsessive-compulsive disorder.
3. He advised us to look our thoughts as a third (rational) person or a Wise Advocate and do what the that Wise Advocate would do and not what the OC thoughts said. 3/n
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27 Jun 19
Hypothesis: Jesus had same body after the resurrection which he had before the resurrection. What made the difference is Power of Spirit. He could regulate the utility of the body by His Spirit.

1. Mount of transfiguration incident at Matthew 17:2-3. 1n
...His face shone.

2. Luke 28: 34-35. Jesus says it is He Himself, He is not Spirit alone and He has flesh and bones.

3. Matthew 14:29. Peter too overcame nature by walking on the water.

I request you to share your views. Please share supporting verses. Thank you.
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26 Jun 19
All Jesus desired from the disciples is that they put their complete trust in Him. Jesus foretold the disciples about the events which were about to unfold including the disciples betraying Him. It is interesting to note that Jesus was still teaching them to believe in Him. 1n
They did believe in Him but only when everything Jesus had foretold had been fulfilled and resurrected Jesus appeared to them. We all can learn from these events. The key learnings include...2n
...1. Just because someone has walked with Jesus for a longtime doesn't mean that he/she would not have doubt. 2. We need to emphasise on the historicity (realty) of death, burial and resurrection. ...3n
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