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9 Jan 20
So #recalldunleavy is on this talking tour saying “we want Alaskans to weigh in on the budget” or “we dont want outsider influences telling us how to run Alaska”

Here’s the thing...

@GovDunleavy was elected just over a year ago. The very first thing he did? He went and hired an outsider budget director, Donna Arduin. He literally started off his term as #akgov by hiring an outsider to manage our budget. He didn’t utilize an Alaskan that’s familiar with...

our unique needs and demands as a state. He hired an outsider with zero understanding of Alaska. We were just line items and numbers to be chopped by someone that was going to pack up and leave once she gutted our budget (which is what ultimately happened).

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13 Jul 19
1. The following may be a little long, however I ask you to please read it through, then really consider what I am saying/asking and consider sharing this thread.

Late last night someone reached out to me for some assistance regarding the doxing of the “22” the governor...
2. and his chief of staff. Initially I found it all very funny. After all, these folks seem to have “shut down” in regards to listening to constituents and other Alaskans who are weighing in on the current situation. Hell, they seem to have shut down in regards to doing...
3. their jobs, and upholding their oath of office.

All of those things may very well be true.

Unfortunately, the doxing that has taken place has only created a bigger mess. Talks had been taking place between all 3 groups regarding the vetoes and meeting location(s)...
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