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23 Feb
❤️ Weekly Love Messages ❤️
02/22/21 - 02/28/21

Please apply towards your VENUS and/or MOON sign! For the couples part, the roles can be reversed!
(Aries - Sagittarius - Leo)

❤️SINGLES❤️: okay, so I’m seeing that a lot of you are trying to get better about vulnerability and/or you’re realizing you’re maybe not AS vulnerable as you THINK you are, especially when it comes (1)
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22 Feb
I want COVID to be gone so badly..I miss visiting my grandmother. I miss being able to go out without being fearful
And folks are like “yOu cAn STilL gO oUt” yea but going OUT out like there’s no pandemic is wildly irresponsible and selfish to me.

With my illness, I cannot be out like that...Even when I get regular flus my life is at risk so imagine if I accidentally get COVID?
I’ve been stuck in my house for two years. Yes two years. I only ever go out to go to doctors appointments and I went to maybe 3 basketball games to support my siblings in those two years...
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22 Feb
Zodiac Weekly Forecast
02/22/2021 - 02/28/2021

Please apply towards your SUN, MOON, and/or RISING sign!
“Left Brain” vs. “Right Brain”
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21 Feb
And I know folks are always wondering why I “butt in”, why wouldn’t I?? If someone is a peer in your field and they’re obviously being harassed, why wouldn’t I?
Like I said before and I’ll say it again I HATE bullying and if I SEE it going on, best believe I’m not gonna stand idly and watch it happen... yall stay acting weird on here
One minute it’s “I wish our community would do better” then it’s y’all calling folks out Willy nilly or standing by watching them be attacked because you “don’t like drama”. When has showing solidarity to someone ever been considered “drama”
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17 Feb
❤️ Zodiac Love Messages ❤️
02/15/21 - 02/21/21

Please apply towards your MOON and/or VENUS sign! For “couples part”, roles can be reversed!
( Pisces - Scorpio - Cancer )

💙 SINGLES 💙 - So for some of you, there is someone in your vicinity energy wise that wants to DEVOUR you but either you truly don’t know who OR your ignoring their advances (1)
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17 Feb
Zodiac Weekly Forecast
02/15/21 - 02/21/21

Apply to your SUN, MOON, and/or RISING sign!
(Scorpio - Pisces - Cancer)

Soooo heyyyy water signs...idk what y’all got going on this week, but Spirit really wanted me to choose those alarm emojis and I was hearing “Ring the Alarm By Beyoncé” playing in my head so I guess that’s the vibe (1)
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16 Feb
I’m so so tired of explaining this I wanna rip my tongue out.

Im not a tarot reader. I’m a medium. Tarot is simply a tool like every other form of divination that I use. I do not attach so much power to cards because it’s ME channeling the messages at the end of the day
Not the cards, the cards are just cards to me. I could use uno cards I could use regular playing cards, does not matter.

So if you see a video of me with a card and I say something and you’re like “that’s not the meaning of that card” I know.

All that goes out the window..
It’s not about the meaning of the card for me, I’m merely using the cards to trigger visions mostly or for added support for Spirit (or whoever I’m using for the messages) to give me signs.

I promise it’s not the end of the world.
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15 Feb
Im bored, lemme start a trend. If you do this, I better get my credit:

Texting Prompts for the zodiac signs/placements. Below I’m gonna have something for you to text someone of that sign or placement to get their reaction and I want you to come back and show us how-
They respond lmaoooo. I’ll try to do as many placements as possible, okay??
Text a Scorpio Mars: “I wanna be impregnated by you/I want to impregnate you” show me what they respond with under here...
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15 Feb
❤️ Thread About Me ❤️ ImageImageImageImage
Wanted to make a thread about me for any new followers and old followers too! It’s important to me that y’all get some sort of in look on WHO I am especially if I’m gonna be working with your energy. It’s your right to know!
So hi! I’m Yasmeen or Yas (pronounced Yas-Mean). I’m 20 years old and from Atlanta, Georgia Zone 4 to be exact.
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