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22 Nov 20
A sheer exhibition of Hindu scriptures moulded in life-like sculptures.

For artists, it is an art gallery left behind by the great creators for the reference of the generations to come... For a layman, it is a school to learn history through easy pictorial representation.
But....#The temple so excellent, the architecture so brilliant and the art so perfect meant nothing to the barbaric invaders.
The chopped off noses, hands and destroyed exterior tells us how thi#s beauty and devotion of hundreds of artists was #mercilessly blown off by those who came to loot and destroy a #culture, a #religion...
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21 Nov 20

Once called ‘Dwarasamudra’ the Hoysala capital was sacked twice, by the marauding army of the Delhi Sultan, Ala-ud-din Khilji under the command of his famed General, Malik Kafur in the 14th century CE.
After this the Hoysalas deserted the capital which came to be known as Halebidu, meaning ‘Old Town’. All that survives of the glorious past are a few exquisitely carved temples.
This six feet high dvarapalas wearing jewelry on both sides of the doorways is sheer excellence of Hoysala architecture. Each has four hands (two broken, others damaged), wear jatamakuta, have third eye and fangs, and stand in S-shaped tribhanga pose.
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21 Nov 20
Story of #Indonesia that #Twitter does not want you to know:

Until the 16th century, Indonesia was 100% #Hindu-#Buddhist(except the negligible elite of Kedah sultanate).

Today, Hindus and Buddhists are not even 1% and #Muslims are 88%. What led to such a drastic change?
Expect for a handful of people on #Bali Island, #Hinduism in Indonesia is extinct.

The #Mosque shown in (1/7) is known as Meenara Kudus mosque. Built-in 1549, it is the oldest lasting mosque of #Indonesia. It is a Dargah of a Sufi wali-Sanga (saint) known as Sunan kudus.
The Dargah tells us a lot about how Sufi #Islam spread in #Indonesia. It is built by demolishing a #HinduTemple. The temple ruins can still be seen.

There is an interesting story. When #temples were destroyed to make way for mosques, #Hindus did not enter the mosques.
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21 Nov 20
Holiest number 108🚩

In the Sanskrit language, there are 54 alphabets as opposed to the 26 in English. Each has masculine ( Shiva) and feminine (Shakti). 54 times 2 is 108.
The distance between the sun and the earth is 108 times the sun's diameter. Also, the distance between the moon and the earth is 108 times the moon's diameter. And hence the moon appears the same size as the sun during eclipse
In China, the taoists and the Buddhists use a 108 Bead mala known as Su-chu. This mala or sacred string has three dividing beads so that the string is divided into three parts, containing 36 beads each.
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21 Nov 20
Evidence which says Indus valley people knew Stories related to god Krishna.

"A steatite (soapstone) tablet unearthed from Mohenjo-daro, Larkana district, Sindh depicting a young boy uprooting two trees from which are emerging two human figures is an......
.......interesting archaeological find for fixing dates associated with
Krishna. This image recalls the Yamalarjuna episode
of Bhagavata and Harivamsa Purana. In this image,
the young boy is undoubtedly Krishna, and the two human beings emerging from the trees....
......are the two cursed gandharvas, identified as Nalakubara and Manigriva. Dr. E.J.H. Mackay, who did the excavation
at Mohanjodaro, compares this image with the Yamalarjuna episode. Prof. V.S. Agrawal has also accepted this identification.
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21 Nov 20
Tricks, words and tactics. Nowadays jihadists are writing #Vedas, #Upanishads and #Gita, their purpose is to misinterpret and defile the traditional #religion ... This is also an example of tactical #jihad.
The book of #HarafPrakashani, these books are being published from #Kolkata. Aggression has not stopped even today!

To insult #Hinduism, the mullahs would misinterpret the Hindus with reference to the #Vedas.
It will be said that the Vedas speak of Hindus eating cows. In this way, they will contaminate the traditional religion with wrong information. Various groups, IDs, pages have been created on social media Facebook with the names of Hindu girls and boys.
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20 Nov 20
In September 1990, Petition for special leave to appeal (Civil) was filed against the judgement dated August 30, 1990, passed by Bombay High Court.
(1/n) @TOIIndiaNews #TipuSultan #TipuSultanJayanti Image
The Petitioners had produced the relevant Gazetteers of #Mysore and #Kerala and the letters of #TipuSultan at the time of hearing at the #BombayHighCourt. They had proved that:
1. He claimed to be a #Paigambar.

2. He adopted the title of #Baadshah.

3. He sometimes designated his own State as "Sircar-e-Khodadad -e- usud-ilhye -e- Ahmady" - in plain language, an #IslamicState.
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20 Nov 20
#VirupakshaTemple, #Pattadakal, #Karnataka, #India

The epigraphy reveals this to have been built by Queen Loka Mahadevi (originally named as Lokeswara) after the successful military campaigns of King Vikramaditya II against the #Pallavas (4th-9th centuries CE).
In ground plan it resembles the Kailasnatha #temple of Kanchipuram, citadel of the Pallavas, but in stone it is a realisation of the fully mature Early #Chalukyan architecture in all its glory.
A square garbha griha, with an ambulatory path surrounding it, is connected to the antarala. Two small shrines are laterally placed to the antarala, one for #Ganesha and the other for #Mahisasurmardini. Three porches from the east, north and south open up to an expansive mandapa.
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18 Nov 20
(See all the pics)

****warning: this is a long thread and well researched. Read-only if you can take out 7-10 mins of your precious time
♠ Meghanada

•Meghanada was the main fighter who had definitive weapons of the three preeminent divine beings, for example, Brahmandastra of Lord Brahma, Vaishnavastra of Lord Vishnu and Pashupatastra of Lord Shiva.
•He crushed Indra, Indra's child Jayanta and different masses of divine beings (Adityas, Rudras, Sadhyas and Maruts) in a fight.
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17 Nov 20
I am Debarghya Bhowmick from #Kolkata, #Bengal, #India

I need to share my view to save #AirIndia

So we realize Air India is in gigantic misfortune and facing loses for decades.
The merger of #AirIndia with #IndianAirlines was the biggest mistake or perhaps the biggest mismanagement of the #GovernmentOfIndia.

Everybody is simply criticising nobody is talking about a permanent solution. 

So here is my end-all strategy-
First I intend to give full Air India for a lease of 20 to 35 years. 

With the goal that we can have enough assets for the subsequent stage. 
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3 Nov 20
Mysterious temple made of floating stones


See the grandness of the #Hindu #temple of #India.
Look at every picture of the temple carefully, you will clearly see its grandness.
The stone used in the statues and roof of this temple is #basalt which is one of the toughest stones on #earth, it can be cut only by today's modern Diamond electron machine, at the rate of only 1 inch per hour.
Now you think how they have done such fine work on this stone 900 years ago. There is also an #idol of the #dancer who is wearing high heels. The most #amazing thing is that the roof of the temple has been done with such fine workmanship, which cannot be defined in words.
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