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1 Feb 20
His name is Majdi Mustafa Nema, used to be an officer in the Syrian army until he defected to joined the armed opposition post 2011. He used to call himself Islam Aloush when he became the spokes person of ‘Jayish Al-Islam’ a radical jihadi group led by Zahran Aloush that was...
Active in Ghota (Damascus countryside). During his time Jayish Al-Islam committed war crimes against civilians, including Adra massacre in Dec 2013. Jayish Al-Islam is also responsible for using Syrian Alwaites as human shields, they literally put women and children in cages..
Something that is very similar to ISIS tactics.
After leaving Syria to Turkey, Majdi Nema created a LinkedIn account and he started to represent himself as a researcher in ‘In Security and Terrorism Affairs, Focus on Syria.’
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17 Oct 19
General Mazloum Abdi: we have been negotiating a #ceasefire for the past 3 days based on Trump’s request
Gen Mazloum: We were part of these meetings and calls
Gen Mazloum: The agreement covers the the current war zone area only.
We at #SDF are ready to achieve anything to keep the ceasefire and the U.S gave us guarantees
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12 Oct 19
Horrific +18 +18 video published by pro Turkey telegram channel (Jarablous alkabous) shows a field execution by TFSA against an unknown person. Important to mention @SDCPress announced that same thing happened to Hevrin Khalaf a female politician this morning #KurdishGenocide
The same thing happened to Hervin Khalef, this is her card

Here is a picture taken after the TFSA thugs left, taken by locals
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