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4 Oct 20
N Period High Low breakout strategy: A thread

Complete credit to @theProfessorDev. I have just modified it to be more user friendly.

So, what's different in this?

- You can now backtest this strategy on the time period you want - it is no more an indicator alone 1/n
- You can also backtest this strategy for any N period high low break. Usually, you will find traders using Day/Week high and low breaks. But, I've made this strategy generic to even test a 1/2/3/4 hour high/low breakout. 2/n
Example: You can test a 5 hour high/low breakout on a 15 min TF and trade this strategy.

Find the Tradingview strategy code here -

Paste this code in tradingview pinescript section and add to chart 3/n
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23 Aug 20
Stop gambling & Start learning: I have received a few DMs about how people have lost lakhs & want a strategy to recover those losses. Here is my suggestion. If you are not profitable, do not trade FnO or anything for that matter. Stop today & vow not to trade unless you learn.1/n
But, then how does one learn? Start with Identifying support and resistances - this is the ABC of markets and everyone must know this, especially discretionary traders. Perfect this on the monthly and weekly charts. 2/n
It is pretty easy to learn this on higher TF than on 5/15/30 mins TF where there is a lot of noise. Practice this over the next 6 months and buy stocks where you see there is a proper setup. I have many charts on my timeline for reference. 3/n
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22 Aug 20
Thread: All the stocks I post are from an investment perspective & I prefer to ride it with the strategy mentioned in this tweet. To know how it works, you must apply this strategy on hundreds of stocks and see it for yourself 1/n
Obviously, you can pick a few and ride the short term trend as well using the strategy in this tweet. Again, apply it on hundreds of stock and experience how it works 2/n
If you are a beginner, you may choose to focus on these two strategies. Allocate 50% capital to each and practice this to see the results. Remember, without a proper strategy you are bound to lose in the long run and you will be drained both capital wise and emotionally too. 3/n
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20 Aug 20
The following stocks are contracting and could possibly go up in the coming days.

SKM egg products
Shilpa medicare
Laksh Vilas bank
Kellton tech
Network18 media
Nectar Lifesciences
Career point
Manali petrochem

Please define your risk & SL before taking the trades.
I don't have the time to post the charts for all of them. But, these comprise some pullback and some trendline break trades. #stockideas #Trendlines #investing #relativestrength #CCI #breakout #pricexpansion #Momentum
Charts for the pullback trades ImageImageImageImage
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14 Aug 20
All-in-one chart! How to enter, define stop-loss, when to pyramid & exit? This took me some time but I'm sure this chart speaks a thousand words & saves a few thousand webinar fees for many if you follow this. Although this is hindsight analysis, I am sure it will help many. 1/2 Image
This technique can be applied to any timeframe. I will keep posting such #tradinglessons going forward to help beginners. #trademanagement #pyramiding #stoploss #Entry #Exit #pullback #Trailingstoploss #breakout #systematictrading 2/2
This can be a very effective trading technique for breakout stocks & you will be able to ride the trend as long as the short term trend reverses. You can catch some really big trends & you need a few every year to make your PnL. Remember 80% of profits come from 20% trades.
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24 Jul 20
Note: If you do follow my tweets you would notice a similarity in the setups I post & that is what I am good at & I have kept doing them for some time now. I trade and invest in many of the stocks I post. However, I do not follow up on those and I don't see the need for that 1/1
Based on a single criterion cci(34) crossing 100 on weekly TF, I scan stocks and go through the charts and pick the best setups that I feel will outperform in the future. You can trade these charts on the daily or weekly timeframe. Ignore stocks below Rs.10. 2/2
If you are a short term trader, you can choose to hold the stocks until the stock goes below 10/20 ema on daily TF or until your stop is hit. If you are a medium-term trader, you can choose to hold them until CCI(34) on daily goes below -100 or until your stop is hit. 3/3
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11 Jul 20
Thread: As Promised, here is a multi-timeframe positional strategy based on CCI.

CCI Basics: A CCI reading above 100 is considered Bullish and overbought and a reading below -100 is considered Bearish and oversold. 1/n
I believe in buying overbought and selling oversold and this strategy is based on this assumption.

Entry criteria: CCI(34) on Weekly crossed above 100 and CCI(34) on Daily >100. Enter only above weekly high
Stoploss criteria: Recent swing low on the daily chart 2/n
Exit criteria: CCI(34) on Daily<-100
Holding period: Few days to many months
Pyramiding your winners should be considered to make your winners big. I'll write a post on this topic in the future. 3/n
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10 Jul 20
The 80/20 management rule in trading. 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In trading, 80%(big portion) of the profits come from 20% of the good trades. Do not take these numbers literally. 1/n
If you are a discretionary trader, you need to focus on those 20% good trades and the reasons behind it and try to make this number bigger. For ex: if 20% of those trades were breakout trades, then you need to trade more breakout trades to make those big winners. 2/n
If you were a system trader, you can't do much if your system already has a very good expectancy. You just need to have the right mindset to go through the drawdowns and wait for those big winners. Remember, there is no trading technique/system that will be 100% profitable. 3/n
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6 Jul 20
Nifty Strategy for educational purpose only:
Not sure how many will benefit from this system, but if one does I can assure you that you will make money in the long run.

Why am I doing this? To make you aware that simple strategies with a few lines of code will work. 1/n
Let me show you the backtested statistics before the strategy.

- Nifty positional strategy tested on Tradingview spot data
- Lots considered throughout Backtesting - 1 lot
- Indicator used - CCI(50)
- Hourly Timeframe
- commission & slippage - 0.03% deducted per leg 2/n
1) Time period tested - 01.01.2014 to 30.06.2020. Didn't include current trade that is running on 378 points.
2) Initial capital considered - 300,000 (2x drawdown included)
3) Ending capital - 872209
4) Nifty Points earned - 7629.51
5) Commission & slippage points- 1477.65 3/n
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5 Jul 20
A brilliant concept based on the long term and short term EMA by @heartwon. I'm here on twitter for such stuff that helps me build my systems. Really good one. Here is the trading view indicator that I coded. Please RT for everyone's benefit. 1/3
study("Weekly & Daily RTM", overlay=true)

shortemadaily = ema(close,5)
longemadaily = ema(close,21)
RTMDaily = shortemadaily/longemadaily

shortemaw = ema(close,4)
longemaw = ema(close,12) 2/n
shortemaweekly = security(syminfo.tickerid,"W",shortemaw)
longemaweekly = security(syminfo.tickerid,"W",longemaw)
RTMweekly = shortemaweekly/longemaweekly

plot(RTMweekly, 3/n
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22 Jun 20
Quickly coded & backtested the strategy discussed by @MaverickAmit01 @ydstartupreneur which comprises RSI, Awesome oscillator and MACD. Here it goes.
strategy("RSI,AO,MACD strategy", shorttitle="RSI,AO,MACD strategy",overlay=true)

//Awesome oscillator code
nLengthSlow = input(34, minval=1, title="Length Slow")
nLengthFast = input(5, minval=1, title="Length Fast")
xSMA1_hl2 = sma(hl2, nLengthFast)
xSMA2_hl2 = sma(hl2, nLengthSlow)
xSMA1_SMA2 = xSMA1_hl2 - xSMA2_hl2

// MACD 240 Histogram code
fastLength = input(12, minval=1), slowLength=input(26,minval=1)
fastMA = ema(close, fastLength)
slowMA = ema(close, slowLength)
macd = fastMA - slowMA
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19 Jun 20
Tradingview code for 13 & 34 ema crossover explained by @Singh7575 🙏 Works pretty good on daily TF and even better on weekly TF. With good risk management & a pyramiding strategy, this can turn out to be a really good strategy for short term trading and long term investing 1/3
strategy("13 & 34 ema crossover", shorttitle="13 & 34 ema crossover",overlay=true) 1/2
strategy.entry("Buy",strategy.long, when = Long == true,stop=high)
strategy.exit("Sell",when = LongExit == true,stop=low) 3/3
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23 May 20
My CCI based investment strategy - How does it work? A thread.
Objective: Identify stocks that are entering a phase of momentum on the upside and ride the stock until momentum weakens.1/n
About CCI: CCI is a momentum-based oscillator and a value above 100 indicates the price is well above the historic average and a value below -100 indicates the price is well below the historic average. 2/n
Strategy: This strategy will enter a stock when CCI on the weekly timeframe is greater than 100 & is overbought & exit when CCI on the weekly timeframe is below -100 & is oversold. Does that sound straightforward? Yes, simple and straightforward strategies can make money 3/n
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25 Apr 20
@charts4u I use tradingview(TV) pine script for backtesting. You will find pinescript towards the bottom of TV & you can code your strategies for any script. Enter your code, save it & add it to the chart. If you are code is right, you will see the results in the strategy tester
strategy("CCI Investment strategy", shorttitle="CCI Investment strategy",overlay=true)
cci_W = security(tickerid,"W",cci(close,34))
strategy.entry("L",strategy.long, when = L== true)
strategy.close("LE",when = LE == true)
Sample code to get you started. You can take it forward from here. DM me if you need any help! I am not have answers to complex strategies - I am new to programming and learning ;)
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10 Apr 20
The Pharma sector has been in a strong downtrend after the high of Apr'15 and has been falling in a channel. The first attempt to break out was in Sep'18 but failed. Another attempt is in progress now after the stock retested 61.8% of the entire rally from Mar'09 to Apr'15. 1/n Image
Will we see a breakout this time? No one knows, but the probability to breakout is clearly on the higher side after looking at last month's candle & the reversal level at 61.8% fib. What can one do? Start a SIP in one of the pharma funds & allocate a % depending on ur risk. 2/n
Cipla retraced 50% of the entire rally and reversed from trendline and horizontal support levels too. Awaiting breakout #CIPLA #trendlines #investing #fibonacci Image
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20 Mar 20
Dow Jones Possibilities - I can go 100% wrong, this is just an imagination. Forming a small HnS pattern & I expect the market to bounce next week & once we reach the resistance, another week of panic & downside, which should form the larger HnS pattern. #DJI #trendlines Image
If today's low holds, we might be well in for a good bounce 🤞. #DJI #trendlines #trading #coronamarketcrash #Fedstim Image
In markets, these simple but powerful lines act as very important demand and supply zones. If only we could understand them. Opened 7% up and rejected beautifully #DJI #trendlines #trading #coronomarketcrash #technicalanalysis Image
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19 Mar 20
Nifty still not out of the woods for long positions - stay cautious #Nifty #trendlines #trading #coronacrash Image
Zooming in on to the 1 min charts for the day! This is what is going on! Tired bulls trying hard to not fall! Image
Higher levels coming in Nifty! As I mentioned this will be only a short term bounce in my opinion. Image
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18 Mar 20
A thread - Nifty and the sectoral Indices in India:
Nifty - A possible short term pullback from the trendline here. Nifty price is around the 38.2 fib level and trendline support. Probably a gap down and pullback tomorrow. 1/n Image
Nifty Auto - I see a short term pullback here too. Reasons being the price is now right at the downward sloping trendline and the price has retraced 61.8 fib levels of the entire rally from 2008 lows #CNXAUTO 2/n Image
Nifty Metal - The price is right at the lows and should show some strong buying, which could lead to some pullback from here. Also, the price is at the downward sloping trendline and the lower line of the pitchfork. This convinces me of a short term pullback. #CNXMETAL 3/n Image
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9 Mar 20
Thread - Nifty and Dow Jones: comparison

Both the indices have been trading in a parallel channel for the last 12 years. The channel was created in the bear fall from '07-'09. Since then Nifty has been trading perfectly above & below the median line of the parallel channel. 1/n ImageImage
However, Dow Jones started trading above the median line only in 2017 and has been trading above the channel since then. The median line has been an important pivot for both the Indices. 2/n
Dow Jones tried to break the median line in Dec’18 and failed. But. Nifty never broke the median line and the uptrend was intact until this month. 3/n
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9 Mar 20
Thread - Why is stop loss a must for investments too?

Ask yourself this question – Why am I investing in markets? If the answer is to gamble, God save you! Else, as most of us know, we are all in here to make money! 1/n
And, if you need to make money you need to protect your money as much as possible. But, how does one do that? By defining your risk or by defining how much you can lose per stock. But, how does one define “how much” or “the risk”? 2/n
Doesn’t matter if you are trading or investing, your risk cannot be anything more than 5% of the capital. What does that mean? If one has 500,000 to invest, 5% is 25000 of that. Can one digest losing 25000 in a stock when your capital is 500,000? No, right! 3/n
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6 Mar 20
Dow Jones bulls are still putting a strong fight. Trading in a parallel channel. Can rally another 400-500 points from here!

#DJI #trading #trendlines #15mincharts Image
Retest of today's trendline! Image
Trendline breakdown.. heading to 25400, 25300 levels? Image
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