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29 Apr

If you must get your children Android Portable Devices, you need to follow the below steps to be safe:

1. Register a gmail account for them with the correct age and with your email as the parent.

2. Install Google Family Link on your own phone.
3. Add their registered e-mail to your Google Family Link.

4. Factory Reset their android device if they already have one then login the device with their own gmail account that is linked to your Google Family Link.
5. If it is new device, make sure it is their gmail you use to activate the device.

6. Immediately you carry out step 4 & 5 above, your phone will get a notification to allow them activate the device, this is the beginning of you taking control from anywhere.
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29 Apr
You Don't Need To Establish Commission Against Illegal Use Of Guns

Dear Sir @DrAhmadLawan of the @NGRSenate, please we don't need NEW AGENCY to handle this, it does not make any sense in Nigeria reality. That is DUPLICITY of agency that your able 9th Senate wants to stop.
It's clear NOW in 2021 that Nigeria cannot afford duplicity of agencies & there's need to cut down cost of governance.
Orosanye report that 9th Assembly align with clearly said this. Why planning another duplicate instead of stringent OVERSIGHT FUNCTION

The National Assembly is already working in agreement with the Executive to merge/scrap agencies with duplicity. There are too many legislative works that can be done to help secure Nigeria WITHOUT new agency. Who even imagined this new agency thing?
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26 Apr
This is really ridiculous as far as I'm concerned.
So @nbcgovng leadership wouldn't have done ANYTHING as they've been doing if we've not raised any dust over this nonsense?
Why do we have UNPATRIOTIC folks holding positions in Nigeria?
N5M fine???

Nigerians TV Stations will wake up daily to deliberately push narratives that will divide Nigerians across ethnic and religious line, yet no regulatory body will call them to order. Nnamdi Kanu will host Youtube livestream & it's page is still up for Nigeria VIEWS? @FMoCDENigeria
Where are the REGULATORY BODIES? Where is Baba Lai Mohammed, is he leading @FMICNigeria or he's focused on Kwara politics?
Where is @DrIsaPantami & @FMoCDENigeria to weed out terrorists media outfits & those they contact online to help upload their propaganda?
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19 Mar

Like I did in the past, let me use @PenComNig as a case study today....
When Nigeria was WORKING & filled with TECHNOCRATS, Nelly was appointed in 2014.
She came back HOME to HELP Nigeria as a TECHNOCRAT.
Before I forget, let me ask o.....Hi @officialEFCC
Any update on the case of TECHNOCRAT Nelly Mayshak?

I remember late Pius Adesanmi wrote an article on this woman then in 2016 after she was suspended by the new Govt not Buhari🤣

That Nigerian-Canadian civil servant, Nellie Mayshak, spent years working for the government of Ontario. Not one accusation of stealing and corruption.
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19 Mar
Dr Dike Chukwumerue:
Most of us went to public Schools in the 80s & 90s with pride...Highly competitive to get to some public Schools then...
How do we get this back?
Public School is actually a bridge builder. We need to get our public Schools back, so our Governors need to work since it's mostly in their hands....
So with the way you use Social Media, can we say you are educated?
Can we say you are educated when all you do is falsehood?
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11 Mar
Populist Definition of Cluelessness And Uselessness Of APC Administration...
Author: @ayosogunro

1. @OfficialNCDMB 12-story Secretariat started in 2008,
raked around N28bn but couldn't finish it.

Then APC brought their "CLUELESSNESS" in 2015, with LOW GDP to FINISH IT!
This is d Conversation @OfficialAPCNg guys are trying to avoid, d conversation that APC started Lagos-Ibadan Rail in 2017 & finished it within 4 years. As long as that conversation is the definition of Cluelessness & Uselessness by Populist theorem of Popularity, it will CHOKE 🕺
TODAY 11th of March 2021, APC showed their CLUELESSNESS & USELESSNESS to the Populists & their Popular Opinions when Buhari led admin Commissioned @NDDCOnline building with their LOW GDP.

PDP Govt used to pay N200 million rent to a "landlord" when GDP was very HIGH.🤣🤣🤣
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9 Mar
Section 24 of Cybercrime acts...#CyberStalking
We are the ones saying we want LAW & ORDER. We are the ones saying our laws are too weak. Ok, let us test part of our laws in court for once. Let us see what the court will say about #CyberStalking
Hashtag does not stop the law, if we remove insults from your TL, will you STAND?
The only thing that made many people with big followers relevant here is Cyber bullying, Insults, Clout chasing, LIES, etc...
If we reduce this space to intellectual discourse ONLY, remove PROPAGANDA, ETHNIC BIGOTRY etc, will you still be able to tweet consistently for one week?
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9 Mar
The 10 Largest Economies in Africa by GDP in 2020

Ok, una go soon see bitter souls with bitter comments now o..."Nigerians are suffering" go soon be the comments just to discard this positive side o.

In 2019, Nigeria was leading African Economy DESPITE all the challenges.
In year 2020, Nigeria is still leading as African's biggest economy DESPITE our numerous challenges. Kudos to the VP @ProfOsinbajo & his Economic team.
Kudos to the Finance Minister. Kudos to CBN Emefiele team. I will not say Kudos to Buhari to avoid🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

As at today despite our challenges, Nigeria is leading African Economy.
Only Algeria, South Africa and Egypt have bigger economy than Lagos State the Commercial capital city of Nigeria.....
Some will become bitter now o, because of this simple verifiable FACTS o....
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9 Mar

Wetin Fayose talk say Makinde buy for him market sef?

Can't Politics be played like football game with banter, then normal life after banter without catching feeling? #LagboOselu
@mrlurvy @bosun1264 @BayoAdedosu @AyoOyalowo
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9 Mar
Major Plane Crashes since 1999 Democracy in Nigeria

Just seeing something "insignificant" somewhere may trigger some aspects of history to revisit.

There were too many terrible things that bedeviled us as a Nation during 8 years of Obasanjo. It was like Occult world took over🧵
You may not appreciate the present administration, but history is cast in stone already.
When I saw people saying "Obasanjo assembled best of brains in hs cabinet", I asked a few questions about strategic Ministers...
Who were Aviation Ministers during OBJ 8 years? 5 people🤣🤣
Aviation Ministers in 8 years of OBJ:

Olusegun Agagu (May 1999–February 2001)

Kema Chikwe (February 2001–May 2003)

Isa Yuguda (July 2003–July 2005)

Babalola Borishade (July 2005–Nov 2006)

Femi Fani-Kayode (November 2006–May 2007)

Plane crashes everywhere, it was horrible..
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8 Mar
Fuel Price Increase In Nigeria..

So if you want to know the price of fuel & use that, it's available:

During Gowon till 1973: 6k to 8.45k...As in KOBO!

During Murtala-1976: 8.45k to 9k

Obasanjo as Military President -Oct 1,1978: 9k to 15.3k

Shagari-Apr 20,1982: 15.3k to 20k
Babangida-Mar 31, 86: 20k to 39.5k

Babangida-Apr 10, 1988: 39.5k to 42k

Babangida-Jan 1, 1989: 42k to 60k

Babangida- Mar 6, 1991: 60k to70k

Shonekan (82 days in power)-Nov 8, 1993: 70k to N5😳😳😳

Abacha- Nov 22, 1993: N5 to N3.25k(price dropped)

Abacha-Oct 2, 1994: N3.25k to N15

Abacha-Oct 4, 1994: N15 to N11(price dropped)

Abubakar-Dec 20, 1998: N11 to N25

Abubakar-Jan 6,1999: N25 to N20(price dropped)

Obasanjo -June 1, 2000: N20 to N30

Obasanjo-June 8, 2000: N30 to N22 (price drops)

Abacha reduced pump price🤣🤣
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6 Mar
President Buhari and VP Osinbajo (SAN) Vaccinated today.

Oya, PMB and PYO have been vaccinated today.
I am more interested in comments, I want to check out something we have CONSISTENTLY seen from certain people & their comments.

Some are permanently SAD, you will see soon🤐🤐
President Buhari....
VP Osinbajo
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6 Mar

It's a short thread...
I asked how they get this done, so I was told what we've been saying: Verifiable Database, National ID. That's what @DrIsaPantami vigorously started in Nigeria. We need to get this done once & for all.
In India, they already have everything linked together with your ID. You cannot open or operate any Bank account without "NIN". Your "NIN" in India has details of where you live, work, birth date, etc.
So, issuing subsidy card is easy.
You simply get this verified when paying.
You pay full payment for cooking gas for instance, then subsidy automatically is paid to your account for that month thereafter since your "ID" from the database shows that you're entitled to such subsidy based on your earnings at the moment. A "Dangote" can't get such by error.
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4 Mar
Agege Pen Cinema started in 2017, planned to be ready in 2018 but didn't go beyond 40% when @jidesanwoolu took over affair of @followlasg.
Unfortunate tradition of some was to abandon projects & "start their own". But #ForAGreaterLagos continuity is the game.
#SanwoXPencinema ImageImageImage
Gov @jidesanwoolu & his team made a promise in 2019 to complete this project as entrenched in his "THEMES agenda"...
1.4km Agege Pen Cinema flyover bridge across Iju-Fagba road and Lagos-Ota road is here already within 2 years...
@gboyegaakosile ImageImageImageImage
Just see what @jidesanwoolu brought to fruition within 2 years.....Even 2nd term Governor somewhere already made this type a lifetime project o, yet it's just one of those projects in Lagos where the bar is ALWAYS high. #SanwoXPencinema ImageImageImageImage
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2 Mar

(I Copied it from Whatsapp page, I think it may be helpful):

I am sharing a knowledge today on "Tips on how to retrieve your money after you have been scammed".

Please read careful and learn.
20% of social media users and shoppers have been scammed at one point or the other, either large bucks or small money and It's quite painful.
Many people don't always know what to do, so today am sharing with you things you do, when you realize a page you paid for a service or goods is ghosting you:

1. Screenshot all previous chats across all messaging app (IG and WhatsApp or FB).
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4 Feb
Chief of Naval Staff In Nigeria

Vice Commodore J.E.A. Wey 1964 –1973
Vice Admiral N.B. Soroh 1973–1975
Vice Admiral M.A Adelanwa 1975–1980
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3 Feb
During the civil unrest post #EndSARS protest in Lagos, Chukwudi Nwaru's business was affected

He is back in business with the help of Lagos MSME Recovery Fund of @LSETF
Thank you @jidesanwoolu & @FemiHamzat
#LSETF #ForAGreaterLagos
@jidesanwoolu @eoabisoye @idiriza
During the civil unrest post #EndSARS protest in Lagos, Nathaniel Ugorji's business was also affected.

With the Lagos MSME Recovery Fund of @LSETF, he is back in business.

#LSETF #ForAGreaterLagos
@jidesanwoolu @eoabisoye @idiriza
During the civil unrest post #EndSARS protest in Lagos,
Mrs Okonkwo Olivia's business was affected.
With the Lagos MSME Recovery Fund of @LSETF, she is back in business.

Rebuilding our Lagos one business at a time.

#LSETF #ForAGreaterLagos
@jidesanwoolu @eoabisoye @idiriza
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3 Feb
Chief of the Defence Staff In Nigeria Hystory

Lieutenant General Ipoola Alani Akinrinade

Time: April 1980 - 2 October 1981 Image
Lieutenant General Gibson Jalo
Time: 2 October 1981 - 31 December 1983 Image
General Domkat Bali
Time: 1 January 1984 - 10 January 1990 Image
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8 Jan
I saw this information on my whatsapp, I tried it & it seems legit. Why is @SECNigeria not sharing it here?
Unclaimed dividends increased from N109.1 billion in Devember 2016 to N130 billion in December 2019

Search if you or your loved ones have unclaimed dividends.....
Search if you or your loved ones have unclaimed dividends using Security and Exchange Commission Portal and claim your dividends with these steps.

Step 1: Input your first name and last name into this link lnkd.in/exQBBrd to get a list of your shares from SEC.
This will give you a screenshot of all the companies you have shares in, & the registrars in charge.
Note: if you have changed your name due to marriage or other reasons, search with your previous name & also try different format of name e.g those with prefixes e.g 'Olu', 'Oluwa'
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8 Jan

Chinua Achebe said "Those who have had their kernels cracked for them by benevolent spirits should in turn, learn to be humble"

Simply sum up #CapitolRiots this way: Do not mock a pain that you haven't endured.

Nigerians can relate.
So let's have a few conversation around this.
Yoruba adage says if a compound is calm, it may just be because the bastard among them is still a toddler.
How did this #CapitolRiots start?

That same Trumpet Trump started it by saying TAKE IT BACK, just like your slang in Nigeria🤣
So here is it:
It was simply a PEACEFUL PROTEST, a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT of Americans as ENSHRINED in American Constitution. So why did @CNN & other media outfit change the name of protesters to LOCAL TERRORISTS?
What's the offence of Trump that they blocked him on Social Media?😳
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7 Jan
Lol, 2016 when my people were calling Trump their anointed Trumpet.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
I asked them what they meant in 2016 when Trump became their standard of "Christian candidate". Eyes, but they can't see🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
My worry in 2016 when they were prophesying that Trump was the Trumpet.....I couldn't find their "prophecy" in the Scripture, but since their Sule said so with loud speaker, it must be true🤣🤣🤣
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