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May 15 6 tweets 1 min read

I saw this online & I checked:

The judge asked d killer of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, 'Why did you kill Sadat?
He said to him, "Because he is secular!"
The judge replied: "What does secular means?"
The killer said: "I don't know!" In the case of the attempted assassination of the late Egyptian writer, Naguib Mahfouz, the judge asked the man who stabbed Naguib Mahfouz: "Why did you stab him?"
The terrorist said: "Because of his novel - The children of our neighborhood".
May 1 9 tweets 2 min read

Basically meant for Christians, but life lessons can be harvested from this short thread..

David was basically known across religious, ethnic & racial borders.. David was the King of Israel & also a warrior.
He BUILT MEN from NOTHING. "All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their commander. About four hundred men were with him.",,,1 Sam 22:2

So when you read about David & how he became so great, it was because he raised MEN, & FIXED them up strategically.
Apr 12 23 tweets 9 min read

The easiest election I am seeing ahead of Nigeria is #NigeriaDecides2023
The reason it's simple is because @OfficialAPCNg shall be handing over to APC flagbearer to CONTINUE the works of this admin, UPGRADE & ACCELERATE where this admin is failing.🧵 I've seen many among the PROGRESSIVES wailing & crying, & I kept asking what the issues are that made them so agitated. They're so unsettled about 2023 election. Since I don't see what they're seeing, I'll kuku be fixated on what I'm seeing. APC already won the general election🔨
Apr 12 9 tweets 4 min read

I just want to understand how this $2 became the narrative imposed on Africa, nothing more.

The World Bank defines poverty in absolute terms. The bank defines extreme poverty as living on less than US$1.90 per day.

Is $2 in USA the same here? "The international poverty line is a monetary threshold under which an individual is considered to be living in poverty. It is calculated by taking the poverty threshold from each country—given the value of the goods needed to sustain one adult—and converting it into dollars."
Mar 31 5 tweets 5 min read
During their Sex for grade wahala, Oge simply asked "Cyanide or ricin", the Covens gang behind Kiki responded🤐🤐

They went ahead to delete everything, no apology but denials...

The same people are today your twitter panel of judges.
Na una dey rate dem.... #ThrowbackThursday
Mar 30 6 tweets 1 min read

23rd November 2021.

Abuja - Kaduna Highway:

Bandits Will Continue to Attack Travellers on this Highway and it Will Continue to be a Traveller’s Nightmare as long as 4 Towns on this Highway are Standing:
JERE Because these 4 Towns Have Allegedly Been Hotbeds Where Most of the Residents are Kidnappers and Bandits.
For Peace to Reign on the Abuja- Kaduna Highway that Connects Northern Nigeria to Abuja, these 4 Towns Especially RIJANA and KATARI must be LEVELLED TO THE GROUND.
Mar 15 16 tweets 5 min read
All of these happened and Social Media and TV ANALYSTS were discussing other things....Well, it's PDP Governor saying such things, so no biggie...
Abeg make any APC Gov no try am o, na that time you go see Twitter Space for weekdays...🤣🤣

Wike Vs Obaseki
3:1 Wike Vs Obaseki
Mar 15 17 tweets 5 min read

I saw this frustrating tweet about the cost of living last week, so I threw it open to learn more.

A Nigerian living right in that reality sent a few things to me & asked it to be published FOR LEARNING PURPOSE.

What is £2000 per month? Nigerian-In-UK:
£2000 per month...N1.1 million🕺🕺🕺

I’ll love to explain some things and give a little insight because most people in Uk will not tell the truth about the situation in Uk.

But let me first tell you why most don’t tell the truth.
Jan 17 17 tweets 5 min read
What exactly was good about the ECONOMY before 2015 in Nigeria?

ECONOMY: The state of a country or region in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money.

So, what did we do better before now? Can anyone answer this with RESULTS? Let me keep it simple, The FAAC shared between 2010 & 2014 between the three tiers of govt was $303billion+ and based of allocation formula, FG share would be 52.68% of that. That should be $159.69b gotten by FG from FAAC between 2010-2014.

Can anyone link this to PROJECTS?
Jan 15 5 tweets 3 min read
The Bola Ahmed Tinubu Support Group management Council, which is d umbrella body unifying all of d support groups for d candidacy of Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be holding its support group Congress on d 17th of January, 2022 at the Intl Conference Center, Abuja.#TheBATSupportSummit Image The conference which is centered on the Theme, “The imperative of Grassroot mobilization and volunteering in a democracy” is expected to garner delegates from all Bola Ahmed Tinubu Support groups across the country.
Jan 5 14 tweets 3 min read
People that want ABSOLUTE RULE OF LAW are the same people asking for POLITICAL INTERFERENCE/SOLUTION to Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho & other issues like that from the Executive heads...

I'm not that old o, but I know things aren't just black & white. Judgement isn't that way. Some years back, I knew a cooperative Society of a private firm whose leaders embezzled funds more than N100 million.
I didn't make this up, I have details of that event way back then because I saw everything closely even though I wasn't part of them...

Kasala burst, workers 🔥
Dec 5, 2021 7 tweets 4 min read
Educated folks ehn🤣🤣
I have seen this graphic in Whatsapp group days ago & it was SHARED by highly educated folks, not SSCE holders, not even 1st degree holders🤣🤣🤣

Reading the source & "RMB Africa Economist Daniel Kavishe" that did this, I weak🤣🤣
rmb.co.za/page/rmb-relea… Is it that highly educated folks don't read LOGIC? NO.
The problem here is that WHATEVER News ITEM that will potray Nigeria in bad light AT THE MOMENT under Buhari is shared & you will not see anyone asking for the SANITY of their logic. EDUCATION ehnn..

Dec 5, 2021 9 tweets 4 min read
Politicians are not our main problem in Nigeria. NIGERIANS are the problem.
So, University Teaching Hospital Magt PH couldn't manage & account for N9950M the FG released for them to equip Covid19 treatment & research centre.

Corruption is the real problem! Nigeriaaaa... N950 million
Dec 4, 2021 13 tweets 5 min read
"Paul Adefarasin apologized".. Apologized for what?
You climbed your pulpit weekly to put hopelessness in people about Nigeria & this administration. You demonize APC & everything that is connected to it & you are "embarrassed" that your congregation was demonically unruly? Image You all turn the altar of the Lord to the abominable place of hopelessness, incitement, bullying, propaganda, political alignment & ethnic bigotry. You really think APC or Sanwo-Olu was the one losing right? Nooo, you just showed the world that you're UNCIRCUMCISED congregation. Image
Dec 3, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
Kai, see how Twitter gragra carry Inibehe Effiong enter court Embarrassment🤣🤣🤣🤣 ImageImage You’re not on Channels TV, don’t stand before me and talk nonsense,’ judge lashes out at lawyer*
A judge in a State High Court, Uyo, Thursday, scolded a defence counsel in a suit in which the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel, was awarded N1.5 billion as damages for libel.
Dec 1, 2021 8 tweets 6 min read

After the whole gyration & catching cruise with PEACE WALK & all the insults on Sanwo-Olu, the people whose heads were used to run 2020 promo will eventually ask the @feminist_co:
WHOSE memorial did feminist coven spend N5.247 MILLION on? Did @feminist_co say they spent N6 million on MENTAL HEALTH of some people who participated? When the dust is settled & reality is finally embraced, you will ask question & discovered why they didn't stop when there was already a clear reason to stop the protest.
Dec 1, 2021 19 tweets 7 min read

I am no more surprised that journalism in Nigeria is in the mud.
Define Journalism by any standard, you will not see anything to qualify Nigerian journalism, OAPs, TV or Radio presenters. It's all about VIBES, PROPAGANDA & NARRATIVES! The 1st disservice Nigerian Journalists did to the #EndSARS hope was to run with LEAKED report by the Lagos Judicial Panel members. Clearly Ebun Adegboruwa & his team pushed it to THEM & instead of doing ACT OF JOURNALISM, they were running EMOTIONS as though TRUTH is partial.
Dec 1, 2021 6 tweets 3 min read

 I want to assume you know that Olive Branch is traditionally seen as a symbol of peace and victory. An essential accessory for any centerpiece arrangement or lush green display.

It's easier to extend the hand of peace from position of POWER! The pain of extending Peace Walk from the position of power is that more often than not, the weak & the powerless are the ones who take such for granted.
What exactly is the price of peace? Well, if you want peace they say, prepare for war.

The uninitiated may not understand.
Nov 29, 2021 8 tweets 3 min read
So what is happening to Twitter compliance with what Nigerian Govt wants?
Keyamo: "Just to put it in context, it was twitter that reached out to the FG".... So the Govt wants a kind of control on Social Media abi🤣🤣🤣🤣

Keyamo: In fact we are also developing a code of conduct for all the Social Media........

Ehen, inFLUenZAs, go and order Twitter not to agree o🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️
Nov 4, 2021 15 tweets 5 min read

I don't want to assume that anyone will be naïve enough to say they don't know how "we roll it" in Nigeria during construction stuff. I mean anywhere in Nigeria, except in villages. Have you seen that RED PAINT on any building being developed in your area of recent? STOP WORK X🤣🤣

That's all you need to see to know that Ministry of Works or agency of Govt in your State are AWARE of your progress all the while.

They USUALLY come when you're plastering 🤣