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"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did & it never will" - Frederick Douglass #SaveOurNHS #ToryCorruption Views are MINE & NOT my employer's.
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May 21 12 tweets 5 min read

According to the Sunday Times Rich List - which ranks the net wealth of Britain's richest 1,000 people - the 2008 financial crash meant that by April 2009, the number of billionaires fell for the first time since the Rich List started in 1989.… In 2009, the number of billionaires in Britain fell from 75 to 43, the combined wealth of Britain's richest 1,000 people adding up to £258 billion.

Despite Lakshmi Mittal losing £16.9 billion, making his net worth £10.8 billion in 2009, he remained Britain's richest person.
May 20 7 tweets 3 min read

When the Trojan Horse story broke in 2014 it did so on a narrative wave characterized by terrifying headlines of a ‘plot to Islamicise British schools’. But it was a based on a fake letter, & reveals a complete failure of government & journalism.… In January 2022, The New York Times released an investigative podcast about the Trojan Horse scandal which characterized it as an "Islamophobic hoax" and compared it to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a historical antisemitic hoax.…
May 19 6 tweets 3 min read
So why have the @BBC invited yet another unhinged hard-right crank - Emily Carver - from the divisive, opaquely funded libertarian-right free-market fundamentalist think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs #IEA - YET AGAIN - to spout their reactionary nonsense?
@bbcqt #bbcqt
May 19 4 tweets 3 min read
Most Americans are decent, honest people, who abhor racism, think that workers have the right to be in a union, & that the failure to adequately address safety & #racism concerns at #TESLA simply isn't good enough.

Only an immature spoilt baby would react the way @elonmusk has. TESLA requests racism lawsuit be paused. In one of the many cases a single mum was excited to land a job at Tesla, but about 3 years in, she was fired, she said, after complaining that Black workers were frequently called the N-word on the assembly line.…
May 16 4 tweets 3 min read
Maybe Culture War crank & Govt Social Mobility Tsar Katharine Birbalsingh would prefer this REAL quote from her hero Winston Churchill in her school - it's much more in keeping with her nationalist values & her reactionary view that there is too much emphasis on ‘diversity’. "The children who attend (Birbalsingh's school) Michaela come from a wide variety of different cultural backgrounds, in many cases with a very rich cultural heritage. Yet it as if they & their families have no culture at all..."…
May 16 6 tweets 3 min read
Not content with reforms that could see UK journalists jailed for 14 years for printing stories embarrassing the Govt, Priti Patel now wants to silence Police Chiefs from speaking out on issues deemed 'politically sensitive'.

This is dangerous antidemocratic #authoritarianism.🇬🇧 Parts of the plan have been labelled “profoundly dangerous” & “power grab threatening operational independence” by one chief constable. Police & crime commissioners described some of the Govt proposals as going beyond the home secretary’s legal authority.…
May 15 23 tweets 7 min read

Experts have warned for years that advocates of the 'Great Replacement' & 'White Genocide' theories are driving the increasing number of far-right terrorist attacks.

The #BuffaloTerroristAttack is the latest tragic consequence of this dangerously irresponsible rhetoric. Many academics, terrorism experts, & charities have been screaming out for action to be taken against proponents of the dangerous conspiracy theories of 'The Great Replacement/White Genocide' & 'Cultural Marxism', which inspired Anders Breivik, the NZ mosque attack & now Buffalo.
May 14 21 tweets 10 min read

In order to try to unite the country, & regain some pride in #Britain 🇬🇧, we urgently need either a Royal Commission - or a Public Inquiry - into news media funding & ownership by overseas-based, foreign, & non dom multi-millionaires & billionaires.

#RoyalCommission Just a handful of overseas-based, foreign, or non dom multi-millionaires & billionaires own or fund swathes of our "news" media, including, but not limited to: the Sun; the Times; the Mail; the Telegraph; the Independent; the Spectator; Spiked; talkTV/Radio, & GB "News".
May 13 10 tweets 3 min read

Summary of the more obvious similarities between Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro, Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, & Viktor Orbán, who have all:

Revealed their contempt for democratic institutions & playing by the rules

Shamelessly used divisive populist nationalist rhetoric Shown sociopathic tendencies through lying & gaslighting: they don’t care if voters know they are contradicting evidence, & it doesn’t bother them when voters know they are lying - they will just lie again, & voters might even believe them because they say it with such conviction
May 11 6 tweets 3 min read
Lee Anderson, who attended #antisemitism awareness training after being an active member of a FB group in which other members supported Tommy Robinson & promoted Soros conspiracy theories. He also who signed a letter using the antisemitic conspiracy theory of "cultural Marxism". ImageImage In 2012, Nadine Dorries labelled footballers ‘overpaid’, ‘over-sensitive’ & ‘swearing cry babies’, & in 2020 Boris Johnson refused to condemn supporters who booed England, Priti Patel said she was against ‘gesture politics’, & Lee Anderson boycotted England games in the Euros.
May 10 29 tweets 8 min read

In 1950s USA, legislation barred the teaching of “subversive” doctrines: teachers were forced to take loyalty oaths & were required to teach the “American way” of “free enterprise”.

With the banning of anti-capitalism discussion in schools, are we heading the same way? Interesting 2020 article by historian Dr Jennifer Luff, who correctly points out that in Britain, anticapitalism wasn’t banned in English classrooms during the cold war – so why is it now?…
May 9 20 tweets 9 min read

Somehow I've managed to stay blissfully unaware of grotesque hard-right dimwit & Tory MP Karl McCartney.

Who is ?

Let's allow his words, record, & myriad investigations to speak for themselves... In March 2017, the Electoral Commission fined the @Conservatives £70,000 following an investigation into Party spending during #GE2015 (the same Electoral Commission that oversees free & fair elections, & which the antidemocratic Tories have just removed independence from).
May 9 4 tweets 2 min read
#Barclays avoided nearly £2BILLION in tax via an arrangement in tax haven Luxembourg: it paid less than 1% on profits since 2009, when it booked profits from the $15bn sale of a fund management business there rather than the UK.

#CostOfLivingCrisis… Barclays employs only 54 staff in Luxembourg, but it is currently the bank’s third most profitable jurisdiction behind the US & UK, with turnover of £1.1bn last year. Low staff costs mean Barclays can turn nearly all of that income from corporate & investment banking into profit.
May 8 5 tweets 2 min read
Why protest? Because for 200 years it's about the only fucking thing that's improved anything. #Protest
May 6 4 tweets 1 min read
I'd like to see evidence for this claim, but if it's true (and I have no reason to believe it isn't), this is fucking appalling - but sadly not surprising. Tufton Street.
May 6 5 tweets 2 min read

If, like me, you're generally appalled by the pathetic state of public political debate - reduced to absurd polarising soundbites & culture war rhetoric from people seemingly incapable of accepting evidence that challenges their views - below is some recommended reading: 'Our deep desire for change is continually thwarted by the limiting political choices on offer.'

Neil Vallely, author of 'Futilitarianism: Neoliberalism & the Production of Uselessness', digs into the roots of apathy & polarisation:…
May 5 55 tweets 10 min read

Facts don't change our minds. "The vaunted human capacity for reason may have more to do with winning arguments than with thinking straight." New discoveries show the limitations of reason. This thread is based on an article by Elizabeth Kolbert.… People are often reluctant to abandon personal beliefs that are directly contradicted by new evidence.

This tendency has been well demonstrated for opinions, impressions of people, social stereotypes, scientific hypotheses, & "common sense" ideas
May 5 24 tweets 9 min read

On 16thth April, news broke that a park named after William Gladstone could be rebranded “Diane Abbott Park” by a @UKLabour council, “as part of a slavery review.”

This thread is about truth, the culture war, the UK's broken news media, & the amplification of hate. On 16th April, Boris Johnson's former employer, the non-dom billionaire-owned Telegraph, along with the non-dom billionaire-owned Daily Mail, broke the story.

Both claimed Gladstone Park could be renamed 'Diane Abbott Park' by a Labour Council "as part of their slavery review".
May 4 5 tweets 3 min read
Boris Johnson uses the phrase "Liberal Left Lawyers" in response to a question about the Govt's #Rwanda Plan, in the full knowledge that Priti Patel's use of the phrase "Activist Lawyers" was linked by counter-terrorism police to a far right terror attack.
This is dangerously irresponsible rhetoric & Boris Johnson knows it - but he doesn't care.

He is without doubt totally unfit for public office, as so many people who have worked with him warned voters he would be.


May 4 4 tweets 2 min read

Influential thinktank the Global Warming Policy Foundation has led the backlash against the UK net zero policy & despite always claiming it is independent of the fossil fuel industry, has received funding from groups with oil & gas interests.… I understand that Neil Record, Chair of the #IEA - imho the most dangerously destructive of the antidemocratic Tufton St think tanks in Britain today - sits on the board of climate science denial campaign group, the Global Warming Policy Forum.
May 3 4 tweets 2 min read
In 2021, Priti Patel published a consultation paper with proposals to reform the Official Secrets Act which could mean 14 years in jail for journalists publishing stories which embarrass the Govt.

Media North hosted a panel of experts for @FestOfDebate:

The proposed bill includes a major crackdown on 'unauthorised disclosures', or leaks of sensitive information.

Much hard-hitting investigative journalism is based on such leaks, & equates investigative journalism with spying.…