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24 Nov
bloodborne? more like lameborne am i rite
it _appears_ my little brother:

1) deleted my character
2) started over with a strength build
3) got to the witches
4) i never played after killing the witches myself
Ok come on Eileen
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23 Nov
i remember playing mass effect andromeda and seeing the line "it's 'to whom,' and your goddamn father" (who had just died) and thinking it takes a special kind of cruelty to correct a grieving person's grammar, and that's when I realized the writers had no actual empathy.
that might be a bit harsh, so let me put it this way: when I read that line, I recognized myself, back when I was 17, thinking about the cleverness of the grammar jokes I put into the script (because I loved grammar jokes), not thinking about the drama at all.
and the thing is, people liked my writing a lot. the first death threat i ever got was from someone who was mad I'd stopped writing a particular story they were excited to see the end for. but my work ALWAYS suffered when I got meta with it and tried to wink at the audience
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22 Nov
I did some more cleaning. It's hard work but I'm getting there. Also did paperwork I needed to, got healthcare phone calls one and two done, so that should be sorted, emailed something, set up Adios for an Xbox sale later this year, made tea, ordered soap and q-tips

Did a lot
Tomorrow I'm gonna try to finish at least the pitch for Waifu Death Squad and maybe abandoned for a lesser god
But for now? Image
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22 Nov
was on the xbox backend figuring out how to set sale pricing (it'll go 15% off, since that's as low as we intend to go for a while--but i mean, come on, $15 is what a fuckin dvd costs, it's fine) and saw a couple reviews from people going "it doesn't have multiple endings"
man i don't know if i'll ever make a game with multiple endings
most games I like only have one ending. like halo 3.
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21 Nov
working on articles and video games this week. saw a 70" tv on best buy and made whining puppy noises and then closed the tab because my last dental bill was $1338 and the next one will be worse (yes i am upset it wasn't $1337)
i kept my last tv from like 2012 to 2020 and i'm going to try to keep this display until the next console gen, and I'll probably upgrade then as a dev cost but my brain goes "wow, $599 for a 70" samsung? absolutely" and no, just, fuck you, brain.
even if my articles managed to raise $600 this week, and the chance of that is incredibly slim, I'd still have to put all that into paying off the loans incurred when I had to take care of medical debt and shit, and even then it would be way smarter to save up for a car.
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21 Nov
my earlier thread talking about how using fiction as therapy for the characters is weird should be an article

probably would want to refine it on the idea that fiction is a thing we engage in to deal with emotions we might not even be directly experiencing.
like, uh, here's an example: i was going to die. i was sure of it. i could feel the rot of the disease taking me. and it was so fucking... just... like I really can't explain it to you. you have to know what despair is, not intellectually, but viscerally, on a cellular level.
so, in 2008, i gave up.
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21 Nov
fiction im tired of:

1) characters talking out their feelings in a way that feels like it's the writer saying SEE? THEMES
2) time loop stories (because the goal is usually just 'get out' deathloop was real good tho)
3) going into a character's mind as simplistic therapy
i played a game recently, one I really enjoyed, and twice, I went into a character's mind where they were reliving past trauma and basically just did like "generic LA therapist talk" at them and both times it was the absolute low point of the entire narrative.

4) stories where the twist is that you're not in the real world (and have to escape)

I think really the same is true with mind labyrinth stories.

But it's not the being trapped that bothers me.
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21 Nov
i literally wrote an article and explained in depth--including a basketball analogy--how the GOAL of dark souls is NOT THE SAME as the EXECUTION of dark souls.

imagine if everyone was identical and when we boot up the same the difficulty is randomized completely.
like just pretend for a minute that every single basketball player on the earth was shaquille o'neal. every one. 7'1" tall.

now imagine that the basketball hoop was at random heights depending on which shaquille o'neal was shooting the ball. it just changed randomly.
if difficulty is the difference between shaq's height and the hoop, then the randomly changing height is _variable difficulty_

what I want you to realize is that I, a 6' tall man, vs a 3'6" middle school girl vs a 7'1" shaquille o'neal all throwing at the _same_ basket...
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21 Nov
one time a guy got mad at me because i said a unit in a game didn't gel well with the encounter designs/player verbs/level design/etc and so he bragged "you can beat the guy in less than 45 seconds." there was a challenge he didn't know of where you have to do it in 20. me? 15.
he tried to drag me to his pissy fanbase and so I had a bunch of shitty people being ableist at me even though I was literally more skilled than him at playing the game. It wasn't a difficulty thing at all for me. It was "here's why he's incongruous with the overall game flow"
this guy also tried to shit talk me for saying you should change resident evil 4's controls to allow strafing during non-aiming movement because the way leon would have to physically turn right, walk forward, and turn left to sidestep once was poorly made
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21 Nov
it's really weird to me when people say that art is not considered immutable. like, one of the points of going to plays is how the performances alter the scripts. we see people do remakes _because_ art is considered mutable. what about sampling? what about subtitles? etc.
i've told the story of the teacher who was telling me how a student of his was leaving a lesson, and the student's mom walked in and freaked because my teacher had drawings all over the floor and she stepped on one and was like "oh no how could you do this to all this art!"
and he's like "they're not art, they're just drawings."

art is not special. it is not sacred. we dip into the well of culture and we pull out what matters to us--a different teacher of mine, the one who taught shakespeare, LOVED seeing different interpretations of Hamlet
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20 Nov
here's why miyazaki's position is fucking stupid: imagine 12 year olds playing basketball. their average height is about 4'10". now imagine that shaquille o'neal, whose height is 7'1", rolls up and says "no, no, the net can't be 7 feet, it's too short for me. Make it 10 feet."
our bodies are all different, anyone who thinks that we have the SAME EXPERIENCE because the _GAME_ doesn't change is a fucking dumbass. The only way for 4'10" kids or guys in wheelchairs to play basketball is to lower the fucking net.
this is such a goddamn simple observation, miyazaki's fucking stupid if he actually thinks that.
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20 Nov
brain: what if u were sad

me: no im good thanks, gonna play star wars with my boys

brain: right but consider: overwhelming despair

me: about what

brain: *shrugs* not having a dog? not having a house? all the pain you're in?

me: no i'm good

brain: well gonna try anyway
apparently the heavy metal poisoning from when i was a kid is still a thing so the doctor has put me on a medicine that supposedly pulls that shit out of my body and man let me tell you, not being able to eat for an hour sucks
to stave off any questions: no, they do not have any idea why my uranium and arsenic levels were high
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19 Nov
Substack, I offer you more value than bari weiss
If I had one dollar per view I would have paid off all my student loans
Nearly 60,000 people saw my work for free and less than 100 paid for it, but like... Hey. It made an impact. It was of benefit to people. When have pundits like Weiss or Yglesias benefited our society as much as me?
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19 Nov
if anyone i know supports kyle i want you to go ahead and fling yourselves into the sun. i do not want to know you. i do not want to associate with you. i do not want to be friends with people who are cool with murdering innocent people in the name of racism. thanks. bye.
Ok a couple of you are too fucking stupid to realize "I don't like racists" is a time for you to sit down and shut the fuck up, and not an invitation to show your ass. enjoy being blocked I guess
me: i don't want this and i don't like it

them: i am going to try to make you change your mind

me: i do not need to hear from you

them: *deeply upset by this*

I set the parameters of my engagement quite clearly. i don't want to associate with racist shitbirds, including you.
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19 Nov
"my politics are that the number go up" did you fellas not hear of spiders Georg?
or, hey, did you hear how one guy owns the majority of all millennial wealth, single-handedly bringing up the entire average for the rest of us? when you factor out the outliers the numbers are much lower

per-capita gdp doesn't mean anything when you average it out
generally the 1980 and 90s were economically better for most americans, at least, as well as people in many other countries around the world. on average, that quality of life has declined significantly and continues to
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19 Nov
fascism is a political system that says "we're the best, however, we're also the underdogs," which is a contradictory concept, but it pushes on and goes "because we're the underdogs, violence against the people we're better than is justified"
it is an unmitigated good to get vaccinated because you are actively choosing to protect people who may be weaker and have less resources than you. It's fundamentally anti-fascist.

anyone who refuses vaccination is a selfish, self-enthralled shitfuck who deserves to die of covid
fascism is not "in order to protect as many people as possible, we request that you take this free medicine"

fascism is not "friends of mine have died because of this awful disease, and in order to ensure no more of them die, I'll do my best to take this free medicine"
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18 Nov
i managed to get through to a person by filling out an entire survey on how the page was fucking useless and then, and only then, was i able to get the bot to connect me to a phone agent

the phone agent took my order number and then apparently didn't use it.

it got worse.
look im more irritable than normal but im doing my level best not to be mean to this person but if i give you my order number and day i made it and you can say 'i can look this up' and ask 'this order is for a completely different purchase you made on a completely different day?'
well, at that point, I have questions

so, mustering superhuman patience that i as a person who had drills in my face for 3 straight hours and who clearly explained my issue and provided both the date and order number should not have to, i said

"no, that is not the order"
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18 Nov
If you want to help me cover the costs of my surgery today, I could really use the help. Yesterday I got hit with another unexpected bill and I've finally gone past what the GoFundMe raised.

I write articles good and if you like em maybe help me stay in a position to write more?
Lol oh no the final cost for today was $1338
I'm not panicking you're panicking I'm gonna have to get a credit card for this kill me
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11 Nov
quote tweeting just because I figure other people might want to know.

basically, to run a team, I need to have 'burn,' the amount of cash I spend in a month. $20 million dollars over a 3 year period (game + a while after release) means I can spend ~about~ $555k/mo
let's say I pay everyone on the team $70k a year + benefits. Quick napkin math says that to have an employee, you need to double their compensation to get a rough number, so you're expecting ~about~ $140k per person in costs.
so, if I'm spending $555,555.55 a month for 12 months, that means I can have... about 47 employees.
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11 Nov
one thing that keeps getting me about the NFT thing is that the idea is so fucking stupid that many people hear it, understand what it is, think "it's stupid, there's no way anyone would fall for it" and then they think they're stupid because they 'clearly' don't understand
no, it is literally even more stupid than you think it is, and yes, no rational person would research the tech and go "yeah this is a good idea" because it is, in fact, a pyramid of bad ideas. every brick another bad idea.
anyways, the NFT bros are preying on this too. they want you to feel stupid and unprepared, so when they say some stupid bullshit at you and you reply, incredulously, "you mean it's just stupid bullshit?" they can say "you are CONFUSED and DON'T GET IT"
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11 Nov
These crypto guys keep stealing art and saying nothing can be done. Maybe that's why the technology is fucking vile, assholes
like, if your technology allows someone to post something they don't own the rights to and then sell it to someone for a profit, then there is something seriously wrong with your tech

if there is no central authority to intervene and put a stop to this theft, the tech is _bad_
if the _entire blockchain_ is immutable and thus cannot get an intervention from a trusted central authority and error correct for this without going completely down

you have created the single most stupid piece of 'technology' ever,
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