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25 Sep
1/ Incidence by ethnicity per 100k population of ethnicity - North West Image
2/ Yorkshire & Humber Image
3/ North East Image
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24 Sep
1 Regional breakdown of cases by specimen date. Reported date is total junk in my opinion. North West, the backlogs seem not to be as extensive today which is good. Has North West hit it's peak? Possibly when I look at the future data. Key day tomorrow to see where 20th goes Image
2/ East Midlands, up down up down up down. In a sense that is not bad and it is quite low levels so maybe at it's peak Image
3/ East of England very low numbers over the past 7 days. 7 day average increasing but not in a sharp way. Image
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23 Sep
Positive tests by region. North west still continuing on it's way up. In this thread are the regional breakdowns on their own scale. Data is by specimen date and up to the 19th due to data lag. Image
North West similar amounts of positives to the last couple of days so 7 day average up Image
East Midlands a slightly lower day but as higher then 7 day average that has increased. Image
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23 Sep
1/ As predicted the number of triages fell yesterday for "COVID-19" symptoms to 999 / 111 down to 19.8k. I would assume we see a further fall over the coming days then back up Sunday / Monday. It is as if COVID-19 gets people on a Sunday / Monday - Yes nonsense! Image
2/ Anyone with school age children knew these figures would go up at the start of the September. How come Boris didn't with the amount of kids he has? How did Hancock not see this coming he also has kids. 0-18 age group here Image
3/ 19-69 age group massive population within this group still tracking down on the 7 day average though. Image
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23 Sep
1/ @MichaelYeadon3 I was thinking this was improbable but the more I look at the data the more I worry. So the ARI data mentioned was from week 37 (07/09/2020) Min 228 "cases" in care homes it does not give the true figure. From the .Gov report in July on care homes Image
2/ they stated 80.9% were asymptomatic, is there any clarity between asymptomatic and a false positive or is this murky water?

Even with 81% being asymptomatic you would imagine because of the demographics of the people in care homes this would…
3/ then be seen in hospital admissions from care homes. Statistically it has doubled but the numbers were very low to start with. So it has increased on a 7 day average from 3 on the 7th Sep to 6.6 on the 20th Sep. With that many outbreaks I would have expected more. Image
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21 Sep
1/ NHS England COVID-19 like symptom triage data. Fell from Tuesday last week and then increased yesterday and I would expect them to rise today and fall from tomorrow based on previous weeks. Image
2/ 0-18 rose yesterday as expected as this is school aged people. Image
3/ 19-69 A rise yesterday but 7 day average is now showing a decrease but may. Image
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20 Sep
Regional breakdown. In this thread is the full scale image of the charts. Image
North West still climbing Image
East Midlands flattened on the 10th and is now in decline Image
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19 Sep
1/ Updated regional data for positive tests by SPECIMEN DATE, reported date is useless when there are backlogs in testing.

The data is to the 17th September, full size regional charts below. Forgot to set all scales the same will do next time!
2/ North West

Think we will have to wait a few more days to see if this region is flattening off. The last few days of data for this is quite noisy.
3/ East Midlands

This has a distinct downwards trend since the 11th
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17 Sep
1/ Updated 999 & 111 online and calls traige data overall slight decrease Image
2/ 0-18 year group this has come down 3k but would expect it rise on Sunday / Monday if the pattern continues. Image
3/ 16-69 Group down a little. Image
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16 Sep
1/ Update of triage data of 999 / 111 calls & online. I did not get chance to update this yesterday. Went up 10k on Monday then down 8k
2/ These rises and falls are continuing from the 0-18 year old range.
3/ 19-69 year old range group increases as well but less so then the younger age group. The 7 day average on this is a very consistent line
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14 Sep
1/ Updated 999 / 111 triages with COVID-19 symptoms. A pattern is starting here Sundays. Large increases in calls on a Sunday. Would appear to be school aged kids, so parents ringing up for reassurance. Next graph will show this.
2/ Age Group 0-18 increased by over 5,000 from the previous day. Hence why I think this is parents ringing up about school children who have returned to school.
3/ 19-69 this has increased by 3,000 but this group of people have the highest number of people in the population.
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11 Sep
2/ A 3k rise in triages in 0-18 age group. I find this interesting as the number of "Positive tests" the number of "Positive tests" has increased in this age group but not by these numbers but will check the updated data today which will give a better idea. Image
3/ 16-69 age group has fallen for the first time since 4th September which is good. Image
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10 Sep
1/ Triages through 999/111 with COVID symptoms. Slight rise yesterday in the overall numbers (400) to 17.5k so that is 1 in ever 3,200 people in England called yesterday. Image
2/ It is the age 0-18 where the increase is seen the most and has been since the rise. You have to consider that a child gets an average of 6 colds a year. So allot of these calls are related to colds as confirmed by the surveillance report last week. Image
3/ 16-69 year old. Very slight rise in this group Image
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9 Sep
1/ Triage thread calls online 999 / 111 with COVID Symptoms.

Caveat thought that in the surveillance reports 111 did state that there were a high number of calls received that were cold symptoms. I have no idea if these calls would be included within these numbers.

Main Graph Image
2/ 0-18 this is where the majority of the increase has been seen. This has dropped yesterday. Image
3/ 19-69 Year old increased slightly yesterday, this is the biggest group of people by population. Image
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8 Sep
1/ 999 / 111 triages with COVID-19 symptoms thread. Overall numbers are up 7k from yesterday which I am not totally surprised with. Image
2/ Again age range where it has been the biggest increase by far is 0-18 year olds also consider that this age group is made up of around 15% of the population. So the increase is very large in comparison. This age group are most likely to be asymptomatic as well! Image
3/ 18-69 year old. Increase of 3,000 but this group make up approx 38% of the population so the increase is not as big in real terms as the 0-18 yea olds. Image
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7 Sep
1/ Update calls / online triages with CV-19 symptoms. It went steady from the 1st to the 5th then yesterday went up 3k. From the surveillance reports we know there is an increase calls with people with colds. Image
2/ Just 999 calls, Obviously the most important numbers 7 day average is now 82 this is what it was early August before a rise in mid August. If this raised considerably, quickly this is when I would say we have an issue. Image
3/ Here is where the bulk or the rise is 0-18 year old. Concerned parents? School children being crafty by faking it (My Nephew has already tried this for time of school) Image
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4 Sep
1/ Another high day in terms of triage's through 999 / 111 yesterday. Image
2/ good news just for 999 the numbers are pretty flat. Image
3/ 0-18 year old have gone from 515 7 day average start of August to 1,207 Image
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3 Sep
1/ Updated 999 / 111 triage data online & calls.

The number flattened out yesterday but still much higher then normal. There will be a number of graphs on this to try and show where the triage's are coming from Image
2/ Just 999, peaked mid August then has steadily decreased on the 7 day average. Daily numbers are up and down. Image
3/ Just 111 this shows the majority of the calls have been coming from here. Image
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2 Sep
1/ A long thread showing the full situation of where we are now in regards COVID-19

First up positive tests (Specimen date) v NHS Deaths
2/ Positive tests (Specimen date) v NHS England in hospital
3/ Positive tests v Hospital admissions England.
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1 Sep
1/ Updated triage data from 111 / 999 COVID-19 like symptoms.

Largest number of calls in one day since 16th June. I am still wondering how common colds impacts on these figures. There has been a steady increase since 12th August. But does not translate to hospital admissions Image
2/ 0-18 years old quite a large increase here Image
3/ 19-69 year old. Image
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24 Aug
1/ West Yorkshire crime by month for 2020

For public order / Anti Social behaviour. May and June had a significant increase Image
2/ Catching people with drugs appears to be easier in lockdown Image
3/ Theft, Robbery etc all fell no surprise. Image
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