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14 Sep
Welcome to my #TurtleTuesday #SeaTurtleTalk! Search these hashtags to find other amazing "talks" from the sea 🐢 community! My talk is about my recent paper “Incongruent long-term trends of a marine consumer and primary producers in a habitat affected by nutrient pollution” (1/8)
Nutrient pollution (excess nutrients from human activities) affects coastal ecosystems and primary producers (📸from Kennish 2010). But effects on sea 🐢 are mostly unknown. My co-authors & I used 18-yr dataset from the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) in FL to study this topic. (2/8)
Specifically, we studied juvenile green 🐢 abundance and growth, seagrass cover, and macroalgae cover from 2001-2018. (Macroalgae is basically seaweed, in case you are confused by that term!) Over this time period, the IRL was continually impacted by nutrient pollution. (3/8)
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