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My avatar is an homage to Maxim #Ryndovskiy, Ukrainian MMA Fighter totured and killed by #AZOV in 2022, thread here:
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Mar 5 15 tweets 7 min read
The #UkrainianLanguage thread. A fascist tale.

Can you imagine an American president that did not speak English well?
Did you know that VLADIMIR #Zelensky only learned Ukrainian until he was almost 40 years old?

Even today, Zelensky still can’t... Image 2/
Zelensky still can’t speak Ukrainian quickly
Zelensky does not know many specific words in Ukrainian
Zelensky usually switches to Russian, even when Ukrainian is easy to learn for a Russian speaker (both languages arise from the Old East Slavic language)

And this is not... Image
Feb 11 15 tweets 9 min read
The #GLADIO thread

Do you think that #NordStream was the first US-Terrorist attack against Europe?
Think again.
Let us talk about Operation Gladio, the CIA-NATO operation behind multiple terrorist attacks in Europe, most of them in Italy during the "Years of Lead" (1960–1980) Image 2/
The #GLADIO thread

Operation Gladio (the "common" name for the US-Sponsored False Flag Terrorism in Europe) is not a "conspiracy theory", but a FACT.
Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti revealed Gladio's existence to the Italian parliament in 1990.
Anti-Fascist rally
👇 Image
Feb 2 12 tweets 10 min read
Who really beat the #Nazis?

75–80% of casualties the Wehrmacht happened against the #RedArmy
The EASTERN front saw 4 of the 5 BIGGEST battles in the entire HUMAN history:

1. Siege of Leningrad
2. Battle of Stalingrad
3. Siege of Baghdad*
4. Battle of Berlin
5. Battle of Kiev Image 2/
One example:
In Kursk, the #RedArmy defeated a #Nazi force of almost 1 MILLION men, 2,928 tanks and 2,110 aircraft

D-Day was a MINOR operation by comparison:
In Normandy, the Allies only faced 50,000 Axis men, including reservists and teenagers, with NO tanks and NO aircraft ImageImage
Jan 19 4 tweets 3 min read
This is ODD.
Several countries are sending extra weapons to the #Ukronazis, but #Northrop Grumman -one of the biggest weapons makers in the world- is printing a massive DOWN candle (-20%), the biggest drop in 10 years.
The stock is back at PRE-WAR levels.
What do they know? ImageImage 2/

@LorenzoRamirez_ proposed an interesting theory:

1. The US wants to crush the European weapons makers
2. So the US is just waiting to have the burning Leopards pictures to say, “See?, your weapons are trash, you need OUR weapons” Image
Jan 9 4 tweets 2 min read
This is worrisome for BRICS
👇 2/

Why Lula supports the climate Hoax? (Already rejected by Russia, China and India)
Jan 8 4 tweets 4 min read
Anatoliy #Tymoshchuk, the best football player in the history of #Ukraine, he pushed UKR to 8th place in the '06 World Cup
He’s one of 119 sports/cultural figures sanctioned by Zelensky, all his assets frozen, and all his awards revoked.

His crime? “Lack of comment on the war”🤐 Image I’m an Orwellian way, no evidence has been presented to support the claims against #Tymoshuck other than “lack of comment on the war”

Fortunately the rest of the world do remember Tymoshuck.
Jan 6 12 tweets 9 min read
The #Subway thread

North Korea vs NYC

This is what happens when all the money is wasted on foreign wars. ImageImage 2/

The #Subway thread

Jinchuan (China) vs NYC

This is what happens when all the money is wasted in foreign wars. ImageImage
Jan 3 4 tweets 4 min read
Did you know that more French soldiers fought on the #NAZI side than the Allied side?
That's why there is no "official French history" of the Second World War.
Thousands took part in the Soviet Union invasion.
👇 ImageImage This was stated by @TimothyDSnyder (Levin Professor of History at Yale), he held this lecture at an expert talk at the German Bundestag on 20th June 2017.
👇 Image
Dec 31, 2022 17 tweets 17 min read

Some people still think that Russia is fighting "just another war", instead of a literal war against Satanism and Neo-Paganism.


Some people believe that when Putin declared that this war was against Western 'satanism', he was delusional.
cc. @amber63111661 @eschatologyguy @elbosqueperdido @GinaMacina60 ImageImageImageImage
Nov 29, 2022 9 tweets 8 min read

WHO really owns #Ukraine - Thread

Do you know that the size of the #Ukrainian 🇺🇦 land owned by #American 🇺🇸 companies is much bigger than Crimea?

- Crimea: 2.7 million hectares.
- Land in Ukraine Owned by (mostly) American companies: 3.3 to 6 million hectares.

👇 Image 2/

No, this is not a joke, this is not "Kremlin propaganda"


(Data from LandMatrix, a trusted independent global land monitoring initiative funded by the European Commission) ImageImage
Nov 3, 2022 5 tweets 4 min read

#London is the main target

9 minutes
In just 9 minutes after launch, a hypersonic thermonuclear missile can erase London.

There is nothing NATO could do to stop a hypersonic missile.
“But #Nato will strike back!”
And risk Berlin, Paris, and Brussels in the next 9m? Image 2/
Why nuking the UK?

The Casus Belli is clear.
The UK is directly involved in attacks on Russia, including Nord Stream, Crimea bridge, and Sevastopol.

As @KimDotcom stated, Liz Truss's phone was hacked, Russia has enough evidence. ImageImage
Oct 15, 2022 8 tweets 6 min read
Thread of Threads about the 🇺🇦#Ukraine #Nazi situation. You won't find this in Bloomberg or CNN.
👇 First.
The 🇺🇦#Ukraine #Nazi situation began in the XIX century (the dawn of ultranationalism), but the current crisis started in 2014.
Some key points.

Oct 12, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
The “Slava Ukraini” Slogan

Slava Ukraini is not an old mantra from an ancient era, but a fascist cry created in 1941 by the genocidal OUN (Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists)
Well, not exactly created, but adopted; Slava Ukraini is an adaptation of… Image 2/

…of “Slava Hitler”, better known as “Heil Hitler.”

In fact, according to the OUN, when a person says “Slava Ukraini” his right hand must be RAISED to the right, at a level just above the top of the head.
Like this scene in a typical #Ukrainian school👇

But there is more… Image
Oct 12, 2022 4 tweets 4 min read

As @imetatronink said:

We are living in the Moment of Greatest Danger

The Nazi ideology of #AZOV, Misanthropic Division, and similar #Ukrainian groups are called "#ACCELERATIONIST".

They seek to ACCELERATE the collapse of society starting a NUCLEAR WAR… 2/


The corrupted American Empire is repeating step-by-step the mistakes of the previous ones, (Search "Changing World Order" from @RayDalio)
How far are they ready to go to preserve their dominion over the earth?
What can they do to break the Empire's cycle? Image
Sep 17, 2022 5 tweets 4 min read
The classic #Ukrainian cynicism strikes again, idiots like CNN and the TV comedian @serhiyprytula wrote "Mass graves have been discovered"

When even a funeral ceremony was performed and shared in video months ago?
(Next... ) Image @serhiyprytula 2/

What really happened?

1. Ukraine refused to take away the bodies of dead soldiers.
2. Russia several times offered a corridor for medical workers, but did not receive a response
3. Russian military was forced to bury them

Video published on May 8:
Sep 11, 2022 9 tweets 4 min read

The #911 Thread

More than two decades later, almost no-one dares to contradict the -absurd- official version of the 9/11 attacks.
But at the same time the #911 Consensus Points remain unanswered.… 2/

The #911 Thread

Point G-2:
Insider Trading before September 11, 2001
Econometricians like Wing-Keung Wong have published multiple studies showing the occurrence of very unusual trades shortly before 9/11: Image
Sep 1, 2022 8 tweets 9 min read


Lovely Children's book "Stepan #Bandera and me".
#Bandera was a psychopath sadist that got pleasure from hurting or humiliating others.
What can we expect from children educated this way? ImageImageImage 10/


Indoctrination has reached Disney.
Neo-Nazi AZOV member Ihor Halushka being awarded by Jon Stewart.
Check his Nazi Black Sun tattoo, the same symbol displayed by the perpetrator of the Buffalo mass shooting.

More:… ImageImageImage
Aug 20, 2022 7 tweets 5 min read

#Ukraine - The numbers thread

Who loves the war?
A country with declining population is happy to welcome refugees from Ukraine. They are not shy to admit it
Yes, the same country that in 1950 admitted 2,000 Ukrainians members of the Waffen-SS division as "refugees"🥸 ImageCanada's Nazi Monuments 11/

Russian propaganda? 🤡
Even exposed the disaster:
"IT MAY go down as one of the LEAST effective bail-outs the world has EVER SEEN. Not Greece’s, but Ukraine’s...
Since the IMF loan Ukraine’s economic crisis has got much worse"… Image
Aug 2, 2022 14 tweets 11 min read

#Ukraine - The numbers thread

The #Maidan was based on fake news and FALSE promises of prosperity.
But as every US-Backed coup, everything went in the opposite direction
What Ukraine got was war, economic collapse, 800% currency depreciation and more corruption than ever. Image 2/

In the 90's #Ukraine was one of the few countries in world capable of construct an Aircraft Carrier, had energy self-sufficiency (biggest nuclear plant in Europe), had food self-sufficiency, etc.
A few years of IMF LOANS later 50% of the population live below poverty line... Image
Jul 15, 2022 6 tweets 5 min read

The Stepan #Bandera #Nazi ideology is simple and stupid:

“Make your enemies tremble of fear and hopelessness”

#Bandera advocated “to be CRUEL” and to “SHOWCASE your cruelty”, so your enemies “won’t even dare…”

Yes, a “Middle Ages ideology” in plain XX century. 🤮 Image 2/

The #Bandera thread

“To be CRUEL” and to “SHOWCASE your cruelty”
That’s why NO professional army in the world could be capable of the hideous crimes that the #Ukrainian Army usually do…

(Beware: strong image) Ukranian war crimes #Bandera
Jul 10, 2022 7 tweets 5 min read

In early 2022 Jewish Ukrainian MMA fighter Maxim #Ryndovskiy was abducted, tortured and killed by #AZOV.
GORE videos of the torture were shared on social media, as a “warning” for anyone that wants to “follow his steps”
Who loves to showcase their crimes like this?... Image 2/

What was #Ryndovskiy crime?
He trained with the Chechen MMA Akhmat, a club considered one of the top MMA clubs in the world, fighters like Alexander Emelianenko, UFC champion Fabrício Werdum and Said Nurmagomedov have trained in Akhmat.
His crime was “trying to be better”... Image