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21 Jul
NEW BLOG POST: Machine learning in a hurry: what I've learned from the #SLICED ML competition

varianceexplained.org/r/sliced-ml/ #rstats Meme with text:  Planes labeled with "LINEAR MODELS WIT
You can vote for me to go to the playoffs of #SLICED here! forms.gle/1JNC31EAbxTAaf…

To summarize what I've learned so far from #SLICED 🧵
1. The tidymodels #rstats package is a really powerful "pit of success" for machine learning 🔥tidymodels.org

Perhaps the most important innovation is the combination of recipes (feature engineering) and models into an encapsulated workflow. (Continued)
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5 Nov 20
Visual version of PA Dems' analysis

Most of the counties with many votes remaining (especially Philly, but even the next few largest) are ones we expect to lean heavily Biden Image
In the time it took me to parse data from a PDF (😭) Trump's lead has shrunk from 115K to 97K
#rstats code for this figure (also data if you'd like to check the PA Dems' work) gist.github.com/dgrtwo/5399fb0…
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22 Jul 20
Let's do this

NEGATIVE BINOMIAL: You are neither negative nor binomial. Get a better name
POISSON: You are the frictionless spherical cow of distributions
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