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Jun 18 15 tweets 3 min read
Good Morning
Read Small story ( WA forward)

The Right handed sweater
-- Dr. Laha

Long back... for the sake of treatment of my nephew, who was suffering from cancer, I used to travel from Thane to Dadar daily in suburban train.
One day I marked one couple in their 50s , fair, slim, smiling and gracious -- husband in office dress with brief case and wife with sober colour saree with shawl...
They sat very close, hand in hand on the station bench.
They used to board the train, take a window seat and sit close to each other.
Apr 13 4 tweets 1 min read
Hariom pipes - capacity utilization- Sponge iron facility acquired in 2020 ( Backward integration) Expansion
1- planning to expand their MS Pipe manufacturing capacity by setting up of 2 additional pipe mills adjacent to their existing Unit-I. This expansion will increase the capacity from the present 84,000 MTPA to 1,32,000 MTPA. Co.
Apr 4 21 tweets 4 min read
Satia industries- bought today , capex , paper demand, integrated player , upcoming ban on single use plastic - Some information about it will post on this weekend. Image Manufacturing Unit-
-located in Muktsar (Punjab), which is considered the state’s wheat belt and has abundant availability of wheat straw, wood chips and veneer waste to meet the company’s raw material requirements
Jan 22 6 tweets 2 min read
Solar PV value chain How solar energy is produced- ( in simple way)
Dec 16, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read

There was a breakfast point near our college campus (28 years ago)

We often used to go there for breakfast & there was a lot of rush.

Many times I had noticed that a person came and took advantage of the crowd & after eating, secretly leaves without paying.

One day while he was eating, I secretly informed the owner of the breakfast point that this person would take advantage of the rush and leave without paying the bill.

Listening to me, the owner of the breakfast point started smiling and said to let him go .
Dec 5, 2021 27 tweets 5 min read
Alicon Castalloy Ltd-
-ACL was established as Enkei Castalloy Ltd (Enkei Castalloy), a joint venture between Pegasus Castalloy Ltd (an Indian company that manufactures cast-aluminium automotive components since 1990) and Enkei Corporation (in Japan; one of the largest manufacturers of alloy wheels in the world). Owing to sustained losses in the alloy wheels division, the promoters hived it off as a separate company, Enkei Wheels Ltd, and retained the casting business with effect from April 1, 2009.
Dec 3, 2021 14 tweets 3 min read
ALUMINUM CASTING METHODS( Trying to understand ,Please provide your inputs and point out any mistake from my side)
Three primary metal casting methods can be used to cast aluminum: die casting, permanent mold casting, and sand casting 1- Sand Casting-In this method, a mold is created from a sand mixture, containing a cavity into which the molten aluminum alloy from which your part will be created is poured. Once the aluminum cools and solidifies, the sand mold is broken away from the part.
Dec 3, 2021 23 tweets 4 min read
Aluminium in Electrical vehicles ( Source - Business world)
-The automobile industry has been one of the biggest consumers of aluminium.
-It is not just used for making the frame and body of vehicles, but also electrical wiring, wheels, ABS brakes, transmission, air conditione condenser and pipes, and in engine parts like pistons, radiator and cylinder head.
Use of aluminium, instead of steel, enhances performance, safety, fuel efficiency and durability, and also renders many environmental benefits.
Oct 31, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Gujarat hosts 27.5mmtpa of LNG import terminals (52% of total capacity in India) and will add more over the next couple of years. Some of these are-
1-Chhara Jaffrabad (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) – 5 mmtpa – is expected to be commissioned in 18 months.
2- The recently commissioned Mundra LNG re-gasification terminal is operating at 40% capacity. With increase in the capacity of
Oct 7, 2021 54 tweets 10 min read
Tatva Chintan -
Difficult to understand its chemistry and products for me but i tried my best to understand and now trying to make notes in a simple way
Manufacturing unit -
1- Dahej
2- Ankeleshwar
Capacity- 280 KL and and expansion is going on for 200 KL Company is in 4 segments
1- Structure Directing agents
2-Phase Transfer Catalysts
3-Electrolyte salts for Super Capacitor batteries
4-Pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediate and speciality chemicals
Sep 29, 2021 22 tweets 3 min read
GSFC Some Facts -
1- Its a Government company with mcap of around 5000cr
2-Its having Debt of only 35 Cr with Deposit of 1000 Cr
3-Its investment value
GNFC -almost 3 cr shares X437=1300 cr
Guj Ind power 2.23crX 85=189 Cr
GACL 16 lacX = 107 cr Guj stat.financial corp 9 lacX6.8=63 lac
Gujarat Gas 4.7 CrX=2968 cr
Bandhan Bank 11.35X284 =32 cr
IDBI 5.5 lacX 44= 2.4 cr
MCFL 5.8 lac X 76= 4.4 cr
Total value of investment =4700 Cr
Sep 21, 2021 22 tweets 4 min read
Inflame appliances- new order from Kaff appliances of 10000 chimneys Image Inflame appliances AR
Currently, Inflame is producing metal cooktops,
glass cooktops, built-in hobs and chimneys as
per the numbers mentioned below:
Metal Cooktops: 70,000 per month (Installed
capacity: 100,000)
Glass Cooktops: 8,000 per month (Installed
capacity: 12,000)
Sep 18, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
Dye and pigments
The primary application of Dyes and pigments is to provide colour to materials, whether they are textiles or paints.
While dyes are soluble in mediums like water, pigments a must be converted to a coarser powder after which it is mixed with a dispersing agent before application.
The difference between the nature of dyes and pigments leads to vastly different uses. On one hand, dyes are mainly used in the textile and paper market whereas pigments find applications in industries like colouring paints, inks, cosmetics, and plastics.
Sep 12, 2021 23 tweets 4 min read
Caustic soda industry per Gyan ( Source chemicals weekly )
Caustic soda can be manufactured through
1-diaphragm cell
2-mercury cell
3-membrane cell technologies.
Manufacturing it using diaphragm cell technology has become obsolete and is no longer in use in India. Furthermore, due to environmental concerns associated with the mercury cell technology,
the sector has gradually transitioned from mercury cell to membrane cell technology, which is co-friendly and
consumes 25% lesser energy.
Sep 11, 2021 26 tweets 5 min read
Fineotex Chemical Ltd ( My Observation ,no recommendations )
Market Cap 1,232 Cr.
Current Price 111
High / Low 120 / 29.2
Book Value 18.9
Promotors holding-around 65% ( In Last 3 yrs from 72.36 to 64.72 and last few month 64.72 to 64.82) -OPM betwee 18-19% ( consolidated )in last 3-4 yrs
standalone between 20-25%
-sales growth last 3 yrs 16% and profit growth 23%
- Almost debt free
- High debtor days
-Good ROCE and ROE
EBITDA Margins - Company is hopeful for maintaining margins of 18-19% Image
Sep 5, 2021 7 tweets 1 min read
Valiant organics AR-
You would be delighted to know that we completed the
expansion of ammonolysis capacity at Vapi plant. We also completed expansion of Phase I of Para Amino Phenol (PAP),while the expansion of Ortho Amino Phenol (OAP) is still in process. -PAP has been identified as key intermediates of
pharmaceutical products.
We have commenced preparation on the production of drug intermediates. Our strategy is to produce drug intermediates to reduce the imports of these products.
Aug 29, 2021 28 tweets 4 min read
Pigments per Gyan
There are two primary types of pigments —organic and inorganic.
Inorganic pigments are not based on carbon chains and rings. Instead, they consist of dry ground minerals, usually metals and metallic salts. Because of their composition, inorganic pigments are usually more opaque and more insoluble than organic pigments. In general, inorganic pigments are the most commonly used in industry, favored for their lightfastness and low cost.
Aug 27, 2021 18 tweets 3 min read
Hydrogen per Gyan ( From ET energy world)
-India produced 15,311 petajoules of energy in 2020 of which 81% was derived from fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. In fact, fossil fuels have been the fuel of choice for decades despite causing permanent damage to our environment. With India estimated to produce 35,825 petajoules of energy by 2040 according to The International Energy Agency (IEA), transitioning to an alternative clean energy source is the need of the hour
Aug 18, 2021 12 tweets 2 min read
PET bottles Recycling options ( Source chemical weekly)
PET bottles have a higher recycling rate than any other type of plastic, but even this success story is only a modest one:
globally,close to half of PET is not collected for recycling (and typically ends up in landfill and only 7% is recycled bottle-to-bottle.
In India, however, the story is very different. Recycling rates here are in the range of 85-90%, with the caveat that this is not bottle-to-bottle,
but bottle-to-fibre.
Aug 15, 2021 11 tweets 3 min read
Blackrose industries - qoq degrowth and yoy good growth Image Projects and Expansions
1- company will manufacture acrylamide powder at its Jhagadia plant to the tune of 3,600MT per annum. At an investment of Rs.8 crores, the potential additional revenue would be Rs.65 crores per annum.
Aug 15, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
Sakar healthcare- Good results -probabaly first phase of expansion will complete soon . Image Sakar healthcare- results below expectations, CWIP 88 Cr Image